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Adding or Reducing Flare on a Pattern Piece

Greetings my fabulous sewing friends and I hope that this post finds you well and happy today. As part of the new sewing pattern release of the gorgeous new Shardee Wrap Top or Dress I thought that it was timely that I write about how to adjust your flare on a pattern. Flare can be […]

Ava Boudoir Set Maternity Hack

Hello all you lovely Ann-fans! It’s my great honor to be able to show you my maternity hack from Ann’s latest design, the Ava Boudoir Set. I’m so flattered and proud that I get the opportunity to write my very first blog for you about one of her designs. So just a little bit about […]

The Importance of Shoulder Position

Greetings my loves – Teachers HAT IS ON !!!…lol…. Over in the PDF Sales group on Facebook our Darlita J asked a question about who ” drafts with a forward shoulder seam AND asymmetrical sleeve head ” ? and tagged me…so this was my answer to her and I thought I would share it with […]

Cutting on the Bias

BIAS GRAIN What is the bias-cut skirt ? Cutting on the bias just refers to how the fabric is cut on the diagonal (or bias) – rather than parallel to the weave – to create clothing that curves, hugs and drapes more elegantly than a straight-cut piece of cloth. In a skirt – just like […]

How to Eliminate High Thigh Leg Folds in Back Pant Leg

A Sunday greetings my lovely friends and I hope that you are all well and happy. Today is the 2nd blog post to celebrate the release of the gorgeous Dylan Pants and today I would like to talk with you about folds that can sometimes appear under your bum in the approximate region of high […]

How to Alter Crotch Length for Buttock Division

A Saturday greetings to you my lovelies and I hope you are well and happy today. I write this post as a further extension of my 2 very detailed posts on Fitting Pants that can be found here. 1. How to Lengthen Your Back Rise  2. How to Shorten Your Front Rise Today we released […]