Designer Stitch patterns are designed to be “true-to-size”. There is not a lot of extra ease loaded into the styles so please choose the size that is closest to your own body measurements. The patterns can be altered to fit your size and shape. We would recommend that you make a test fitting sample before cutting into your main fabric – similar weight/quality fabric to your final garment is the ideal fabric for test fitting. Your test sample can be constructed from the main pattern pieces so you can fine tune for any fit variances.



Unfortunately there is no exact science in determining your cup size. While I have provided patterns graded in cup sizes – B, C, D, DD(E) (and some patterns in F) – some fitting and tapering will be needed to fine tune the fit of your garment. TO ENSURE YOU ACHIEVE YOUR BEST FIT, A TEST GARMENT IN SIMILAR WEIGHT FABRIC IS A MUST !!! Ensure you are wearing a well fitted bra !!!!
To check your cup size, take your bust (A) and high bust(B) measurements and record them.

Next, determine your cup size by subtracting your high bust measure from your bust measure.
If your bust is 2.5cms – 5 cms (1” to 2” ) larger than your high bust you are a B Cup.
If your bust is 5 cms – 7.5 cms (2” to 3” ) larger than your high bust you are a C Cup.
If your bust is 7.5 cms – 10 cms (3” to 4” ) larger than your high bust you are a D Cup.
If your bust is 10 cms – 12.5 cms (4” to 5” ) larger than your high bust you are a DD (E) Cup.

Pattern Size Selection – your high bust measurement will determine what pattern size to use and the above calculation will determine what pattern cup size front pattern pieces to use.
Use the size chart in your sewing instructions to select your pattern size (based on high bust measurement as replacement for full bust measurement) along with your cup size.

PLEASE NOTE : Pattern will vary in size availability dependent on the style. Please ensure you double check the pattern listing to ascertain size and cup offered within that specific pattern.
NO refunds will be offered. Due to the nature of PDF sewing patterns and digital delivery, refunds and exchanges are not possible, and all sales are final. See FAQ/Return Policy here.



Within the sewing instructions of each purchasable pattern there is a more extensive size chart that gives greater detail of body measures throughout the body.

Use the body measurements chart provided in the sewing instructions along with the below images to measure your body with accuracy.


1 – Bust Circumference – Horizontal measurement at fullest part of the bust. (check that tape measure is horizontal around body )

2 – Waist Circumference – Horizontal measurement at natural waist ( your belly button is not your waist).
(check that tape measure is horizontal around body )

3 – Hip Circumference – Horizontal measurement at fullest part of your hip line.
Try different positions – abdomen, buttocks and high thighs and use the biggest measure. (check that tape measure is horizontal around body )

4 – Centre Back – from your bone at back nape vertically down your spine to the small of your back at natural waistline

5 – Centre Front – from your side neck/shoulder intersection down to your bust point and then down to your natural waistline.

6 –  Bust Depth – from your side neck/shoulder intersection down to your bust point

7 – Bust Separation – measure from bust point to bust point.

8 – Shoulder Length – from the neck/shoulder point to the end of your shoulder ( you will feel a little pointy bone at the end of your shoulder)

9 – Neck Circumference – a measure taken at the base of your neck. Not as you would wear a choker – sit the tape measure upright on the body and measure the circumference.

10 – Sleeve Length – with a bent arm measure from the “pointy” bone at end of shoulder along bent arm to wrist bone.

11 – Bicep – circumference of the fleshiest part of your upper arm.

12 –  Crotch Depth –  Side seam measure from natural waistline down to hard surface of seat.

13 – Inside leg – this will change depending on fashion

14 – Chest circumference. Measurement taken of the circumference of the body at chest area. Used to compare full bust measurement against chest circumference to determine  whether you will have to apply a Full Bust Adjustment to the front bodice of your pattern.

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