Ava Boudoir Set Pattern Tester Roundup Part 1

And a fabulous Monday from Australia my lovely sew’ist friends. I hope that you and your family are all well and happy xx

Today is the day where all of my diamonds 💎 sparkle – LITERALLY !!!. Our stunningly gorgeous new Ava Boudoir Set has released at it is our roadies round up time … YAHOO !!!

The Ava Boudoir Set is a gorgeous 3 piece soft lingerie combo – consisting of a bralette, waisted briefs and suspenders.
Make your Ava Boudoir Set in a myriad of stunning luscious fabrics – let your imagination go WILD !.

Our Ava Boudoir Set was named after the beautiful silver screen actress Ava Gardner who was the epitome of sophistication – as is our Ava.

It is a figure flattering design that looks AMAZING on all body types and shapes. The Ava is a ensemble that offers a fabulous size range along with cup size choices.

So lets start the Ava Boudoir Set Tester Roundup Part 1 – and be prepared to be BLOWN AWAY by all of my amazing testers. Love you all xx

Our roadies would like to share the following with you all :

If you could share with the readers ?
1. Your name and where you live ?
2. What fabric did you choose and where did you purchase ?
3. What sewing tips can you share when sewing the Ava ?
4. What was your favourite thing about making the Ava ?
5. Given the Ava is a boudoir garment how did you feel after making it and trying on for the first time ?
6. Have you worn your Ava yet and what compliments did you receive. (This could be a case of TMI for me !!!….lol )
And the finer details;

(AU/UK) 6 – 30
(US) 2 – 26
(EU) 34 – 58
Cup Sizes – B, C, D, DD
On Sale for a limited time only – $9.50(US)

Very Confident Advanced Beginner and Above Sewing level
Ava Boudoir Set Sewing Pattern 

Hello, this is Brenda from The Netherlands.
I made both my Ava sets from lovely velvet. I bought them at zusengus.nl and at a wholesaler. Haberdashery I got at kantjeboord_amsterdam.nl and at lingeriestoffen.nl.
There were a lot of first for me when sewing Ava. I was genuinely scared for the bralette at first, but it was all unnecessary. Everything went together smooth, as long as I went slow on my machine.
And really, fold on elastics, where have you been all my life? Wearing Ava will make you feel so sexy ❤.
My husband enjoy seeing me in my 2 sets 😉
If you like to see more of my sewing, do check: instagram.com/fabric fairybrenda

Hi, I’m Genevieve and I live in the UK. I chose soft stretch velvet for my Ava, that I bought from Minerva.com
I was really nervous to add the bra cups but by going slowly and following the instructions resulted in a perfect piece for me.
I enjoyed the whole process of creating this set. Each piece was different and fun to sew and I loved working with fabric and techniques that were new to me.
The first time I tried it on I couldn’t believe that I had actually made each piece and I felt amazing.
My husband has seen it, he took my pics 😉 and he was full of compliments.

Hello, everyone! I am Kelly, from sunny southern California.
I have made several pieces of the Ava set already, so far all from velvet (of various stretchiness that I had in my stash) and power net (in Lavender Fog color from https://bramaking.supplies/lavender-fog-powernet-60-wide…/ ) I have a pleather/mesh set planned as well 😁
Definitely plan to make a toile when making your own Ava set – baste your bra straps in place before sewing down to check the length that you need. I personally made my garter straps a bit longer then the pattern suggested once I tried on my stockings (they’re adjustable and work well with many different styles of stockings!)
I loved seeing the garter belt come together. I used to wear garters a lot many years ago, and it’s so exciting to be able to now make my own custom fit lingerie set.
I especially liked showing my husband my completed set – he enjoys it as much as I do and had some very complimentary things to say about it 💕
You can see more photos of my Ava set (and other DS makes) on my Instagram page: https://www.instagram.com/kellygonthierart

Hello everybody!😃
I am Marieke from the Netherlands and I love the Ava set.
This year my husband and I are married for 10 years, so I decided to sew every month something that has to do with our marriage.
Well, a bridal white set, made from velvet and lace and a “something old, something new, something blue….” set is a pretty good start, right?
It’s funny how different kind of lingerie can make you feel. The white one is sexy but devine, while the blue set is making me feel pretty hot.😅
It isn’t a difficult sew, once you found your perfect fit, you’ll sew tons! Take your time for making a toile.
I’ll keep it short; if you are alone and look in the mirror afterwards or the look in the eyes from your partner…it’s an amazing satisfying sew!❤️

My name is Taryn from Cape Town, South Africa.
For Ava, I used a purple velour I already had in my stash and black mesh-like fabric with a floral pattern. I used picot elastic on the briefs, garter, and top of bralette, a thicker more stable scalloped elastic for the bottom band of the bralette, and bra strap elastic where required. Finding bra foam proved to be a bit tricky so I ended up using a thin foam stabiliser.
I lined the bralette cups for comfort which I found also made it easier to add the channel for the boning because I cut the lining a little longer and folded it over to form the channel.
I am over the moon that I was able to make this set. I often admire beautiful sets like this but am put off buying by the price tag and fit issues.
With Ava, I don’t have those issues – and it’s liberating. I don’t know how to fully express how I feel wearing Ava – it boosts my confidence and I feel just gorgeous in it.
I think I found my secret ingredient to showing up with confidence and swagger.
My husband was equally blown away with my creations and the exclamation of “Did you make that”, was quickly followed by “Wow”. He definitely approves.
So, if you want to see what this new confidently creative me is up to, come and check it out at
P.S. If you haven’t bought Ava yet, go add it to your cart as soon as you are done reading this. You won’t regret it.

I’m Meiling from sunny Perth, Australia!
I chose a stretch velvet, purchased from a local supplier, www.homecrafttextiles.com.au and the bra elastics and findings from www.boobytraps.com.au
Some tips for sewing the Ava would be not to over stretch the foldover elastic and be patient, unpicking elastic and stretch velvet are not fun! Make a toile for for before sewing a final piece.
My learnt some new techniques whilst sewing the Ava and has made me want to sew more lingerie for myself.
It definitely makes you feel confident and sexy no matter what size or shape you are! And the hubby/partner will definitely agree 😎.

I’m Rhiannon from NSW, Australia! I Chose a panne velvet from Spotlight that I had in my stash (probably wouldn’t reach for that again for my next set). My advice would be, especially for those who haven’t sewn anything like this before (like me) would be to take it slowly and do a few steps at a time. I have to admit I seam ripped almost every stitch, and most mistakes were happening when I got too excited to see the end product that I started rushing, ha ha! Don’t let that deter you though, we learn we grow! Had I not tested this set I most likely would have taken much, much longer (if at all) to sew lingerie. I encourage you to take the leap! I have gained so much from sewing Ava and have much more confidence going into my next one. It’s one thing to feel sexy in lingerie, but the feeling is amplified when the fit is bang on and can be tweaked to exactly you 😉 I definitely looked back and thought – wow, did I make this!? Lovin’ my Ava! I share my sews over at www.instagram.com/sewrhi

Hi, I’m Susana from Portugal.
I made two Ava sets in tencel stretch jersey. I love to use this type of fabric to make lingerie because it’s very comfortable, soft and easy to sew with, while also having good stretch recovery. I bought both fabrics from Portuguese online stores, the green one from https://retrosariaserafina.com/pt/tencel-jersey-stretch-moss and the navy blue one from https://www.thesweetmercerie.com/navy-tencel-elastane….
I also used power net, stretch mesh and scraps of lace as overlay (I love using lace on knit lingerie). The elastics and findings were either from my shop (https://www.sucobysusana.com/) or from https://costurasecretshop.com/.
I’m used to sewing my own lingerie but I had never made a garter belt before. I loved the whole pin-up/boudoir/vixen look of the Ava set so I jumped at the chance to test it.
My tips for sewing the Ava is to make a toile before cutting into your good fabric, and try the set on your body after the main construction and before sewing the elastics. This way you can see where you need or do not need to pull the elastic while sewing. And don’t worry if the first one doesn’t come out perfect! The next one will surelly come out better.
What I liked most while making the Ava was to adjust and tweak the pattern to have it fit me perfectly. And then wearing the finished set. It feels amazing to wear beautiful lingerie that I made myself! And this set looks amazing.

1. My name is Ally and I live in Utah!
2. I bought my fabric through fabric wholesale direct, they had so many color options and matching colors for the mesh (which I loved)! I bought most of my notions from an etsy shop called The Bra Makery. They had everything I needed including the bra foam for a fair price and shipped so fast! I would definitely buy from them again!
3. My sewing tips would be to put on wonder tape onto your bra when you sew on the hook and eyes (bra back). My first attempt my fabric shifted and I ended up seam ripping because I wanted it to look just right. Also when you add the elastic on the bottoms around the leg be sure to try them on after just one side to ensure its a good fit and you don’t need to make alterations before continuing.
5. After making the Ava set I was so proud of myself! I had never made a bra before and felt so accomplished! I also loved trying it on at each stage, I was so happy to see the finished product on!
6. I have worn my Ava set!! And my husband said it made him think of our wedding night! Haha it is so flattering and the sheer bum on the bottoms is such a nice option!!

Hello everyone! I’m Annie from Buenos Aires.
I made 2 sets of Ava, one in burgundy velvet that I bought in a local retailer and the other combined in gray cotton lycra and tricot with a rainbow ray print that I designed for my children’s sewing venture (I loved it and I used it😍).
When sewing your Ava pay attention to taking measurements to achieve the exact fit, I personally overlocked the entire upper and lower edge of the bra and then applied the fold over elastic, perhaps you can experience many layers of fabric between lining, cup and main fabric, anyway you can with that!!
My favorite thing about making the Ava was that once I cut, basted and sewn it was ready to go with no further adjustments! I loved it!
When I wore it for the first time I felt confident and very sexy, an empowered woman, you did it Ann! I breastfed my daughter and slept using it was really very comfortable.
My friends moms loved it and want their own Ava set!
You can see more of me at www.facebook.com/Annie.CruzCivit
and my sewing work at https://instagram.com/civitana

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