Shardee Wrap Top Dress Pattern Tester Roundup Part 2

And another big SHOUTOUT from here in Australia my lovely sewing friends- and welcome to Part 2 of the amazing Shardee Wrap Top and Dress Pattern Tester Roundup Part 2.

Our Shardee Wrap Top and Dress roadies roundup – Part 2 – is a carry over from yesterdays post – the Shardee Wrap Top and Dress Pattern Tester Roundup Part 1.

The Shardee offers an inclusive multi size range – along with cup size choices – and plenty of styling options.

Fabulous fit, fabulous styling equates to a fabulous YOU.

The Shardee exudes effortless appeal with its flowy wrap silhouette and is the PERFECT top or dress for your transeasonal wardrobe.

So please my friends I would love you to give a massive CHEER for all of the amazing Shardee makes and a bigger CHEER for all of the amazing roadies – my diamonds 💎. xx

Our roadies would like to share the following with you all :

1. Your name and where you live ?
2. Your choice of option for the Shardee and why ?
3. What fabric did you choose and where did you purchase ?
4. What sewing tips can you share when sewing the Shardee?
5. What was your favourite thing about making the Shardee?
6. Have you worn your Shardee yet and what compliments did you receive.
7. And have you made any more versions of the Shardee – or have any plans too ?
And the finer details;

(AU/UK) 6 – 30
(US) 2 – 26
(EU) 34 – 58
Cup Sizes – B, C, D, DD
On Sale for a limited time only – $9.50(US)

Very Confident Advanced Beginner and Above Sewing level
Shardee Wrap Top and Dress

Hi my name is Sonia and I live in SW Missouri in the USA.

I chose the tea length version as that is a very comfortable style for me.
The fabric I chose was a blue paisley print that was purchased at my local fabric shop. Unfortunately they do not have an online shopping option.
Shardee is a really great sew and if you take special care to read the instructions you’ll have excellent results!
My favorite thing about making Shardee is that it is a very quick sew!
I cannot wait until the weather warms up to wear my beautiful dress! I have plans to make more versions of Shardee, I’d like to make a plain black dress and possibly a top

Hello, I am Luana and I live in North Carolina.
I chose the 3/4 sleeve option with cuffs, collar, and the shortest skirt length. I’d love to use it in between seasons and I thought those were the most appropriate lengths for that scope. I used a double brushed polyester that I bought from Stitchin’ Pretties.
My advice to sew the Shardee is to let it hang for at least one night when you’re done to make sure that the hem is even. And I actually enjoyed hemming it with my coverstitch!
I don’t have plans to make other versions, yet, I need to wait few weeks for the weather to be warmer in order to wear the ones I made so far, and then maybe I’ll make a more summery version. Maybe easier, without collar and cuffs. We’ll see 🙂

Hello everyone I am Christina from Cape Town South Africa.
I love wearing dresses in summer so chose the flattering cap sleeve and opted for the tea length, making this the perfect elegant dress option for those not too hot days.
I do love the collar and 3/4 sleeve so will need to make another for autumn!
My dress has pockets, and I am impresses that they are not at all visible and add no bulk/take away from the flattering style! I found a brushed poly knit that is slightly heavier and more structured than the usual, which made it perfect in my opinion!
The Shardee dress comes together perfectly, just make sure you have ample space when you set of for the volume of fabric for the skirt!
And as always with a knit and this gorgeous neckline use your steam setting to keep things tidy.
The biggest WOW is that I can twirl and twirl as sit and walk without my thighs and my knickers showing!
And maybe even better is that after and entire day of wearing the neckline did not shift once!!!!!!
I love wearing my Shardee dress and hope do do another sew soon.
The dress simply makes me feel gorgeous and at the same time as it stays put is 100% functional!

 I am Lieve from Girls in Uniform, a Belgian blog.
I made my Shardee with the cute little collar, a nice 3/4 sleeve with cuff and at knee length.
This way my dress is wonderfully elegant and feminine with a touch more. The wide skirt swings girlishly around my legs, which I love.
My husband is a fan of the beautiful cleavage, and I wear a lace bra for a sexy effect.
I bought the fabric at the market at Shanitex.
I have already chosen a fabric for my next Shardee: that will be a short version with cap sleeves, great for summer!
Do you want to see more of Girls in Uniform?
Follow us at and

I am Synthia and I live in Central Ca. When I saw the Shardee dress, I loved it right away.
I like true wrap around dresses. I made mine from an hombre colored fabric.
I did grade the pattern down from the skirt, other than that, it was perfect on me.
I do plan on sewing up the top version in the near future.
I enjoyed twirling around in my dress just couldn’t get it video taped, lol. Awesome dress, love it.

Hi I’m Ashley Riley, from Camden Town, London, UK.
I wanted to make the above knee dress, being only little I chose the shortest length with 3/4 length sleeves and the collar with pockets. I also wanted to make the wrap top version too as I can never just make one.
The fabric used for the dress is a lovely gold/brown snake print ITY, which draped well was flowy and form-fitting. For the top I used a really soft Zebra print single knit jersey, all materials from Coalville Fabrics, a family business who run a group on Facebook.
I try to read all the instructions before I start and study Ann’s measurement chart specifics to get the perfect fit. A test run is recommended in case any adjustments are required.
The thing I love about the Shardee pattern is the finish and how stylish it made me feel wearing it.
This pattern is great for both everyday wear and dressed up for a special night. I wear my gorgeous wrap top often, my dress on a couple of occasions and have had many compliments and inquiries.
The Shardee dress can be styled with a nice pair of heels or even a pair of boots and tights for the colder days. Its a design that can be worn all year around and I’ll look forward to making more.

Jose VW. HI y’all! How wonderful to meet you here.
I wanted to show you my Shardee dresses! I didn’t encounter any trouble, as usual the fit is spot on and very easy to get your right size by following the sizing table. I’ve done the three quarter sleeves on both of my Shardee and I did put in pockets on my green one. Normally I don’t like pockets because of how the get easily out of the seams. I would recommend to use a heavier fabric if you’re planning on making pockets too. My white and black one is a light weight knit and I don’t like pockets for that one. My green one is a structured ponte and that one keeps up very well with pockets.
This dress style is my all time favorite so no surprise I’ve been grabbing them whenever they are out of the wash.
I wear these with my Dr martens or some ankle heels like in the pics. High boots would be a great choice too!
My sewing buddy found them very nice and was commenting on the pattern placement, since I made use of the backside to place a vertical pattern, this dress really lends itself to be creative about pattern placement!
The white and black fabric I bought at my favorite fabric guy, and the green /black Punta at Karteris, a local fabric shop (Netherlands).
My best tip is to make sure you are hanging out the dress before hemming it, since the
Circle skirt can dip when it’s hanging a little while.
Want to see more of my work?
Head over to my Instagram:

Hello everybody, I am Marieke from the Netherlands.
Well, I can be short, the Shardee is a fun sew!
It is quick and the result is so elegant. And the twirl is amazing!
I made two dresses and a top. They all are having a collar, because I love that little extra.
For all I used lightweight fabric and I honestly can’t tell you which one I love the most.
As I said, it’s an easy make, but therefore the fit and your fabric choice is so important.
I worn mine already a couple of times, with my alltime favorite kneeboots, with high heels or just sneakers. You can wear a top under it too when you feel more secure.
Anyways, when you are looking forward for Spring as much as I do…Start sewing!❤️

Hi, I am Genevieve and I live in Horsham, in the UK.
I chose the make the top version of the Shardee, as I had a vision of wearing this style with my jeans.
I used a Tricot for this sew that I purchased from
I made the cuffed sleeves and collar on my top, as I felt these details were really special, my tip is to go slowly and just follow each step.
My favourite thing about my Shardee Top is the fit. Although it’s a wrap top, everything is covered and I feel so confident wearing it.
I’ve had so many compliments when I wear my Shardee and I have a dress planned to make for summer.

Hi, I’m Stephanie from Oklahoma, USA.
I made 2 of the Shardees because I got so many compliments with my first, a second was just required.
For both of them I chose the knee length version, one with sleeve cuff and one with simple elbow sleeves.
I used a DBP from Joann’s and a textured poly knit from a local shop for my second.
I almost didn’t shout out for the Shardee dress because between chasing a 3 year old at home and having incidents with wrap dresses slipping at my desk job I was so over wrap dresses flopping open and constantly checking if I was flashing the rest of the world.
I am happy to report, that after several wears to the zoo, my desk, and the dentist office I have had zero incidents of wardrobe malfunctions. Both my dental hygienist and some random other moms at the zoo wanted to know where I got my dresses and, fighting the urge to twirl, I got to say “I made it!” Also it has pockets.
You can see both of my Shardee dresses at my Instagram

Hell Everyone. I am Kaitee from South Dakota.
I chose the tea length and 3/4 sleeves with cuffs. I used a dbp for fabric as I wanted a little bit of weight and warmth for the cooler weather. My only tip, which you all probably know, is use the correct stabilizer. But really my favorite thing about this dress is how easy it was to make, and have it fit.
This wrap dress is wonderful for those little fluctuations in weight I have from week to week.
I have worn it with some heavy layering underneath and boots and it still looked great.
I am very excited to wear it this spring when I can get the full twirl value outta this beauty.
Feel free to follow me on instagram at

Hi Everyone! My name is Kristin and I am in London, Ontario, Canada – currently buried under a pile of snow! I chose the above knee length with 3/4 sleeves with cuffs.
I love the detail that the cuffs add to the sleeve. I used a deliciously soft bamboo Lycra fabric from my local fabric store – it is so soft and so comfortable!
My favourite thing about making the Shardee dress was creating the detailed cuffs on the sleeves, it was a wonderful learning experience.
Sadly I haven’t had a chance yet to wear my beautiful Shardee dress, but as soon as it is warm enough I will be wearing it all the time.
I haven’t made another Shardee yet, but I have plans to make the peplum top for the summer, I just need to find the perfect fabric!
My instagram handle is: @Kristin_grace_daley

Anca M
1. I live in Montreal, Canada
2. My choice: I love knee length twirly dresses!
3. I used a scuba crepe, bought from Libelle Fabric (Canada –
4. I don’t really have tips, but I think it is important to go slow when attaching the binding / facing for the neckline.
5. I love the wrap top part – this is my favourite type of cleavage-, and the way the skirt is constructed is amazing, the left and right parts overlap so perfectly, no risk of accidental “flashing” whatsoever 🙂
6. I wore the Shardeee to work. My colleagues are aware of my passion for sewing, but they don<t necessarily compliment me every time. For Shardee though, two of them asked me if I can make it for them too!
7. I do have plans for more. My first (and only, so far), is one of my favourite dresses. I can hardly wait for my next, as soon as finish reorganizing my sewing room – I bought a projector a couple of weeks aog: this will allow me to use the projector for my next Shardee, right? 🙂

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