Cherish Wrap Dress Pattern Tester Roundup Part 2

Greetings my lovely sew’ist friends 💗 – Part 2 of the Pattern Tester Roundups for the stunningly beautiful new Cherish Wrap Jersey Dress is up on our blog today – and prepare to be absolutely blown away yet again by all of our roadies makes.

Yesterday was our first amazing instalment of our Cherish Roadies and we continue today with our Roundup part 2 .

The Cherish silhouette is just a stunning fit on EVERYONE. 💗

Cut from a soft fluid jersey knit for a beautiful figure-skimming shape it is finished with drape detailing on bodice and skirt.

With a luxe collar detail that gives a modern look, the dress is bound to turn heads at your next special soiree.

The Cherish Wrap Jersey Dress will see you through any season in style! Team with boots, layered, and delicate jewelry for a perfect 9-5. Or wear it sleeveless with some summer gorgeous funky sandals.

And don’t forget that our first dazzling installment of all things gorgeous for the Cherish Rockstar Roadies Pattern Tester Roundup Part 1 is here.

And our roadies would like to share the following with you all :

1. Your name and where you live ?
2. Your choice of option for the Cherish and why ?
3. What fabric did you choose and where did you purchase ?
4. What alterations did you have to make to your Cherish toile ?
5. What sewing tips can you share when sewing the Cherish ?
6. What was your favourite thing about making the Cherish ?
7. Did you make more than one combo of the Cherish ?
8. Have you worn your Cherish yet and what compliments did you receive.

And the finer details;

(AU/UK) 6 – 30 (US) 2 – 26 (EU) 34 – 58
Cup Sizes – B, C, D, DD

On Sale for a limited time only – $9.95(US)
Very Confident Advanced Beginner and Above Sewing level
Cherish Wrap Jersey Dress

Hello DesignerStitch community. My name is Taryn and I live in Cape Town South Africa. I fell in love with a border print stretch fabric while out fabric browsing at a delightful local store Fabric Friends sometime last year. I loved the print and colours so couldn’t pass it up so into my stash it went.
As soon as I saw Cherish, I knew it was time to put that stash impulse purchase to use.
My top tip would be to read the pattern carefully and be sure you have what you need to do is clear in your own head – it really does save time and avoid making any silly mistakes. (Not saying that’s what I did 😉). Cherish is not a difficult pattern despite how it might appear and so the temptation is there to work a little too quickly through the instructions and it can be easy to misinterpret a step. I’ve learned, if it doesn’t make sense to me I probably need to reread the first instruction as well as those that follow and really visualise each step unfolding.
Cherish is perfect office attire and now that I am heading back to the office more regularly I chose to make one that could work across seasons so went with a ¾ sleeve version and the longer skirt (which came to just above my knee once hemmed). With Cherish I was sure to grade out for my hips.
I will definitely be adding more Cherishes to my wardrobe including a sleeveless version for next Summer.
When I have worn it out, Cherish is a hit and gets loads of compliments especially about the cut and drape.
The collar is really a standout feature and I like that it is a real wrap dress but you never feel at risk of showing off more than you intended.
That said, I do love showing off the beautiful clothing I make with Designer Stitch patterns. See my showcases on

Hi! I’m Stephanie from Oklahoma in the United States. I used double brushed poly for my cherish that I purchased several years ago from Fashion Forward Fabrics. Cherish is a tailored, but pretty quick in construction, but make sure you pay attention to which way the collar is applied. May have sewn in upside down once. Oops! I went for the Cherish with short sleeves as we’re heading into warmer days in the northern hemisphere and plan to wear this to the office in the coming days. I love color, so while my fabric doens’t have much, I styled it with some lovely bright red shoes. This was my first Designer Stitch since baby #2 so what alterations I needed were new to me and helped along with a toilie. I graded for my waist and needed go up 2 sizes in the shoulders. Post partum bodies need clothes and deserve to have nice fitting ones after all that baby making stuff. You can see more of my Cherish on my IG

hi I’m Jose VW and I’ve sewed this one of many Cherish dresses! This versatile wrap dress has gone with me to the office and on a Sunday walk. I’ve used some of my scuba crêpe stash because it drapes perfect, and still is thick enough to smoothly wear.
I’ve done the three-quarter sleeve because I like those best as they are versatile during the seasons. I can wear without a top beneath for a sexy glimpse or with a cami for alle office occasions.
I wear pumps or boots with this dress for a classy or more of a casual look.
I bought my Scuba crêpe at Driessen Stoffen.
If you’d like to see more of me than I’d love to see you over on Instagram:

Hi i am Annet and i live in the Netherlands. I have made my cherish in a beautiful cotton knit jersey. I love to wear my cherish and its verry comfortable. My first self sewed dress for comming summer. Do you want to see more of my work? Welcome to my instagram.

Hi all, I’m Brenda from the Netherlands.
I made 1 Cherish dress and I also hacked one into a top. For both I used cotton lycra, and I got the fabric from and
The dress I made is kneelength with long sleeves (it’s winter here), and since I wear a lot of jeans I wanted to have a top version of this as well.
For the Cherish I only did my regular alterations like lengthening for my height.
I’ve not yet worn them outside, and we just came out of all Covid stuff so haven’t had much people around me to see them.
You can find more of my sewing on:

Hi, My name is Christine M from the Netherlands. I made two versions of the Cherish wrapdress, both in viscose, which I bought at @delappenkraam
On the neckline I used staytape, to prevent id from stretching. This helped the wrap to lay perfect between my boobies 🙂
I made the kneelength, one with full length sleeves and one with short sleeves.
The fit was perfect in size 4 C cup; No alterations needed.
I wore the one with full length sleeves and people loved it. I’m sure to be making more of these because I’ve always loved wrapdresses, and I want to make one as a top.

Hello, I’m Danielle from Brazil. My version of the Cherish Wrap Dress is made in rayon spandex. I chose the short sleeves and shorter skirt length. I shortened the bodice and skirt for height. My dress is a size 5, B cup, and I also graded to size 7 waist. My best tip for this dress is mark carefully all pleats and darts and take your time to sew them. The day I wore my Cherish dress I got many compliments on it.

Hi, I’m Genevieve from the UK. I used knit fabric that I’ve had in my stash for about a year and was waiting for the perfect pattern to sew it up. I bought my fabric from Pound A Metre
My best tip for Cherish is to take time to get the pleats perfect. Go slowly and baste! I chose the make a 3/4 sleeve dress, that will be perfect for Spring. The only alterations I made was to grade out from a Size 3 D bust to a size 5 at my waist and hips. Sadly, I haven’t had a chance to wear my gorgeous dress yet, as it’s still too cold but I can’t wait for warmer weather so that I can show her to the world. I am planning a little black Cherish, which will be perfect for all occasions.

Hello everyone! I’m Huike from Singapore and I am one of the testers for Cherish wrap dress. My version is made with a beautiful floral rayon spandex that is just ❤️
I love everything about my new wrap dress including the fact that it is my first true wrap dress that doesn’t fly open and reveal what’s under when there’s a strong wind! (So impt right!)
The instructions were wonderful as are all of DS’s instructions and the final product is just perfect.
I’m already thinking of my next dress once I recover from my current illness. 😁 this time round i think i want to go for a solid color!

Hello everyone, I am Kelly from winter wonderland Detroit, MI, USA. I made the longer version of Cherish with a short sleeve. I used a heavier weight neutral print knit from my favorite art salvage store which you can check out here:
I definitely recommend a less drapey knit for this one!
I sewed up my typical Designer Stitch sizing, a 7.5 DD for the bust, graded out to an 11.5 at the waist. My husband immediately commented on how nice I looked in it!

Hi, I’m Luana and I live in Raleigh, NC, in the US. For my cherish dress I used a rayon spandex that I purchased from Sincerely Rylee Fabrics a while ago (yes, in trying to use a little bit of my stash). Since I used a fabric that isn’t very stable, I’d you’d decide to do the same, I’d advise you to stabilize the shoulders and the waist as detailed in the instructions.
I chose the w shortest length and 3/4 sleeves for my cherish since we’re in between seasons here. I was already able to wear my dress and I was complimented on “how fancy I was” wearing it!
I have already cut out a second dress in rayon spandex with the shortest length and 3/4 sleeves that I can use this season!
My blog

Hello! I’m Malena from Sherbrooke, Quebec, in Canada (french part)! My Cherish dress was made with a lovely jersey luxe (ITY) from Canadian Fabric Shop By Les Tissées! I’ve had it for a while and it was just perfect for this dress!! I strongly suggest you take the time to grade your Cherish accordingly to the instructions (be aware of your bust measures)! And also take you time with the pleats and darts!! I chose the 3/4 sleeves and longer length for my Cherish because I love the vintage look of it! I had to grade from 6 (bust) to 10 (hips) to accommodate my post-baby belly!! I haven’t worn my Cherish yet because I’m on maternity leave at home but I have a dressy event in a month and I’ll definitely be wearing it then!! It will also be perfect for more formal events at work (like conferences!). Facebook:

Thanks Ann 😊
1. My name is Meredith and I’m from Sydney, Australia
2. I used a rather stretchy poly jersey purchased from a Facebook group
3. My sewing tip would be to make sure you mark your pleats and darts well and to carefully follow the instructions in the pattern.
4. I made the Cherish with 3/4 sleeves and initially cut a longer length (as I don’t like showing my knees) but in the end cut the skirt with the shorter length.
5. I graded the pattern from a size 3 to 4.5 at the hips. I was concerned that the skirt of the dress would be a little hip-hugging but I’m so happy that it is super flattering
6. I wore my Cherish Dress to a family gathering and everyone commented how much they loved the fabric and style.
7. I’m going to try a blouse version of the Cherish. I think it would be really cute over jeans or dress pants

Hey, It’s Narelle from Perth, Western Australia. I made my Cherish from double-brushed polyester from Lush Fabrics Australia. This ones been in my stash for a while, just waiting for the right project!
I chose the short sleeve version with the longer skirt length.
My tip is to take your time marking and sewing the pleats and darts. The details make the dress!
The only fit alteration was to grade from size 2 to 3 below my hips.
I haven’t worn my Cherish yet – the weather has been too hot for DBP, but I plan to wear it when I want to look feel dressed for the office (I work from home) but still be comfortable. DBP is so easy to wear!
I really want a long-sleeve version in something with a bit sparkle for a winter date night dress.

I’m Sarah from San Diego California. I used a cotton spandex blend purchased from Hobby Lobby. My biggest tip for sewing this especially for beginners is dont be intimidated by the darts and pleats! I’ll admit I was when I got my hands on the pattern but be precise with cutting your fabric and marking your lines at the pleats and it will make it all the more easy to follow the instructions. I chose to style this tie dye sleeveless wrap with some navy and leather wedges, and simple earrings. Perfect for a date night. I plan to make another with long sleeves in the future. I did have to grade my size as I measured into size 4D for bust but 7 for hips.

hi i’m Shardee from the Netherlands.
For my cherish dress i used cotton jersey, in a medium weight.
The cherish wrap isnt a Quick dress but its fits so well you forgot the sewing time.
Pay extra attention for the pleats
If you like to follow my work , follow my insta

hi! I’m Sue and I live in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. For my Cherish, I used a buttery soft, double brushed poly. It’s been in my stash for a while and I believe it was a bundle from Sew So English. Since Ann’s sizing is so consistent, I made my usual adjustments which include using one size smaller at the waist and hips than I do for my bust. I also lengthen the bodice by 1/2” on the front and back.
My only suggestions for this dress/top is to take your time with the pleats and to use a high-quality interfacing for the collar and neckline facings. Where I live, we haven’t had spring yet, so as soon as it is warm enough, I plan on wearing my dress a lot! I love it with the sandals I am wearing in my photos!

Tanis H – I live in Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada. I used a poly sweater knit from my local Fabricland. I don’t have any tips – just follow the directions and you’ll be fine. I made the 3/4 length sleeve, which is mu favourite length from fall to spring. I graded for my pear shape and did a full bicep adjustment. I haven’t worn this yet, as it is a special occasion dress, but my hubby loved it. You can find me at

Alex D based in South Africa. I made the sleeveless 50cm length dress. Size 2 with no alterations required. (I will make the arm hole a bit bigger on my next one). I used a 4 way stretch light weight fabric. I have definitely worn it and I received so many compliments, especially about the funky collar. It is such a cool pattern. I already have another one cut out and waiting to be sewed up

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