Faith Top Tunic Tester Roundup Part 2

A big shout out to you all and thank you for joining us in Part 2 of the Faith Top and Tunic Tester Roundup Part 2.

I am sure you have all been blown away by yesterdays post and the variety of Faiths – they are all remarkable and are a great testament to the skill and ability of all my fabulous roadies. As you know – if I could – I would climb to the highest building to sing all their praises.

Invoking the BOHO vibe with a modern edge the Faith Top and Tunic is an easy wearing shape that is so easy to wear but offers loads of sophistication and bags of style.

If you missed the previous post yesterday be sure to read: Faith Top and Tunic Tester Roundup Part 1.

The finer details : On Sale for a limited time only – $8.25 (US)
(AU/UK) 6 – 30
(US) 2 – 26
(EU) 34 – 58
Cup Sizes – B, C, D,and DD(E)
Confident Advanced Beginner and Above Sewing level

So lets start our cavalcade of dazzling Faith roadies – WOO HOO !!!!!

I have asked to share with you the following:

1. Your name and where you live ?

2. Your choice of style for the Faith and why

3. What fabric did you choose and where did you purchase.

4. What sewing tips can you share when sewing the Faith ?

5. What was your favourite thing about making the Faith ?

6. Have you worn your Faith yet and what compliments did you receive.

7. And how many more are you making ? What plans do you have ?

8. Social media URLS

Love to you all xx
Ann at Designer Stitch. xx

hi ❤️ i’m Anusha from india , i choose a tunic is knee length for me cos im tiny ☺️ . This lenght is versatile for me cos i can wear it as a dress or leggings ( ann warned against leggings ) . I choose lightweight cotton mul locally sourced , block printed by me .. i prefer cottons , its hot here 🥵
The Faith tunic is simple and easy .i used my ruffler foot -dont know if thats ok ..
once i figured out the fabric choice it was easy ,my mistake was choosing the wrong fabric for my toile 🤦🏻‍♀️. I know we test but using a cheap or something i wont wear is what screwed up my toile and it pissed me off .. i know we test for many ppl but this is how it works for me so no offence to anyone .
Oh ya i wore my Faith my sister has been asking for one and my 6 yr old said “ you make all the nice dresses for yourself “ no i make the most for her …Faith goes well with my high heels to my flipflops ..

1. Becky from Maryland.

2. I chose the hi-lo tunic because I love the extra length and unusual hemline. In high school and college I used to wear dresses over pants and jeans all the time, and the hi-lo tunic gives me the same style, but more grown up.

3. The white is a georgette from Boho Fabrics that I ordered months ago during a sale but didn’t have a plan for. The black is rayon from Joann Fabric. I picked these because it was easy to match thr colors! Also, I love the versatility of black and white.

4. When adding the ruffle, pin like crazy! This is the hardest part of the Faith, especially if you haven’t done gathered ruffles before.

5. Getting that ruffle on! It looks great!

6. I wore my Faith to work and received many compliments on how comfy and stylish it looked.

7. For work, I wore my Faith with straight, slim black dress pants. On weekends I wear it with skinny jeans and wedge booties or sandals.


My name is Charldene and I am from a coastal city called Port Elizabeth in South Africa. I immediately fell in love with the high/low tunic and made one with short sleeves and one with three quarter sleeves. For my short sleeve Faith I used a 100% cotton which turned out to be not so flowy end a little stiff but its nice for the colder days because its thicker. My second Faith I made with 3/4 sleeves and printed viscose, its thin and airy and fits perfectly. For anyone sewing the Faith I would recommend using the bust guide and apply your correct cup size this does wonders for the fit. My favourite thing about the Faith is EVERYTHING, I love it. I have not only received multiple compliments when I wear my Faith but I have had so many requests to make more for everyone else. The Faith is easy dresses up with straight leg pants and heels and I’ve also worn it with leggings and pumps for the school run.

Hi. I’m Deepthi from Singapore. I made my Faith in top length as tops are in heavy rotation in my wardrobe. I did make the tunic length for my muslin.

For my modelled garment I used Rayon from Spotlight for both main and the Yoke. I have styled with flared jeans.

Do take time to sew the pintucks properly and match notches at the Yoke when sewing Faith. My favourite are the neckline ruffles which is so fun to sew.
You can follow me on Instagram to see more Faith‘s:

Hi, I’m Joanne and I live in Cyprus. The first Faith I made was the Hi-Lo Tunic version with 3/4 sleeves and contrast yoke. I thought this version would be a great seasonal transitional piece perfect for wearing over skinny jeans. For my second version I chose to make the Hi-Lo with short sleeves and no front split. I thought this version would be ideal for the warmer weather here as I can wear it without trousers/leggings. It is really important that you read through the tutorial first to make sure that you choose the correct sizing – this will ensure a perfect fit. There were a lot of firsts for me during construction – ruffles, using the rolled hem option on my serger and pin tucks!

My blog:

Hi all, I am kirstie and I live in Kent in the UK.
I chose to make the hi low version of the faith with long sleeves. This is because I can see it as staple summer wardrobe piece, layered over jeans, leggings, shorts it goes with everything!
I have plans for a beach coverup too as I think the faith would be perfect over a swimsuit.
I used an Aztec print georgette chiffon from midland textiles.
The Faith works best in lightweight slippery fabrics so just go slow and pin pin pin!
I loved how Ann’s instructions are easy to follow, especially when it comes to the sleeve placket, I find these so confusing sometimes when binding and checking the pin tucks are facing the right way but with Ann’s instructions it was a walk in park.

Trips out and about are slightly limited at the moment but I had been wearing my faith everywhere, pairing with jeans and sandals or leggings and long boots (when it was still slightly to cold to wear it but I couldn’t wait) and everyone who saw it either loved it or wants one too!
I plan on making many more faiths for a traveling trip I have coming up, as these will be super lightweight and easy to throw into my not very big bag.
I have plenty of time right now to sew a few more faiths to check them out see my insta at

Hi everyone…my name is Manuela and I live in Las Vegas.

I was so excited to be selected as a tester for the Faith. I loved the design the minute I saw it. It was also my first time testing and I was a little nervous. But I didn’t need to be!

I chose the high-low style with long sleeves. I immediately envisioned myself wearing this flowey dreamy design with leggings, or wide pants, prancing around in the spirit time, with flowers in my hair, lol! (FYI, I don’t prance in real life!)

I chose a semi sheer poly chiffon I had in my stash for a while. I believe I got it at local designer remnant sale. I reserved it for a special project and Faith was it!! Fabric choose is super imported with this design I think. A thin, drapey, flowey fabric (rayon chalice, chiffon, cotton lawn) would work better than a stiffer more structured fabric.

I had not sewn wovens in a while and I was a little nervous, do to previous experiences with silk chiffon! But I did not need to be. Instructions are well ordered and detailed.

I was excited to use Ann’s newly added projector file. Make sure, when you use projection, to pay attention to which cup size you will use and add that part of the pattern piece to the front pattern piece. Ask me how I know!

Once I established my correct bust size, I was thrilled with the way Faith fits. Even though, it appears loose and flowey, it fits like a dream. Its not oversized and at the same time it does not feel restricted at all. I am busty and that is often the case. Tops are either too loose or too tight. Faith is perfect!!

I have worn Faith a couple of times and received a few ‘I love your blouse!’ My son loved the style!!! However, I am currently in isolation and am not going out much, so I will get back to you on that!

I have a few ideas on how to style Faith. Right now leggings mainly. I can see adding a belt over mini skirt and boots. Right now I practically live in my PJ’s, oh horror, due to the lock down. So, I will get back to you on that as well.

All in all, I love Faith, the name is perfect for the times we live it. It helped me get through my testing anxieties and I can’t wait to wear it in public soon.

FB Manuela Ketchum

hello from Colorado USA. I’m Melissa. I made a shortened Tunic Faith! And I love the floaty fun it adds to my day!
I used a lovely challis from my stash. I found the Faith a quite easy sew just play with your ruffling to get it even and pretty!
My favorite thing about the Faith is is so wearable and versatile!
I’m anxious to make another long enough to belt and wear as a warm weather dress!!
Have fun making yours!
Thank you for another beautiful pattern Ann!

Hi, I’m Stephanie and I’m from Oklahoma, USA. I chose to do the blouse length long sleeve version of the faith. While tunics are beautiful, they often sit in the back of my closet, but I own several blouses in this style and they get frequent wear. I’m in the aerospace industry so when I saw the silky constellation print and Joann’s, I knew I needed it for my Faith. I paired it with a yellow polkadot from hobby lobby.

Sewing the faith was a pretty straightforward task and I didn’t encounter any difficulties. I made my toile using just my basic foot and the rolled hem foot, but for the final I used my ruffle foot and it did help me keep my ruffle a little more even. I really enjoyed the easy and which this came together. With all the options, you can make it as simple or have the option to try some more advanced skills like a placket.

I’m styling my Faith is all kinds of manners. I’ve worn it with skinny jeans and well as bootcut jeans with a long vest for a more boho vibe. People really comment on the contrast between yoke and main bodice stating they love how it looks. This is definitely a great closet staple to have as you can change it up so easily.

Hi, my name is Synthia, I live in Central Calfornia. I am a Boho style girl, and love to sew anytime I can anything boho. I love the Faith tunic and made the tunic knee length. I used chiffon fabric. I used two different chiffon prints that I felt mixed well. I styled my Faith with a pair of jeans. When using chiffon fabric, I needed to take my time, and I also sealed the edges with a lighter during the sewing process, along with french seams. Beautiful design Ann Grose

I’m Vaida from Vilnius, Lithuania. I chose high-low version with sleeves – as I’m a stay-at-home-mum, long sleeves often get in the way and even then I’m dressed up, I keep pushing them up :D. And high-low version just called my name, it’s so stylish and boho (and deep in my heart I’m hippie :))I. My finals is made out of striped viscose fabric (it was slippery, but I love the feel and the look)
When sewing, just take your time, read instructions – TRUST Ann! And be patient with the ruffle – it takes a lot of time but is totally worth all the efforts!
I really loved making the folds – it was so satisfying to make everything match in my striped fabric ❤️
Due to the present situation I’ve not worn my Faith except for the pics – but my daughters said it looks perfect on me. I see it with jeans – and maybe linen pants (still have to sew some) in the summer. It goes with everything from high-heels to flats ❤️
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