Kelly Tie Dress Pattern Tester Roundup Part 2

Hello again my lovely sew’ist friends. Wasn’t Part 1 of the Kelly Dress Pattern Tester Roundup just STUNNING ?

Well get ready to continue to be be-dazzled with the 2nd installment of the Kelly Tied Dress Roadies Roundup Part 2.

And you know what I say – the best thing about my roundups is that I get to showcase all of my stunning roadies !!!

The Kelly Tie Dress is fabulous, stunning, slimming and stylish on all figures.

The Kelly can take you from the office right through to 5 star dining..

So lets continue Part 2 of the Kelly Dress Tester Roundup – and please continue all of your Woo HOOS, and FIST PUMPS my friends.

Our roadies would like to share the following with you all :

1. Your name and where you live ?
2. The Kelly is reversible – have you a favourite way to wear it ?
3. What fabric did you choose and where did you purchase ?
4. What sewing tips can you share when sewing the Kelly ?
5. What was your favourite thing about making the Kelly ?
6. Have you worn your Kelly yet and what compliments did you receive.
7. How are you styling your Kelly ?

The finer details : On Sale for a limited time only – $8.95 (US)

And the finer details;
(AU/UK) 6 – 30
(US) 2 – 26
(EU) 34 – 58

Confident Advanced Beginner and Above Sewing level

And don’t forget our Kelly Tie Dress Pattern Tester Roundup Part 1 –


Your name and where you live ? Hi there! I’m Alaura from the United States.
2. The Kelly is reversible – have you a favourite way to wear it ? I really love wearing the Kelly dress both ways. Either way its worn, the dress shows drama.
3. What fabric did you choose and where did you purchase ? The black polka dot is an ITY base from an online fabric shop that I can no longer remember. The rainbow striped sweater knit is from Boho Fabrics and is just so good!
4. What sewing tips can you share when sewing the Kelly ? I encourage you to definitely do the two lines of stitching for the gathers. This helps them to stay in place and gather more evenly.
5. What was your favorite thing about making the Kelly ? When I put my Kelly dress on, my confidence soared. First was the “Wow, yeah, I made this!” and second was the “Man, this looks gooooood!”. I love the wrapped skirt pieces and cowl neck so much!
6. Have you worn your Kelly yet and what compliments did you receive. My husband definitely loved the dress and made sure to let me know multiple times. A few others have also said, “It looks great!” and “It’s so good!”.
7. How are you styling your Kelly ? For my sweater knit one (which is my fave!), just with a nice pair of wedges or booties. I also like it with my hair styled up to really showcase the neckline.

1. Your name and where you live?
I am Annet Lugtenburg And I live in the Netherlands.
2. The Kelly is reversible – have you a favorite way to wear it? ?
I prefer to wear it with the waterfall neckline at the front and the straps knotted at the front.
3. What fabric did you choose and where did you purchase ? 
I used a viscose jersey that I bought online at
4. What sewing tips can you share when sewing the Kelly?
The kelly is very easy to make. Take your measurements carefully and the rest will really happen automatically. The manual is also very clear.
5. What was your favorite thing about making the Kelly?
I really liked the sleeves and the straps. The wrinkled part on both makes it special
6. Have you worn your Kelly yet and what compliments did you receive.
I’ve only worn the kelly around the house and my husband thinks it’s really cool! Outside it is now a bit too cold for the Kelly here in the Netherlands. The fabric is too thin and the sleeves too short! But in the spring it will certainly come out a lot.
7. How are you styling your Kelly? With nice tights, boots and a nice cardigan.

Hi! I’m Barbara and I live in Northeastern Mississippi, USA. I like to wear all (3) of my Kelly dresses with the cowl neck in the front. My first Kelly is rayon spandex by My second Kelly is cotton spandex from my stash. My final Kelly is hacci sweater knit also from When making your Kelly, please don’t forget the interfacing for the neck binding! My favorite thing about the Kelly dress is the sleeves! They are gorgeous!

Hi there! My name is Brenda and I’m from the Netherlands. I’ve made the Kelly dress in a viscose jersey and I love how it drapes around my body. The dress is a reversible one, I love to have the cowl in the front, but I can also see myself wearing it in the back.
I have not had a opportunity to wear it often because of our weather and the fact that we mostly work from home because of Covid. I will wear this as soon as I’m going to the office again, with a blazer and depending on the weather boots or heels.
I really like how the cowl is draping because of its cut and the nice little “flap” that is sewn shut.
My tip for you is to pick a nice and drapey fabric for this one, this dress loves those kind of fabrics.
If you like to see more of my sewing you can follow me on Instagram at :

My name is Kim and I live in Southern California.
I am 5’10” so I love the length of the skirt on the Kelly. I like to wear the cowl in the back to show off my tattoo but I wear the cowl in front when I wear it to work!
I used a double brushed Poly fabric because the stretch is so nice and the fabric is warm for the winter months.
Sewing the neckline was a nice skill to learn and I have used it for other clothes I have sewn since.
My favorite thing while sewing the Kelly was the easy instructions and support of the group when I had questions. Everyone was quick to respond and very helpful. I really love the sleeve detail! I have worn my Kelly to work and to a friends house, l received many compliments and even a suggestion to wear it off the shoulder.
I have been wearing my Kelly with heeled sandals since it is still warm here in California. I think it will transition well to boots but the weather needs to cool down first!
You can check out pictures of my Kelly on or

Hi all! I’m Kim and I live in the Netherlands. For my Kelly, I used a fabric with flower-shaped holes in it, bought at I wear a slip dress underneath and really like the way it shows a bit of skin at the sleeves. I love the fact that the dress is reversible! I’ve worn it with the cowl in the front and a lot of people complimented me – it’s not a dress you see in every store. Since I’m always cold, I wear my dress with tights and boots. I think I’ll make one with more color once spring arrives (autumn just started but well😅) and wear it with bare legs and cute sandals. Thanks for another great design Ann!

Hello! My name is Kristin, I am in London, Ontario, Canada. My favourite way to wear the Kelly dress is with the cowl at the back – I have always felt that my back is one of my best features, and I love to show it off! I used a bamboo/lyrca blend, it is so soft and comfortable – feel like a nightie but looks amazing. As always, my tip is to take time to read through the whole pattern before cutting or sewing. A few extra minutes in the beginning will save so much time during construction (a stitch in time saves nine!) My favourite thing about making the Kelly was learning how to cut and construct a cowl neckline, I am always so happy to learn new skills. I have yet to wear my Kelly dress – but I can’t wait to wear it when I have the chance. I styled my Kelly dress with my favourite brown leather boots – a must have for fall.

hi there amazing sewists!
Marit from the Netherlands here. Let me tell you what an amazing sew Kelly is, and also let me help you learn from my mistakes 😉
First off, I made my Kelly with a sway back adjusment of 2 cm, so I choose up front which way to wear it – with the loose front well as front 🙂
My first Kelly I made in a fabric which was def too light. So make sure your fabric has enough weight! Needless to say it didn’t make it to the pictures. The one you’ll see, the striped one with the turqoise flowers, is another testimony of Ann’s brilliant, and yes I am developing a little crush here.
I wear my Kelly with a sheer black pantyhose and pumps. Also wore it out in public and made my co-worker super jealous. Again 😉
You can find my makes at looking forward to seeing your Kelly’s! Xx

Happy Autumn from colorful Colorado USA!
I’m Melissa and I sew for my grown up daughters. My middle daughter Cherish is a businesswoman and loves this Kelly!!! She prefers wearing her’s with the drape in the front however it is lovely both ways!!!!!
She chose this lovely large scale floral jersey in soft shades of greens. Originally purchased from Hobby Lobby.
As always Ann has brilliantly designed a complex looking, couture dress that is so easily put together that you will do your happy dance of joy!!!! My favorite thing about sewing this lovely is that my girl is so happy to wear it. As in all Ann’s designs it makes the seamstress and the model look fabulous! Her coworker is always jealous when a new out fit is worn. “Wish my mom could make beautiful clothes for me,” Andrea says.
Cherish usually styles fairly simply, it was warm that day and she added a darling heeled sandals in nude and earrings! This lovely dress will be a staple in our closets, simple, quick and incredibly easy to complete! Get yours Today!!!!!
Thank you Ann!!!! We Love You!!

Hi, I’m Shardee from the Netherlands and I’m happy to show you the beautiful kelly dress 😍
It’s a super fast to make, faster than washing.

I used for my version visose Jersey from megastoffen. It’s super stretching, but you need that for the wrapping 😉

I love the fact that you can wear the kelly 2 ways, but I prefer the waterfall at the front.

Style your kelly as you wish, with sneakers of heels, everything looks beautiful with the kelly 😍

If you like to see more of my work and follow me on

My name is Stacey and I live on the south coast of England.
I love that the Kelly dress is reversible, it looks lovely both ways, but I think I like it best with the cowl at the front.
I used a nice drapey rayon spandex that I bought from Flamingo Fabrics.
Make sure you mark up notches on the pattern and your fabric accurately for a perfect finish and easy construction.
My favourite thing about making the Kelly dress was trying it on and trying all the different ways to tie it.
I have not been out and about much lately due to covid, but my other half said he really loved my dress!
I am keeping the styling simple for my Kelly dress, and just pairing it with some pretty heels, and a simple blazer when it gets colder.

My name is Taryn from Cape Town, South Africa. I love that Kelly is reversible as it is like 2 dresses in one. My favourite way to wear it I think depends on my mood because I really do love it both ways and have worn it both ways. I used a stone blue DTY fabric which I purchased some time back from one of my favourite local Facebook fabric stores. (Previously New Moon Fabrics – now Zafirah). I just love the soft feel of the fabric against my skin and the drape.
Be sure to use a stretch stitch when sewing your Kelly together even though it is not a tight, form-fitting dress, as it will need to be able to withstand being wrapped and tied around the body. Also, don’t skip the bra stays – this was probably one of my favourite things about sewing Kelly as it provided that extra attention to detail that could easily be skipped and be the difference between perfect and close to. I have worn my Kelly both for a quick visit to the office to pick up some supplies as well as to church. This dress is a compliment magnet. It is also so easy to wear – I feel glamourous and comfortable all at the same time. As for styling, less is more with Kelly – I do like to add a statement necklace to show off the cowl (when worn in front) or to add some extra interest to the front when wearing the cowl at the back. And of course, no Designer Stitch design would be complete without a gorgeous pair of heels. The blue is a great canvas to pair with some animal print heels. My confidence and skill has grown in leaps and bounds as part of the Designer Stitch testing crew and I am excited to share that I have recently given my creative side a space of its own to truly shine in. Come and check it out at

1. Your name and where you live ?
Hi there – I’m Meredith from Sydney, Australia.
2. The Kelly is reversible – have you a favourite way to wear it?
I just love wearing the Kelly with the wrap detail crossing at the front and tying at the back. I really like the shape it creates around the waist with the front wrap. With the tie at the back it creates a clean line on the derriere which is also flattering on my figure.

3. What fabric did you choose and where did you purchase ? 
My Kelly dress is sewn in a coral polyester spandex from Pitt Trading. The fabric has a fabulous drape and was perfect for my Kelly dress.

4. What sewing tips can you share when sewing the Kelly ?
My sewing tips include making sure you have suitable, pre-washed fabric to get the best results. Also having the right needle for the job is very important – a jersey or ballpoint needle is best for knit projects like Kelly. I liked to hand baste the wraps to the front side. For me it is just as quick as machine basting and I feel I get better control of the fabric. Also, I like to use a knit hem tape, I prefer SewKeysE Extremely Fine Fusible Knit Stay Tape, for a great finish on the hem.

5. What was your favourite thing about making the Kelly?
My favourite thing about making my Kelly dress is that was so easy. When we were in the testing phase for Kelly, I had a whole heap of crazy going at my place; renovations in full swing, my sewing machines off-site and my stash in storage but I was able to take a small amount of time to destress and make this beautiful dress in a small amount of time. Designer Stitch always has detailed instructions and the Kelly dress is no exception. A confident sewer could easily have a Kelly dress made in an afternoon.

6. Have you worn your Kelly yet and what compliments did you receive.
My Kelly dress has been to casual birthday party dinners and to the office with rave reviews. It is a great dress to transition from the office to dressier celebrations.

7. And how are you styling your Kelly ?
It is spring here in Sydney at the moment, I am wearing a low rise heeled sandal with my Kelly and adding a wrap if it is cool. The sleeve is great for trans-seasonal dressing.


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