Azure Swimsuit Pattern Tester Roundup Part 2

Hi Ho my sewing friends.  Welcome to Part 2 of the Azure Rockstar Pattern Testers Roundup where everything swimwear stunning continues.

Our Azure Dress Rock Star Roadies roundup – Part 2 – is our bedazzlement and stunning continuation of the Azure Swim Suit Pattern Tester Roundup Part 1 from yesterday.

The thoughtful design and shape of the Azure was developed and designed to give you a choice of many colour or print combinations –  your Azure has unlimited possibilities.

The Azure offers a classic cut in the leg – boy leg cut for full coverage or a classic high cut for those wanting a higher leg that still retains modesty for the wearer.

So please my friends I would love you to buckle up your seat belt for all of our AMAZING pattern tester roadies and their Azure   💎. xx

And please dont forget yesterdays post – Azure Swim Suit Tester (Rock Stars) Roundup Part 1

Our roadies would like to share the following with you all :
1. Your name and where you live ?
2. Your choice of option for the Azure and why ?
3. What fabric did you choose and where did you purchase ?
4. What alterations did you have to make to your Azure toile ?
5. What sewing tips can you share when sewing the Azure?
6. What was your favourite thing about making the Azure?
7. Did you make more than one combo of the Azure ?
8. Have you worn your Azure yet and what compliments did you receive.
And the finer details;
(AU/UK) 6 – 30
(US) 2 – 26
(EU) 34 – 58
Cup Sizes – B, C, D, DD
On Sale for a limited time only – $9.50(US)
Very Confident Advanced Beginner and Above Sewing level

Hello, my name is Ally and I live in Utah. I chose to make two Azure pieces to have a one piece as well as a two piece! I tried tried choose complimentary fabrics so they can be interchangeable. The top prices are so easy to switch out, so you can make several and have different options to choose from.
I got my fabric from and was satisfied with the selection! I chose one patterned fabric and the rest were solids so that they could be used together.
My one piece Azure I did not have to make any changes. On the two piece Azure I did remove an inch from the height of the bottoms to allow a little more skin to show between the top pieces and bottom. I also tried out the high cut on the one piece and the medium cut on the two piece and loved the fit of both. The medium cut was perfect to allow for a not so cheeky bottom!
Something I learned first hand is just how important a new, sharp needle is when sewing with elastic! After all but pulling out my hair from skipped stitches I finally changed to a new needle and fixed all my skipped stitches! I will definitely do that a lot sooner next time! Also, a good wait to make sure the fit is good while making the bottoms is try it on when you’ve only sewn one leg opening. That way if any changed need to be made you save yourself a lot of seam ripping!
My favorite part about this pattern is the fact that you can interchange the bottoms, tops, and one piece! I love that I can change the tops to change the whole look of the swim suit!! Innumerable options! I definitely wanted to try at least one of each of the options and now that has left me with even more ideas for more suits or complimenting colors to add to my existing ones!
The weather has been nice enough here that I did take my Azure out to the local reservoir and already shocked a few people with the fact that I made it! It looks like a professional swimsuit! It feels so good to make something you think looks good, fits you like a glove, and looks like you bought it from a store!

I am Ashley A from a small town in Northwest Iowa, USA. I did the 2 piece option because I’m so excited to mix and match. I’m being brave this year and wearing the 2 pieces as a mom of 3 littles and this one makes me feel uber confident! All of the swim is from The Fabric Fairy Group. A few are actually from their mystery bag…i LOVE when a swim pattern doesn’t use a ton of fabric so I can make even more options. I made mine without any alterations (other than adding cups) and was hesitant of the support for this momma after nursing 3 babes….it blew me away! Our city pool opens tomorrow and I can’t wait to wear and rock it while chasing around my littles for the afternoon.


Hi, I’m Barbara! I live in Northeast Mississippi, USA.
For my Azure swim suits I made the one piece with overlay. For my daughter’s suits she wanted one of each!
My final Ankara Azure fabric was purchased from
The Animal print chain fabric is from
My daughter chose her fabrics from my stash.
A sway back adjustment was made on both of my Azures. Bra cups were also inserted. My daughter’s Azures were only altered for her height.
My sewing tip would be to use the correct swim elastic, and do not overstretch when inserting the elastics.
My favorite thing about making the Azure is that I made a swim suit that actually fits!
I made a total of 4 Azures. 2 for myself and and additional 2 for my daughter.
We have worn all of the Azures and received many compliments!

Hi, It’s me again! Carmen from little ole Georgia.
Are you ready to mix and match your swimsuit for endless trendy looks? I love working with Ann because she knows what she is talking about . . . This swimsuit looks great on any body type! I was nervous to try the two piece so I chose to make the one piece, and it doesn’t disappoint.
I wanted to pull fabric from my existing stash, so I selected an athletic JoAnn’s fabric and solid Greenstyle Creations fabric. I cut the front main with the patterned fabric and made the overlay with the solid. I did a reverse of the front for the back and used the solid Greenstyle Creations fabric for the main back and the patterned JoAnn’s fabric for the back overlay. This made a very colorful swimsuit. I made the bodice of the Azure a size 4 and I cut between a 3 and 4 for the bottoms. My virtual trunk was shorter than the chart measurements so I shortened the swimsuit 7/8 inches and shortened the overlay half an inch. Don’t be afraid to try different color combinations to make the Azure fit your style. The overlay can be interchangeable if you wanted to make a few to mix and match with the main swimsuit. Making a swimsuit custom-fitted to your body and comfort is possibly one of the best things ever.
Remember the thread is just as important as the elastic because it holds your fabric together. Polyester thread is ideal for swimsuits because it won’t become weakened by chlorine and salt water.
You can find me on instragram:

Hi, this is Christine from the Netherlands again. I made the Azure as a one piece with 3 different overlays. And I love the way you can mix and match with this pattern.
I bought the fabrics at they have a lot of options and the prices are the best. After making my toile I had a bit extra fabric at the bach so I had to do a swayback adjustment, with some very good help from our Camelia de Bruin. I would advise you to make a toile, before cutting in your best fabric. And foor sewing the elastic…just go slow! What I liked most about the Azure was the way you can play with the different options. I wore it last weekend because suddenly we had some nice weather (finally), but it was just our backyard. My husband and my daughters liked it very much. If you want to see more of my makes go to:

Hi all 💕 I’m José and I live in the Netherlands (near Utrecht /Amersfoort). I stocked on swim lycra before Ann even got a pattern ready… I knew i wanted a Designer Stitch piece (or as it turned out, a LOT of pieces😅) I got my fit down quute easily, even though om a 3D on top its been easy wear for me, i just used a kight power mesh for lining and that was enough to keep things in line. I made a lot of use of my elastic foot for my serger, i didn’t use it before and now I’m like, why havr I’ve been adding elastics with ny sewing machine when it’s so much neater and easy with the serger. If you’re going to use the foot too, i do recommend to take a scrap and test the amount of tension before serging it on your swim pieces.
I’d like to have it snug, so I set the elastic to wrinkle the Lycra slightly when relaxed.
Of course i didn’t let any issues about being 5 weeks post partum get in the way of pictures 🙃, and I hope you like them as much as i do!
I’ve done a floral suit with black overlay. The floral Lycra is from, the black too.
The moss green velvet Lycra, the neon orange Lycra and my lining and rubber elastics are from
The velvet lycra is quite firm so perfect for tucking in Some extra😉
My blue linen /silver glitter Lycra is a much treasured tall swim panel from Blended thread fabrics.
My green and black Azure set and my blue azure are both the separate sets. I’ve cut the boyleg on the blue one and the cheeky on the green one.
I’m so getting into all the pools or swim waters this season, i need to get all the wear i can out of these 🤣
People were much impressed by the swim suits, so let me tell you a secret : these are so easy to sew, i would even recommend to sew some if you haven’t sewn Lycra or elastics before. Don’t linger any longer, jump in and get yourselves some Azure love in your life, you deserve this!
I’d like to wager that you can’t stop at one set either😜
Follow my sewing exploration over on my Instagram!

Hi. I’m Karman from Utah. I made my daughter a one piece, 3 overlays and 1 bottom. I LOVE how easily these mix and match. And the fit is sooo good. I got the pink, white and leopard fabric from and the white polka dot from an Etsy shop called SwimwearNotionsUSA. All four of these fabrics are amazing! They were easy to work with, have great weight, and recovery. I’d highly recommend them both.
My daughter actually used her two piece today and it held up great. Although I’m going back to add bra pads😬. Totally 🤦🏼‍♀️ my fault.
The only alteration I made was to shorten the top by an 1” between the shoulder and bust dart. She’s 5’ and the dart and neckline hit too low.
You can find me at:

Hi Everyone! My name is Kristin and I’m in London, Ontario, Canada 🇨🇦. My beautiful swim fabric is from an amazing Canadian company called Water Tower Textiles –
I chose to do the 2 piece, cheeky cut suit. I made my usual alterations of blending size 3-2-1 and also added extra length to the waist elastic on the top to account for my large ribs. I love this suit, it is so comfortable and also very easy to swim in with no wardrobe malfunctions!
My sewing tip is to always take your time with the elastic to make sure it is sewn on properly. Elastic on swim material is not something that can be rushed! It is worth it to spend the extra time at the beginning to sew it on properly, than rushing and then having to rip it out (stitch ripping on swim fabric is not fun!)
I have worn my suit in my backyard (we are still in a lockdown here in Ontario), but I can’t wait to wear it all summer!

Hello hello! I’m Lindsie from the east coast, United States, and I’m so excited about my one-piece Azure suit.
I made mine using:
– swim lining from Tailormade Shop
– a powernet interlining from Gigi’s Bra Supply
– for the main suit, black swim fabric from JoAnn Fabrics
– for the overlay, a fun geometric swim fabric from Tailormade.
I made the size 3DD at the bust, graded out to a “3.5” at the waist, and graded back in to a 2 at the hip. I shortened it by 1.5”. Other than that, I didn’t make any alterations!
A tip for the boobalicious like me: do a interlining on the top using firm powernet! To do this, I cut an additional pattern piece by cutting the main suit at the underbust, roughly at the same level as the bottom of the overlay, and cut that from powernet. I did this for the back and front. Then, I cut an additional overlay back and front, again out of powernet. These pieces go between your lining and main fabric. If you make an interlining, I suggest pinning everything together and making sure you have things sewn in the right order. I had to unpick mine multiple times because I kept ending up with my interlining facing my skin 🙈
I LOVE that I can mix and match the Azure , and I already plan to make more overlays! One of my friends saw me in my suit and exclaimed “THIS the swimsuit I’ve been looking for!” Too bad she doesn’t sew 😂
You can find me lurking around the internet talking about big tits and sewing at:

Hi everyone, Marit here, from the Netherlands. Showing of my new favorite bathing suits. Plural. I think I made 8 pieces in total so be prepared to get a new addiction!
I made both the one and two piece and let me tell you – I did NOT expect to love it so much! I did my usual swayback adjustment for the one piece but other then that no alterations.
I used swim lycra, with a tule lycra sort of mesh for lining and it is so flattering!
Well that AND the pattern of course 😀
At first I was afraid the high waisted two piece bottom would not flatter my mum belly but it totally does! Just like the one piece, very swim, sun and kids proof. Oh and it gives you a gorgeous factor of WOW!
Besides the amazing fit I love the amount of combinations you can make with the different overlays.
I’ll share my makes with you at Be sure to show me yours! I am excited to see!

Hi all you beautiful sewists Melissa here from Pueblo Colorado USA. I chose a two piece Azure with a high cut front blended with the fuller back. I chose the two peice for a couple of reasons.
I was sewing for my eldest daughter and I thought that fitting would be a bit simpler with her work schedule and her curves.
I traveled the road less traveled when choosing fabric for this incredible pattern.
Due to my experience in sewing for my 3 girls , and having found it difficult to support their bust I chose my tried and true choice. I used Performance wear with 100% recovery.
I purchase it at JoAnn’s fabrics and keep it on hand for many different garments. It is the weight of heavy Ponte or Scuba. It’s stretch is perfect and it is very dense.
This lovely red suit is my toile. I will be making many more for the 2021 swim and sun season!
As for fitting alterations… I made both top and bottom 2 sizes smaller than pattern size chart. However I did start with the suggested size, stitch it together and tried it on my girl wrong side out. I pinned out the extra and then tightened a bit more for support.
Little secret( this suit is unlined). DD cup. She wears a G.
There is no additional support in the top, no cups, power mesh, etc.
the lovely thing about this performance knit is it will also make a fantastic lining for the gorgeous swim knit prints!!!
Azure goes together quickly and easily after you have made your fitting and design alterations. I absolutely love the fit of Azure!
I haven’t made additional Azure suits yet but be sure there will be many. My girls, sister, nieces, and yes even I will have at least 3 for our fun in the sun! I have about 15 sketched and colored and ready for fabric shopping.
Unfortunately this beautiful Memorial weekend has been gray, cold and rainy so Chelsea hasn’t worn her Azure but I’m sure that it will receive lots of positive attention!!!
Calling All Ladies , but especially Curvy Ladies!!! Bust Darts are the Key!!!!
Get Azure now!!!!!
Thank you Ann, you never cease to amaze me😘❤️❤️❤️

My name is Stacey and I live on the south coast of England.
I made a high leg swimsuit because that is the style that I most often wear.
I used a swim knit that I bought from Wattle and Slate.
I didn’t make any alterations to my swimsuit, I love that this pattern comes with cup sizes, making it easy to get a great fit!
My top tip for sewing the Azure would be to take your time and stretch the elastic evenly.
My favourite thing about making my Azure was picking fabric combos.
So far I have made a swimsuit and a bikini top, I still need to finish my bikini bottoms

A wintery hello from Cape Town. My name is Taryn and I am a proud owner of a me-made swimsuit – the Azure. I have always been a little intimidated of swimwear and decided this year would be the year I tackled it. Prior to testing Azure, I made another one-piece swimsuit and my confidence was bolstered after that successful attempt. I jumped at the chance to make another, this time opting for a two-piece version with the high leg. My usual go-to places did not have any printed swim and so I made a plan to get to Studio 47 to see what they had. I found the black and white stripe and fan print there and had just enough in a turquoise lycra in my stash which I believe I had picked up in a destash a while back. I also made sure to pick up a nude lining.
The only adjustments needed where to narrow the crotch piece a little. As for sewing tips, it is important to ‘help’ your fabric through the machine especially when sewing the elastic on and try to keep the same amount of stretch as you go to get a consistent stitch length. It can get a bit tricky but if you are not sure – take some time to practice on a scrap piece of fabric. Once you turn the elastic and stitch for a second time, make sure the right side is facing up as this will ensure a neater finish. Also, stitching closer to the raw edge (now folded under) rather than the folded edge will help to stop the elastic from wanting to flip over once on the body.
I loved how easy this pattern is to sew up once you get the hang of some of the elastic application.
I know have a gorgeous swimsuit which fits me perfectly and is super comfortable to wear. I am not sure I have ever had a RTW swimsuit feel this comfortable) and that is a huge confidence booster too. I can actually imagine myself enjoying a day out at the beach or around the pool in this when Summer rolls around again. I have plans for adding further coordinating pieces too as I think the black and white certainly lend itself to adding pops of colour in various ways. For now, my hubby and daughter have been very complimentary about my Azure.

Hi! I’m Annie from Buenos Aires, Argentina.
I choose the 3 piece Azure boyleg cut because the fitting on these makes you wanna use everyday! I made mine size 5, cup B.
I purchased Tricot Lycra fabrics to combine my set in a retailer in Capital Federal.
About alterations, I only shortened 1,5cm the lenght of shoulder straps.
Sewing the Azure Swimsuit is so easy!
Make a checklist when you are going to cut so as not to cut too much or wrong sides.
With knit fabrics and elastics you have to be careful when sewing them together, the elastic is always the one that stretches, the fabric must remain flat.
My favorite things making the Azure were the little fabric waste, the comfortable fit and the possibility of combining so easily and having more than one combo to wear in a matter of minutes.
I used solid colors, I sewed the bottom and one side of the neckline in black and for the other part I combined with fuchsia, violet and emerald green. Quick I can count 6 different combinations with those few pieces, but surely there are more !!
Here in Argentina we are near to wintertime..but I showed my friends the Azure and they love it!
You can see more of me at
and my sewing work at

Hi! I’m Jennifer and I’m from Oklahoma in the U.S. I chose to make the 1 piece Azure because I tend to have a hard time finding one piece suits that actually fit! I made my Azure from this beautiful olive swim from So Sew English Fabrics. For my suit I adjust for my bust to hips as well as my girth/trunk length. Once I did a full toile and made all of the necessary adjustments I then did my final. The biggest suggestion I have is to not stretch the fabric when top stitching the elastic! It will pull and flip and need to be unpicked and sewn. My absolute favorite thing about my Azure is that it’s comfortable! I can play with my kids in this. I only made one version of this but have a 2 piece cut and ready to go! I can’t wait to wear it this weekend. My husband has enthusiastically appreciated this suit! You can follow me at or


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