Tanner Culotte Tester Round Part 2

A Friday hello to you. I hope you really enjoyed reading about my first group of pattern testers for the Tanner Culotte in yesterdays post.

The Tanner Culotte is the one style we’re seeing everywhere. It is a super chic and fashion forward style that is so hot on the catwalks right now.
If you love making a style statement in your outfit, then culottes are a pant silhouette you’ll want to add to your wardrobe.

Featuring a natural waist fit, 4 pockets, zip fly & button fastening, belt looped waistband and an optional cropped frayed leg.

Styled the right way culottes can be both flattering and super chic and are suitable for all trans seasonal wearing – for the autumnal climate in the Northern Hemisphere and the Summer season fast approaching in the Southern Hemisphere.

Still not convinced ? – the Designer Stitch Culotte Pinterest board has many fabulous photos of styling influences and the different looks that are achievable for the culotte silhouette.
The board can be found here – https://www.pinterest.com.au/designerstitch/boot-crop-culottes/

So drum roll please….my next group of 8 STARS of the Tanner Cullote who are sharing with you:
1. Where I live
2. What is your most FAVOURITE sewing tool
3. What was your vision of influence when making your Tanners

Cheerio and Kind Regards
Ann at Designer Stitch

Ana Inês Barros
1. I’m from Lisbon, Portugal 🇵🇹
2. My favourite sewing tool is (are) the pins definitely. They really really help all my sewing.
3. My inspiration for this project was the pinboard and all the fashion images I have “saved” in my memory. I’m a short person so culottes are not very flattering to me. But what can I say I can say no to Ann Grose challenges and decided to give it a try. And…..wow! I love them. They fit perfect on me and I really wear them proudly
My work can be seen here: https://www.facebook.com/PontonoibyInes/

Naomi Hill
1. Branxholme, Victoria, Australia
2. My favourite tool is my loop turner and glue
3.My inspo was the crisp shirt look with the dark denim and heels
My page is https://m.facebook.com/SticksandStones85

Kate Williams
1. I live in Wollongong Australia, about an hour south of Sydney.
2. My favourite sewing tool is actually a tie between my tailor’s ham and my hem gauge. I use these two all the time, and I don’t know how I managed before I had them.
3. For my styling I was after something a little different, modern stylish urban vibe. I’m really glad I went with the red top stitching, it looks great with the grey, and I have a plan for denim ones with the same thread.

Belinda Cooper
1. I live in Singapore.
2. At the moment my favourite sewing tool is my pin cushion purchased from Misuyabari in Kyoto. It sharpens the pins every time they go in and out and is a lovely reminder of our holiday.
3. My inspo for the Tanners came from looking at Joseph and Ellery. I wanted a more minimal approach with the top stitching and used fabric that drapes. I’m extremely fond them!

Karina Trinidad
1. I’m from Chile, living in Bolivia and soon moving to Brazil!
2. My fave tool is the seam ripper 😂…. can’t live without it.
3. My inspiration for my Tanners came from no where. It’s just that the weather is SO hot, calls for natural light fibers like linen. I made them black because they are the only pants I’m taking for my summer trip and I wanted them to go with everything. I added lace details on the pockets to customise them because I love lace. I made two versions as shorts too and I also really really adore them and will make more in the future. I don’t have a blog because writing is not my jam. I have a YouTube channel where you can see everything I make:

Jenny Jonas Bowen
1. Hi! My name is Jenny and I live in Canada.
2. I have many favourite sewing tools. The one that I found invaluable for sewing up the Tanner’s was my tailor’s clapper. It was perfect for getting crisp edges on the pockets and waistband!
3. My inspiration for the Tanner’s came from all the lovely flowing culottes I saw online. I like the look of boho designs and I feel like I nailed it with my version!
You can visit me on my blog at www.EmbraceEveryday.com

Gabz Jefferson
1. I live in Albuquerque, New Mexico USA.
2. My favorite tool in sewing is my seam ripper..
3. I love Alyse wide leg pants and I knew that Tanner is as gorgeous as Alyse .
Blog: https://itsewcolorful.wordpress.com
iG: www.instagram.com/itsewcolorful

Leah Mask
1.Fort Worth, Texas, US
2.  I love a good pair of shears and new needle.
3.  I wanted something clean, sharp and stylish.
 www.lovelyforlife1.com and www.instagram.com/lovelyforlife1


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