Maeve Dress and Tunic Pattern Tester Roundup Part 2


HI HO my friends. Following on from yesterday’s blog post thankyou again for coming over to see all that is MARVELOUS about our new Maeve Dress and Tunic – and of course all that is MARVELOUS about our Rockstar Roadies Pattern Testers. 

So welcome to you all for Part 2 of the Maeve Dress and Tunic Rockstar Roadies Pattern Tester Roundup.

The Maeve is an ever-TRENDING Boho style in its relaxed and free-spirited design.

Working its BOHO chic vibe, the Maeve offers easy going aesthetic and pairs perfectly with knee length boots or a statement sandal. You choose!

The Maeve Dress and Tunic is Trans-seasonal Sewing at ITS BEST!!

And offers great variations in how you make your Maeve Dress and Tunic


So again, my rockstar roadies would like to share with you the following – each and every one a star in their own right. 

1. Your name and where you live?
2. Your choice of option for the Maeve Dress and Tunic and why?
3. What fabric did you choose and where did you purchase?
4. What alterations did you have to make to your Maeve Dress and Tunic toile?
5. What sewing tips can you share when sewing the Maeve Dress and Tunic?
6. What was your favourite thing about making the Maeve Dress and Tunic?
7. Did you make more than one combo of the Maeve Dress and Tunic?
8. Have you worn your Maeve Dress and Tunic yet and what compliments did you receive?
And the finer details; (AU/UK) 6 – 30 (US) 2 – 26 (EU) 34 – 58
Cup Sizes – B, C, D, DD
On Sale for a limited time only – $9.95(US)
Very Confident Advanced Beginner and Above Sewing level

Hello everybody, I am Camelia and I am living in Germany.
My version of Maeve is made with a nice drapey rayon, a bit thicker than a challis. I choose a long length for my version with the longest sleeves with ruffles. I made my usual adjustments in Designer Stitch Patterns: a narrow shoulder adjustment and a swayback adjustment.
My sewing advice when making the Maeve; when you sew the front yoke to the front bodice, take care to reinforce the corners and sew them with precision. If you want to get perfect gathers of the ruffles, try to use your serger. I always put the stitch length on max and the differential feed on the highest level. I noticed that with Maeve gave me the perfect ruffle length.
The next version of this dress is already planned, and the fabric is ready for it. Is going to be a Minerva Exclusive challis and I am going to add a yoke in the back and some gathers at the center back bodice, I think is going to be beautiful! Also, I think this pattern could look really gorgeous as a blouse, maybe even add some long sleeves with cuffs (the ones from Sedona dress, for example)
The Maeve dress is a perfect transitional piece, so I am going to enjoy this a lot this fall!
If you would like to see a tutorial on my next Maeve, be sure to follow me on Youtube
and for sneak peeks on Instagram

Hello I’m Ashley Riley a sewist from Central London, England, UK.
I’m excited to share with you the amazing new Maeve pattern! Maeve is made for woven fabrics, so I used a lightweight cotton lawn from and a viscose from Jo-Ro Rags they are a UK company. I always recommend that you make a fit first as depending on your body/height you may need to make some changes so don’t use your good fabric first. I found doing the front york sewing it with my sewing machine and not overlocker helped me get my corners nice and flat. I’m only 5 foot so I made the shortest length without any adjustments, and it hit above my knee. I styled my Maeve with a pair of boots ready for the colder wear and with sandals so rock in the summer. I’ve worn both of my Maeve dresses out for lunch on different days lol, and got lot’s of comments and It’s nice to say I made it. I can see many more of these dresses made as Maeve can be worn all year around.

Hello, I’m Barbara from Northeast Mississippi, USA.
I made two Maeve’s. The first one is the black Boho rayon challis that I purchased long ago from My second Maeve is a dark denim Lyocell fabric that I purchased from
My tip for sewing Maeve is to make sure your pattern pieces are prepped and marked correctly. For the Boho Maeve, my choice was short sleeves and the 20″ length. For the denim Maeve, I also choose short sleeves and a 22″ length. I made my normal fit alterations which include swayback adjustment and shortening for height. I have worn both of Maeve’s and received many compliments and also orders! I have two Maeve’s planned for the future, one for my daughter and another for me in a solid bright color!
Follow me on IG, and I follow back! IG:

I’m Carmen from South Georgia, U.S.A. I love the Maeve dress and tunic. I sewed my dress up in the shortest dress and sleeves version. I used a lightweight poly crepe fabric from supertextiles on Etsy. I love the artisanal boho style of the Maeve with ruffles on the sleeves and hem. And you can make it with pockets! The relaxed fit of the dress makes it incredibly comfortable to wear and easy to style from spring to winter. I styled my Maeve with a pair of white heels, but you can just as easily put on a pair of boots for fall. Tip: I hemmed the ruffles first and then sewed them to sleeves and skirt. When sewing an interfaced layer with an non-interfaced layer, place the non-interfaced layer against the feed dogs. I finished my seams with an overedge stitch, but you can also do French seams or serge if you want. Here is my Instagram if you want to see more of my work:










Hi I’m Fiona, I live in the uk just north of London.
I made my Maeve from a gorgeous matte crepe fabric from Shriya Fabrics in a pretty denim blue with white floral print. I made the longest length and added for my height with the short sleeves in a size 2.
My advice to anyone sewing the Maeve would be take your time and make friends with your iron. It looks tricky but simple steps produces a wonderful garment.
I think a tunic version will be my next Maeve make with long sleeves as we are heading towards the cooler weather.
I have mobility issues and the Maeve looks fabulous when I’m in my wheelchair and the skirt is a perfect length for modesty and to keep free from the wheels.
Whilst out in Plymouth a lovely lady commented how flattering she thought the silhouette was and asked where I bought my dress.
If you’d like to follow my sewing journey take a look at

Hi I’m José, from the Netherlands! And I’m here to tell you all about the Maeve dress, the all new woven dress with the best details! My black and yellow flower one is a very versatile piece, I love to wear it with my boots for. A gypsy kinda fall look. Add a belt or tie and it gives a little more waist definition to counteract the wider skirt. My blue one was made from fabric my sewing bestie Marit found ne, together with the grey lace. My stash had some peach satin binding and I used it to accentuate all the lovely Design lines around the button yoke. I fell so much (yes more) in love with the Maeve dress, I can’t wait to see all your versions, and I’m sure you’ll love it too! My best sewing tip is to read the blog from Ann about block fusing before cutting, since it’ll help you do the collar better then my first time around (yes I was to impatient to blockfuse before cutting 😆).
I love the blue one with my fall boots but it’ll dress up fancy with some heels too! Every party, soiree or wedding will be brightened up with this dress, promise!
Black fabric leftover from Shanitex (Dutch fabric market), gifted from my bestie…. Did I tell you I love her? Marit is the best.
Blue fabric is from Karteris, fabric store in The Netherlands.
See some more pics of me and her at my account:
Well…. What are you here for? Get that pattern! You’ll know you’ll regret it otherwise!

Hi, I’m Josée from Ottawa, Canada. The Maeve is a wonderful and fun dress with a beautiful front yoke design. I made the shortest length dress with the 3/4 sleeves shortened by 1 cm to fit my petite stature. I used tencel fabric with mini leopard print purchased at a local fabric flea market from Tangente clothing. For my toile, I used a very lightweight viscose in warm cinnamon purchased at my local Fabricland. Make sure to use a fabric with drape for a light breezy look with the ruffles. The Maeve is a fun dress that I enjoy wearing with and without a belt. I also made a matching belt by encasing a wide elastic in a band and adding a buckle for a different look that complements the ruffles. I’m already planning another version as a shirt, omitting the ruffles. The beautiful front yoke will be showcased when sewn in a solid colour; it will make a great very stylish half-button shirt. For more of my makes, you can check my Instagram account at

Hi there! Im Kiran, back with another lovely sew for Designer Stitch. This month was a busy one for me, but I couldn’t pass up on the opportunity to test the lovely Maeve dress. 😍😍
So, I’m going to be brutally honest. I sewed my dress out from a skirt upcycle. I had sewn this skirt as one big rectangular piece attached to an elasticized waistband. Turns out, I didn’t like it so i placed it in my upcycle pile. It is a cooling Indian rayon that has a gorgeous, layered border with so much potential. I saw it would be a great fit for Maeve with its collar and placket.
What’s important for the Maeve is that you use soft fabrics. My muslin was sewn in a heavier polyester blend and the sleeve ruffles sat oddly. Choose wisely is my advice to you.
For this sew, i did a size 2 in 50cm length with no other alterations. I usually do need a swayback, but this is meant to be loose so i skipped that 🙂
I see lots of potential in the design of the Maeve, so I’m torn between converting it into a tunic sans ruffle and 3/4 sleeve cuff or a maxi with large ruffle panels. Which will be better? Let me know at

Hi everyone! Here is Marieke from the Netherlands
Sometimes you sew a pattern you love but when it’s finished- it just never get out of your closet. You always admire it and don’t want to give it away- but you also don’t wear it. So it just keeps hanging….Well… No chance that is going to happen with the Meave. It went on vacation and at home I just continued wearing it. My fall Meave is ready as well and I can still wear it at wintertime with layering my Meave’s.
Anyways, the Meave is a super easy pattern to wear, for every occasion: just in the house barefoot till dressed up with a (selfmade) belt and boots or high heels.
It’s a super easy sew, but please take your time to follow each step. It’s still a quick dress no worries, but you want to have everything just nice at the end, right? ^^
It’s 1 of my husband’s favorite dress already- which surprised me in the first place since it hardly shows skin- but it confirmed too: wear the outfit you love and feel awesome. You are! ❤️
When you are curious about other makings, please have a look:










Hi! My name is Sonia and I live in SW Missouri with my husband and our fur baby Dune. For my Maeve I used a Mauve Pink floral Charmeuse purchased a while ago from Joanne Fabric. I chose the longest length. Maeve is a very straightforward sew. Do not skip the interfacing on the yoke, collar and placket. I am looking forward to getting alot of wear out of my Maeve this Fall! Paired with some boots this will be so cute!
Visit me on social media using the following links

Synthia from Central Ca, U.S.A. I love the Maeve dress and tunic. I sewed my dress up in the longest dress and sleeves version. I used a Rayon fabric from Joann’s fabric store. I love any style that resembles the Boho style, and the Maeve does just that. I styled my Maeve with boots and flat shoes, I prefer the boots, and I used a rtw thin belt. This dress is so comfortable to wear, especially made in Rayon for the hot summer months. Tip: when using fabrics that fray, take your time in assuring all seams are sealed by either, French seams, fabric glue, or even a lighter to burn the seams. Another tip, I sewed my ruffles first and ironed them to make it easier when attaching to the dress. Thank you Ann Grose another great design.:

Hello my name is Elise and I live in Queensland, Australia. I have used a light cotton for my Maeve. I think the little bit of structure from the cotton along with the contrasting colours gives the dress a bit of retro vibe, which I love. We are just coming into spring here, so I am planning on pairing my dress with a simple wedge for an easy relaxed look. When sewing, make sure to mark all the notches. They are perfectly placed and will help align all the curves. I would also suggest you pay close attention then sewing on the collar. I had to unpick and redo mine because I did not line up all the edges. This pattern was a nice challenge, not too difficult, but takes a little more time and effort, the result is worth it. I am planning my next Maeve already; I want to use bright florals time and use something soft and floaty like a cotton voile.

Hi everyone, I’m Tina from sunny Southern California. I grabbed this beautiful floral fabric at my local fabric district, and it was perfect for my Maeve! Don’t let the yoke intimidate you, go slow take your time and if the instructions say to baste or staystitch, do it. It makes a difference in the final results, and you’ll be happy with your make. I made the mid length with the 3/4 sleeves and besides my usual adjustments of shortening for my height, I didn’t have to change anything else. I’ve received so many compliments on my dress and I’m planning on a longer length for winter!

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