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wsite 26bMegan Skirt Tester Round-Up – Part 2.

Hello and again and thank you for reading about my amazing testers of the Designer Stitch group. I would like to introduce my second installment featuring my great team of pattern testers – this post features 13 fabulous women. When the tester call goes out into the “world ” I usually receive quite a number of applicants and I feel very privileged that my designs garner such great interest.

But I do conduct my pattern test slightly different than other PDF designers. When the pattern gets to my testing group the pattern is actually “finalized” – the design, fit, grade and sizing is actually locked in “concrete”. I ask my testers if they could share with me any typo errors they find, or if a sewing step doesn’t make any sense.
Due to my extensive background in the clothing industry, and of course my fashion school, my patterns have been “tested” quite extensively both on my students and also on my anatomical fitting mannequins.

You will read here that my testers are truly international – some from Australia, others from the US, Asia and Europe. This second tester roundup is a great way to see the Megan Skirt on a variety of bodies – shapes and sizes – and how they have used a mix of prints/textures to complete their own personalized Megan.

This second blog posts showcases the amazing testers who helped make the Megan Skirt such a wonderful pattern and will convince you to purchase the pattern.

And don’t forget that the pattern is marked down to $8 – on-sale to Friday 3rd March (AEST)  so grab your pattern before then.

So in no particular order, drum roll please, here are the next 13 of my outstanding testers.

Jenny C is one of my regular pattern testers and also a student at my small fashion school Designer Stitch in Melbourne. Jenny’s interpretation of the Megan Skirt is a mix of printed cotton, contrast plain denim side panels and a dark cotton body. Jenny is a very prolific sewist – and is absolutely a mad fabric-aholic…


Kristen B is a long term and very dedicated pattern tester of the Designer Stitch team. She always goes above and beyond what is expected of her and is very talented in her sewing technique. She has loved the Megan Skirt so much she is conducting a Sew-Along that starts on 5th March. All the details can be found here


Jacqui C is a first time tester for Designer Stitch but has really excelled in her interpretation of the Megan Skirt. Using a combination of print and plain denims Jacqui added a great fashion touch by using contrast ribbons on the front of her skirt. She lives in Clayton, Melbourne, Australia.


Sarah M is another first time tester for Designer Stitch. Sarah elected to make a winter version of the Megan Skirt with a contrast pocket back. This is a great look on Sarah and she tells me this is a great all-round skirt that can be dressed up or down depending on wearing occasion.

smaller 007

Kiran G is also a first time pattern tester and loved the Megan Skirt so much that she made 2 versions. Here is Kiran modelling her summer Megan where she has used a fabulous batik print and teamed it with a knockout alternate colour. Great job Kiran. She lives in Singapore and all her sewing adventures can be found here.

wsite 14

Let me introduce my Kurvy Kim. She is my plus size tester and really loves making all the patterns from Designer Stitch. Kim made 2 versions of the Megan Skirt and here she is modelling a combination of denim and printed cotton. Kim lives in Frankston, Melbourne, Australia.

wsite 13

This is the second time that Kerrie E has tested for Designer Stitch. This time around Kerri decided to make the Megan Skirt for her daughter E. Using a combination of 2 contrast prints and a plain Kerry really has made me very proud of her make. And I am sure you will all agree that her daughter E looks fabulous. Kerrie can be found sewing here.

wsite 12

Katrina D has sewn a wonderful interpretation of her Megan. This skirt is a real knockout. Using 2 colour rich contrast brocades along with a plain satin Katrina’s Megan really shows the many combinations that the Megan Skirt can be made in. Katrina lives in Townsville, Queensland.

wsite 11

Kate W is a very prolific member of the Designer Stitch pattern team. Here she has used a juxtaposition of the 2 sides of her denim along with a really funky contrast braid on top of the pockets for her Megan Skirt. Kate also made an Bridget Top especially for her photo shoot. Kate looks amazing in these photos and resides in Wollongong, Australia and is sewing a blogging here.wsite 10

Jenny JB sews and blogs from Alberta, Canada. She is an very prolific sewist and writes about her adventures here. Jenny has been testing the Designer Stitch patterns on a number of occasions and is always extremely enthusiastic about her sewing task. Jenny also strives to get the most gorgeous photos of her finished garments and the photo below is a testament to the Megan Skirt. Well done Jenny !!!

wsite 9

Let me introduce Ilse L. Ilse is what I call a professional pattern tester and her Megan Skirt is fabulous. She is extremely diligent when it comes to pattern feedback as is very constructive. She tests for a number of top quality PDF designers and I am very lucky to have her on my team. Ilse is also lucky to have a son who is a professional photographer so I always look forward to seeing her featured in the most beautiful photos. Ilse lives in Belgium, Beringen and can be seen sewing here on Instagram.

wsite 8

This is the 3rd pattern test that Gabz J has been involved in and makes at least 2 of the designated garments in each test. She is a very enthusiastic member of the team and is always very positive about the garments that she makes. Gabz design flair even extends to making a 3rd garment in the Megan Skirt series but adds a little extra feature to it. Gabz lives in New Mexico, USA and you can read about Gabz’s adventures here.

wsite 7

Stephanie K is a new addition to our team. Stephanie elected to make version 3 of the Megan Skirt. Using a denim to create the body Stephanie then used a contrast
top – stitch to feature and showcase the elements of the skirt including the shaped yoke and side panel pockets. Stephanie lives in Alella, a town near to Barcelona (Spain)
and blogs here.
wsite 6

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