Easy Pattern Marking.easy 2

This is an easy pattern marking method that I have used in my classes for many years.
This technique is fabulous for new sewist’s as it allows for an easy and accurate way to transfer pattern markings to the cut pattern fabric pieces.
I also refer to this method in my PDF sewing pattern ( Jenny Wrap Dress ) as this is such an easy technique.
( please note that some fabric types and fibers may not take the chalk paper)



Β Block Your Interfacingblock 3

While working in the garment industry for many years I observed that this technique is key in the manufacturing process.
In production clothing manufacturers have to rely on accuracy and speed so the production process is set up in a way that the “units” of a garment are never double handled.
When heat setting interfacing to cut pieces ofΒ  fabric the fabric itself may shrink, warp or distort – so matching small pieces ofΒ  interfacing to small cut pieces of fabric can be prone to error. All pattern pieces that require fusing (interfacing) can use the following method.