Dylan Pants Tester Roundup Part 1

Hello my lovelies !!….and welcome to the first in a 2 part series of the Dylan Pants Pattern Tester Roundup.

I am sure you will agree with me that the tester versions of the gorgeous Dylan Pants are pretty damn FABULOUS !!!…and what I love about the pant is that they look so GOOD on everybody.

The Dylan Pants have had a wonderful reception by all of my international sew’ist community and so I would like to send you all a very big and LOUD shout out plus a big Australian THANK YOU XXXX

The Dylan Pants are all about contemporary tailoring. These pants are refined and sharp looking yet with the added comfort of a stretch woven. So they can easily transition from a corporate environment through to a casual lunch or an easy relaxing afternoon.

So lets start the Dylan Pants Tester Roundup Part 1 – and a round of applause to all of my amazing testers. Love you xx

And they would like to share the following with you all :

1. Your name and where you live ?
2. Your choice of leg width of the Dylan Pants and why ?
3. What fabric did you choose and where did you purchase ?
4. What sewing tips can you share when sewing the Dylan Pants ?
5. What was your favourite thing about making the Dylan Pants ?
6. Have you worn your Dylan Pants yet and what compliments did you receive.
7. And how are you styling your Dylan Pants ?

And don’t forget the Dylan Pants are on its release sale price of  $8.95 US and is a
multi-sized pattern :
(AU/UK) 6 – 30
(US) 2 – 26
(EU) 34 – 58

And of course dont forget to check out the Dylan Pants Fitting Blog Posts especially written for the Dylan pattern release.
How to Alter Crotch Length for Buttock Division and
How To Eliminate Back Leg High Thigh Folds.

I’m Amanda Neu, and I’m from Australia
I chose the straight leg version of the Dylan Pants because I knew I would want to wear them with my ankle boots, and I don’t love tucking my pants into boots, so I needed the extra width to go over the boot nicely.
I used a Stretch cotton sateen for my Dylan Pants, however the stretch ran vertically, so I chose a print that I could cut on the opposite direction so the stretch ran horizontally instead. 🙂
My tips for sewing the Dylan Pants are not to scrimp on the toile, take the time to adjust the fit, and trust the instructions.
I really love the style lines of the Dylan Pants, they straddle the lone between jeans and leggings beautifully! The stretch of the fabric means they are perfect for a comfy work option, dressy enough fo smart casual, but comfy enough to enjoy wearing!
The Dylan Pants will be a massive part of my daily winter wardrobe, and I have received compliments every time I wear them!!
They are my favourite pair of pants in my wardrobe!
For this pair I am styling with black ankle boots, white top and black pleather jacket.
You can find more of my sewing adventures at www.facebook.com/7bobbins

1. Hi, I am Annet Lugtenburg and i live in the Netherlands.
2. My choice of the Dylan Pants leg is the ankle length. Its my favorite Length for summer. And Summer begins here almost in the Netherlands and i make the slim leg. i think its perfect for all type of body’s.
3. My fabric for the pants is a Cotton Satin bought by driessen stoffen in the online store
4. My sewing tips: Make a toile and go for your final with the perfect adjustments.
5. My favorite thing about making the Dylan Pants is the topstitching. I love it so much.
6. I like to wear my Dylan Pants .very much and i have received many compliments about it.
7. I style my Dylan Pants with a short dolman top and my black boots.
8. You can find my pictures on my instagramaccount www.instagram.com/josewbo_creaties_

Hi! My name is Barbara and I live in Northeast Mississippi in the USA.
I decided my wardrobe needed an ankle-length slim leg pair of Dylan Pants.
My stash is low on woven fabrics so I made an hour drive to our nearest JoAnn’s and purchased an Americana Red brushed stretch twill.
My sewing tip is a toile (muslin) is a must for these pants.
I can say that topstitching was my favorite thing about making Dylan Pants.
I have yet to wear my Dylan Pants, but when I do, I’ll be wearing a blouse or sweater and low heels or sandals.

Hi, I am Camelia and I live in Germany.

I made two Dylan Pants and for my first pair, I choose the wider leg option thinking that I can always make it narrower if I don`t like it :), actually I loved that pair so much I did not change the leg any more as it was the perfect width.

For the first pair, I used some stretch blue denim and the second pair with the skinnier leg was made with stretch white denim. The stretch can be compared with a stretch sateen, that is also what I used for the toile, and of course, to maintain the fit, I used for my final garments fabric with similar stretch.

I think the best sewing tip when making this pattern will be to make a toile, that is your friend. Also, fabric is very important. Make your toile in the same type of fabric as you will use for your final garment.

Because this pattern has a lot of seams , it is, of course, the perfect place for topstitching. I love topstitching! A few tips: use topstitching thread ( a bit thicker than the regular sewing thread), use it only as upper thread and use regular thread in the bobbin, use a topstitching needle ( it has a bigger hole to accommodate the thicker thread) , use a longer stitch ( I use around 3.5-4), make a few stitching samples to check your thread tension (for the samples use two or three layers of fabric to replicate the same thickness you will have when topstitching the garment). If you get loops of the upper thread to the backside, try putting the thread tension higher, on my machine I put it a few steps higher till I get a perfect balance.

My favorite things when making these pants were getting the fit right ( don’t miss the fitting posts here on the Designer Stitch blog!) and topstitching those seams.

Both pairs are getting a lot of wear, when I have jeans fitting well and being so comfortable I love to wear them.

If you would like to follow my Designer Stitch sewing adventures you can find me on

YouTube here https://www.youtube.com/calcedoniasewing and on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/calcedoniasewing/

Hello, I am Debbie LF I live in Southern California.

For my Dylan Pants I chose the tapered regular length leg.
I used a stretch white denim that I had purchased at one of our local fabric stores that went out of business several years ago. At that time I had no idea what I would use all of the fabric that i purchased for 90% off for. However, during this quarantine it is all becoming very handy. Who knew that I was preparing for this moment my entire adult life.

My sewing tip for sewing this wonderful pattern is to measure well and make a fit toile. Baste this together so that you can easily make your adjustments.

My favorite thing about making these pants was the top stitching. I love to top stitch and these pants have all the bells and whistles. Mind, if you are not a fan of top stitching you do not need to do it. These pants would be equally stunning without it.

I’ve only been able to wear my Dylan Pants out to the bank and I felt very confident. They fit perfectly and are so very comfortable. I know they will become my favorite pants. I can see all different colors and fabrics coming.

The beauty of Dylan Pants is they can be worn with anything. I have been wearing my Dylan Pants with my new Lucille blouses that will be released soon by Designer Stitch Patterns.

You can follow me on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/debbie.lafrenz
Or Instagram:

Your name and where you live ?
Giorgia, Stuttgart, Germany
2. Your choice of leg width of the Dylan and why ?
I made the slim-leg, ankle-length variety. It was a style I didn’t already have in my closet!
3. What fabric did you choose and where did you purchase .
I used a stretch denim from my stash. I’ve been trying to sew my stash during this increased time at home.
4. What sewing tips can you share when sewing the Dylan ?
Definitely make a toile and don’t question the instructions! The order these pants are sewn up in makes topstitching easy.
5. What was your favourite thing about making the Dylan ?
I found the topstitching really relaxing 😀
6. Have you worn your Dylan’s yet and what compliments did you receive.
Yes! They’re great everyday pants
7. And how are you styling your Dylan?
I made mine in denim so they go with just about every top.
Blog: http://gsewssometimes.com
Facebook – IG https://www.instagram.com/gsewssometimes/

Hello! I’m Kelly from California.

For my white Dylan Pants I made the tapered ankle length – I love how they will go with so many tops for an easy going look this summer!

My blue pair are the slim ankle length, and I love how sophisticated and smart they look.

Both pairs are made with stretch denim from a small chain store in my city.

I love this pattern – once you’ve made your toile and fine tuned the pattern to your body (detailed by many tips that Ann has written about) it is a quick and satisfying sew.

My favourite part of sewing up my Dylan Pants was customizing the topstitching to my liking! My white pair has blue topstitching and my blue pair has pink!

My husband agrees that these are a great fit and loves when I wear them – especially the shorts I also whipped up! I like to wear them with a cute wedge or strappy sandal and comfy top.

You can find me on Instagram at

Hello gorgeous people of world, I am Kiran and Im from Singapore.

My Dylan Pants are sewn with this beautiful houndstooth stretch fabric. Its medium weight and a dream to work with. I was looking to buy more but the lockdown has stalled my plans to sew another Dylan… for now. This fabric is from a lovely little brick and mortar shop in Chinatown.

I sewed ankle length with regular slim leg, but im itching to hack these into a capri 😉

Want some sewing tips for the Dylan. READ THE DESIGNER STITCH BLOG POSTS. (I apologise, i dont mean to shout but they’re all that important). They contain all the information you need to make sure the necessary fit adjustments are made correctly. Consider it a blueprint to your Dylan fit.

My styling tips for the Dylan Pants are simple. Throw on a t shirt, your Dylan is your best friend to the mall. Throw on a dressy blouse, your Dylan is your accompaniment for brunch at Mama’s house. Slide into a top and head out for a buffet brunch, the Dylan is especially helpful for stretching once your belly is full of all that delicious treats. Basic word. Versatile ❤️

hi hi! it’s me Boon Kuan again! i hail from Singapore and pants is what i live in for my work. i thought i have found the perfect work pants in the Harper, but now i cannot decide! Dylan is such a great pants pattern too. A toile is essential to achieve the best fit, and there is plenty of help within Ann’s blog and the facebook group itself. i made my Dylan Pants in stetch denim, and the cut is soooo flattering! a classic design need not be boring and u can easily achieve that in Dylan with the yokes and topstitching or colour blocking to add interest. Be sure to label all the pattern pieces when u work; it may seem confusing in the beginning but it all comes together beautifully and is surprisingly a rather quick sew. I wear my Dylan Pants with work tops and blouses. Who says style and comfort cannot go together?
Come hang out with me on my IG at www.instagram.com/limbksews 🙂


Hi, here is Marieke from the Netherlands.

Let me tell you one thing: once you sewed Dylan Pants, you’ll sew a second, a third….This pants is amazing!

Before you start, take your time to make a toile first and read the blogs on Ann’s website how to make the changes to get the best fit. It’s worth it. On this moment I own three excellent Dylans, I couldn’t buy those in a store.

Well, I used stretch denim and one combined with stretch leather. (Yes, I color blocked it!)

I made the straight leg, long length twice and a tapered fit, ankle length.

The last one is excellent to wear with knee boots too! Mén let me tell you, I feel more then sexy in it!

The straight fit, long length is my favorite though. Your legs will look endless and you can combine it with all your gorgeous shoes!

On top, wear what you want. A blouse, sweater, top, or use one the other great patterns Ann is having! I used the Jojo and the Gemma and it’s love!

Friends who saw my pictures are saying: thát is exectly what I want to wear too!

Don’t hestitate and start sewing.❤

You can follow me on Instagram too: https://www.instagram.com/jongdesign


My name is Stacey I live on the south coast of England.
I chose the slim leg Dylan Pants because that is the style I prefer to wear.
I used a stretch fabric from my stash that was from Fabricland, it was just what I had on hand and as we can’t get out and fabric shop at the moment!
My tip would be definitely make a toile, and then make your adjustments before making the final version.
my favourite bit about making the Dylan Pants was all the lovely top stitching details.
I have only worn them around the house at the moment as we are not allowed out, but my other half said they looked great!
I wear mine with a simple top to make my Dylan Pants the feature.


1. Stephanie

2. Tapered, regular length. Such a comfortable look

3. Made from Cotton Sateen from Spotlight

4. Definitely tweak the front and back rise on your toile to get the perfect fit

5. I find it really hard to buy pants that fit without being hitched up all the time, these just sit so well and feel so comfortable

6. I wear mine to work and everyone asks where I got them, feels great to be able to say I made them myself

7. Because mine are a bold pattern I have been matching it with plain tops and small heels

8. https://stephaniesbeautifulcreations.blogspot.com


1. Your name and where you live ?
My name is Valentina and I live in Carrollton, TX
2. Your choice of leg width of the Dylan and why ?
I made the slim leg, because I like that look on me. I have plans to make tapered leg tall.
3. What fabric did you choose and where did you purchase?
I used a stretch denim from Joann fabrics in the USA.
4. What sewing tips can you share when sewing the Dylan ?
Take your time with topstitching.
Make sure you aren’t stretching the fabric when adding the waistband elastic.
5. What was your favourite thing about making the Dylan ?
I loved all the topstitching, and all the possibilities with playing with thread color.
6. Have you worn your Dylan’s yet and what compliments did you receive.
No, unfortunately, I have not been anywhere and I am living I sweatpants currently.
7. And how are you styling your Dylan ?
I love them with heels, and o can’t wait to find out all the possible ways to wear them.

IG – Instagram.com/the_engineer_seamstress



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