ella cami combo tester roundup part 2

Hello and thank you for joining us in the Ella Cami Combo tester round-up Part 2.

I hope you enjoyed reading the short stories my fabulous pattern testers shared with you yesterday – today I would like to share with you the second installment of the Ella roundup with the next 11 participants.

When testing the Ella Cami Combo each sewist could elect to make just the Cami, or combine the Shorties or PJ Bottoms. A few of my ladies even added to their Ella Combo by teaming the Willow Kimono to their set.

I am sure you will agree that all of my pattern testers have gone above and beyond with their gorgeous makes of the Ella Cami Combo.

I hope you enjoy getting to know these wonderful ladies. And don’t forget that if you join the pattern support group here on Facebook you can obtain a special coupon code that will make the pattern a free purchase.

Kind Regards

Ann .

Synthia Lee Gerritson.
My very first years of sewing were when I was 9 years old. I would sit in front of grandma and watch her tear up old cloths and make quilts or crochet. I wanted to make my own cloths and would ask her for her old dresses. I would tear her dresses up for fabric and would hand sew a dress of that style. So, I was in a sense self taught at making cloths by hand without patterns or sewing machines. I didn’t discover patterns and sewing machine until I was in high school taking a class. As an adult I started sewing for people, prom dresses, wedding dresses, drapes, just about everything I was ask to make. Today, I sew for family, my friend Orbey, and for myself. I discovered testing Pdf patterns 4 years ago and love it. I love being creative in sewing, it’s my outlet to staying sane, lol. http://sewsynsewn.blogspot.com.au/










Andrea Shpuntoff.
Every summer when I was growing up, my family would spend summers with my mother’s parents. It was during these vacations that my grandmother taught me to sew. That means I have been sewing for 50+ years and I am still learning!









Camelia de Bruin.
I started sewing in 2008 or 2009 only because I was bored and had not much to do. I teached myself and I will say practicing is the key. I never thought it will get so far as not buying RTW clothes anymore. Now is really difficult even to shop for my kids as I get ” I can make this ” in my head; but unfortunately there is no place to buy some extra time too. I sew every time I have the occasion, mostly in the evening when kids are sleeping. Sewing is definitely my relaxing therapy.

Leah Mask.
Hello I am Leah or Lovelyforlife all over social media. I started sewing before I could reach the pedal on the sewing machine. My grandmother was a seamstress and my mom was a furrier(before is was socially unacceptable to wear furs). They taught me to hand sew baby doll clothes and it went from there. I would watch my mom sew our summer clothes each year, our bedroom curtains, sheets, and spreads. Late my mother sewed my sisters prom and débutante dresses. I watched closely and would always jump to be her assistant. Every so often I would jump in a sew somthing myself. And then I picked up sewing in my twenties for modeling test shoots. I needed out fits so I would just make them. I sewed on and off from there. Usually on a whim. About two years ago I saw a British pattern makers Youtube channel and was hooked again. Since I have a hobby room now it is much easier to sew and not have to pack things up each time. I started making Youtube channels and just recently launched my blog. I am very active on Instram as well. I dont think I will every stop sewing for long again. The process is so therapeutic and to have a usable piece when you are done still amazes me. Check out my blog at www.lovelyforlife1.com and on instagram @lovelyforlife1









Elizabeth Holt.
I bought a sewing machine 4 years ago at the same time we decided to have a baby. I watched youtube videos, consulted a few local friends, read things written by experienced seamstresses, etc. My intention was just to make some pillows and curtains for the nursery, but it branched from there. Now I’m making well fitted women’s garments (thanks Ann!) and I’m currently in the middle of a bedding set for my daughter.

Ana Inês Barros.
I started 6 years ago…and believe it or not….I thought my self. I discovered how to sew…done some things…..had a couple of lessons to learn bacis tips and…here I am, teaching others how to sew. https://www.facebook.com/PontonoibyInes

Caroline Flynn.
I was always a crafty kid, doing knitting, crochet, cross stitch and patchwork by hand, but when I was about 10 I insisted my Mum teach me how to use the sewing machine. I started pumping out scrunchies, hair bows and clothes made out of questionable fabrics (thanks to relatives who would give me their scraps). I spent my teens learning sewing at school and from sewing patterns, and I loved to rummage through remnant bins for fabric. When I was home on maternity leave with my daughter I discovered sewing blogs and indie designers and the sewing machine just never got put away. Now I have a sewing room, huge fabric stash and sew most days. I’m also having a small midlife crisis, which has me not loving my job and wanting to pursue my hobby full time. I have started doing a pattern making course and would love to be a designer.

Jane Bredkjær.
My mother teached me when I was a young girl. 4 Decades ago. After high school I went to a school, where I learned about sewing by tailors. After that I spent 3 years learning about sewing the industrial way. – I love sewing like I have told before “Where my sewing machine is there is my home.”
My blog is: http://blog.bredkjaerpedersen.dk/
And my IG is: https://www.instagram.com/janebredkjaer/

Ilse Lemmens.
When I was 18, I attended a few year sewing academy in the evening hours. But sewing had a low priority while I was getting my degree to become a teacher and later when I started my ‘ordinary’ life. My mom sewed from an early age on and when I was a teenager, she sewed up a new outfit for me to hit town during the weekends. She even sewed my wedding dress. My first sewing machine was a Toyota. That was not my best idea. So I traded it in for my current Pfaff. I really started sewing around my 30th. The beginning of 2016 I started pattern testing. That was a new challenge. A double challenge, since English is not my mother tongue. To sew up some clothes in a limited time give me a healthy kick. I learned from every challenge and till today I kept learning new sewing techniques while my self confidence grow at the same rate. These days a day without sewing, is not a good day. I’m addicted to sew and I almost only wear self made…









Kiran Grewal.

I am Kiran and my love for fabric arts began when I was barely five. Being Indian in heritage, my Mother and female relatives would deck up in colourful and elaborately embroidered Salwaar Kameez for weddings. As a child, I took keen interest in observing the intricate stitches that made up the multitude of paisleys, flowers and intertwining vines that spanned the lengths of their knee-length tunics. Slowly, I took up a needle and thread and started to (self)learn the techniques and stitches that wove such finery. I have great respect for the blood and sweat that goes into hand embroidery and hand embroidered garments. They truly are a labour of love and I am honoured that my young Daughter is keen to take up the art of embroidery and sewing as well.
IG www.instagram.com/gloopygoo









Rachel Maxwell.

I did some sewing at high school but didn’t do much with it after that. I was given a sewing machine for my 21st birthday and used that to sew simple projects for my home. It wasn’t until I fell pregnant with my son 9 years ago that I started stepping outside my comfort zone and started sewing for him. I am mainly self taught and have been grateful for the opportunity to test for some designers that have helped with teaching and developing my skills.








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  1. Ilse says:

    Happy Birthday, Designer Stitch and Ann Grose! ? During the past year, you worked very hard to make you aware of the outside world. And you did it together with a group of awesome testers. Up to the next year and let everybody know how great your patterns are! Greetings, Ilse

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