Varley Jogger Pants Pattern Tester Roundup Part 1

Hi Ho my sewing friends. I hope that you and your family are well and happy.
Today we have our first part of our Rockstar Roadies featuring our fabulous new pants pattern – the Varley Jogger Pant.
Not only do the round-ups give you all an opportunity to see the Varley Jogger Pant in real time with its design options – but you can also see what the garment offers in its shape and fit.
Plus our Rockstar Roadies are always ever so fabulous in how they style their garments which also gives a great insight into how you could style and accessorize your own Varley Jogger Pant
The Varley Jogger Pant offers a casual jogger style cut and fit, statement side slant pockets, faux fly front and options to add cargo pockets with or without snaps for a utility look!
The waistband has an elastic insert so the drawstring is optional (but fun if you want to add :)) along with a flat front hem and back leg elastic.
Add in some back welt pockets and you have 2022 must have versatile wardrobe essential.
So lets get Part 1 of our Varley Jogger Pants Rockstar Tester Roundups underway my friends . 💗
And our roadies would like to share the following with you all :
1. Your name and where you live ?
2. Your choice of option for the Varley and why ?
3. What fabric did you choose and where did you purchase ?
4. What alterations did you have to make to your Varley toile ?
5. What sewing tips can you share when sewing the Varley ?
6. What was your favourite thing about making the Varley ?
7. Did you make more than one combo of the Varley ?
8. Have you worn your Varley yet and what compliments did you receive ?
And the finer details; (AU/UK) 6 – 30 (US) 2 – 26 (EU) 34 – 58
On Sale for a limited time only – $9.95(US)
Very Confident Advanced Beginner and Above Sewing level

Hello I’m Ashley R from London, I’m excited to share with you the amazing new Varley jogger pants.
Theses are not any normal joggers, theses are very smart. I used a viscose for mine, I wanted a plain pair and a funky pair which I did using fabric I got from @jororags. I found the drape lovely and super soft. I always say make a fit pair first in case you need to make any adjustments. Myself I had to shorten the leg a little as I’m only 5 foot. I love the cargo pockets they work really well with this pattern. You can style theses dressed up with a pair of heels like I did or a pair of sandals which also look really nice. I have worn my Varley pants loads as there super comfy and pairs great with the Genevieve tunic. This is a pattern that can be worn in winter or summer so there an all year round pattern.

Hi, I’m Carmen from Georgia and I’m so excited to share the amazing Varley Joggers with you!
These joggers are so comfortable and stylish! You can wear them anywhere and look fabulous! I made two: one in kelley green and the other in burgundy. Both are going to see a lot of wear. And both are made from peachskin which makes them ultra soft and flowy.
One tip I would like to share while making the Varleys is to have fun with them! I really wanted a pair in kelley green and they are bright and cheerful. Perfect for spring and summer weather. The faux welt pockets on the back are probably the hardest part of the pants. I would take my time and mark the lines in the instructions and you should make it out unscathed. lol In the end, you will have fabulous utility joggers you will be proud to wear.
I made a few alterations for these to fit me properly. I lengthened the back rise and took out a bit from the front rise. I also shortened the pants for my height.
I have worn the Varley Joggers several times and my family loves them. I always get lovely compliments when I wear Designer Stitch.
I have plans to go wild and make a pair with flowers! Love you, Ann!
You can find me on instagram:

Hi, I’m Diane from the UK.
I used a lovely stretch woven fabric from Wattle and Slate which was perfect for these. The fabric presses very well which was great for ensuring a crisp finish on the pockets. It also drapes very well and doesn’t crease. The instructions are very clear for the Varleys and I do think it’s worth practicing all the pockets and take your time. I love the fact these can be dressed up or down and worn with heels or flats. The bottom hem is very classy with half being elasticated and is a lovely design feature. I have had lots of compliments when wearing these. I did a size 3 and shortened the length by 2”(I am 5’2”).

Hi everyone, my name is Genevieve and I live in England. I used a Bubble Crepe from for my Varleys. My biggest tip for this sew is to practice your welt pocket on some fabric before sewing it. My fabric is really soft, but because I had practiced a number of pockets on scraps, it really helped to ensure a lovely finish. I made full length Varleys, with all the pockets. I did my usual adjustments for trouser, I shortened my front rise by 1” and increased my back rise by an inch. I have worn mine a number of times, in fact I wore them yesterday. Thee are so flattering and I always get compliments on them. I feel so good and put together when I wear them. I have already made 2 pairs and I’ll likely make a few more. I keep looking at fabric for the next pair.

Hello everyone, this is Kelly from☀️California. When I saw the test call come up for Varley, I just knew I had to make at least one or two pairs – I love the utility pocket on the side of the leg and the elasticized cuff is a super fun detail as well. My first pair were made with a “linen look” fabric from JOANN Fabric and Craft Stores. It drapes so well and feels really soft and lightweight to wear. My lilac pair is Lyocell, also from Joann. This fabric has a bit more structure and really shows off the pockets and design lines well.
I made sure to iron every step of the way while sewing my Varley Joggers. The welt and utility pockets look amazing when they are done right, and it is something that you can achieve only if you spend the time to iron while you go! I made my usual size 7 for the hips and graded out to an 11 at the waist. I did take in some volume in the back yoke area.
I love the look of Varley paired with a simple tank for a casual look, but they also look great with a blouse, like Whitney.
If you would like to see more of my Designer Stitch makes, follow me on Instagram and check out my Linktree where I love to show off my latest makes:

Hi everyone! My name is Kristin, and I live in London, Ontario, Canada. I used a lightweight rayon fabric from my local fabric store. My best tips, as always, is to make sure you have a good read of all the instructions before you start cutting! Also make sure to practice the welt pockets. Get some scrap fabric and practice them over and over until your are happy with the look. I chose to make the Varley pants with all the pockets (I love them!), without a drawstring. I made my usual alterations, blending size 2 waist to size 1 hips. I have no worn them yet, but I plan to in a few days to see my daughter’s theatre debut. I do have plans to make another pair – I have some beautiful cupra fabric that will make perfect Varley’s.
Instagram: @kristin_grace_daley
Hello, here is Marieke and I am from the Netherlands.
I think almost everybody have a joggers somewhere in their wardrobe- for on a lazy sunday, wearing in bed, for sport or just hidden because-it’s-so-comfortable-but-you-don’t-dare-to-wear-it-even-when-you-are-alone-…lol
Well, then here is a joggers pattern that is as comfortable as ‘your hidden one’ and is even made for going out! 🙌
I call it the “casual comfy stylish look” 😄
Anyways, I think it’s pretty clear I love my new joggers. I used a simple plain viscose woven fabric. Leightweight, drapy but the fabric is still able to keep the shape too. This sounds strange, but it’s also my biggest tip- besides making a toile first- be carefull which fabric you use.
I worn mine already a couple of times, combined with the Genevieve blouse, a simple top and with a tight long sleeve with a turtleneck. It’s easy to combine and easy to dress up or down; with high heels, sneakers, fit flops etc. It doesn’t matter, it all looks great!
As I said before: make a toile first. Measure correct, adjust wherever you need and transfer extra adjustments to your pattern.
Once done you’ll have a perfect fitting pattern that you can use over and over again.
Which you’ll do for sure 😄❤
You can always have a look at my Instagram for more pics and ideas:

Hello lovely sewists! My name is Melissa and I live in New York (right on the border of VT and MA). My fabric came from Amazon (…). It’s a lovely weight for the Varley’s but get ready to iron it when it comes out of the wash! I chose not to add the utility pocket to make mine more ‘business casual’ for work. The girls at work LOVED them! Comfy and stylish…what could be better?! I graded between sizes and chose not to take any length out as I would have only had to remove about 1″ and I prefer my pants a little longer. I think they would have been just fine even if I did remove the length. I have this same fabric in black waiting to become a pair of Varley’s…but that one has to wait because I am ‘Dieting to Disney’ and want to hit my weight goal before I make them!

Hello! My name is Sophie and I live in Vienna, Austria.
I used a tencel woven for my Varley joggers. I made my usual size 4 but raised the back rise 1/2“ which is my standard pants adjustment.
My husband was pretty impressed with these especially when I wear them with heels 🥰
The varley is a pretty straight forward sew just make sure you do a toile and practice the faux welt pockets.
Looking forward to seeing your version ❤️

hi, I’m Stephanie from Oklahoma, USA. I made my Varleys from rayon challis and Cupro both from Goldie Olding Fabrics. Initial I was hesitant to make these as I wasn’t sure about business casual and elastic cuffs, but Ann convinced me and they are a super comfy work pant that I’ve been wearing a lot. Alas, in my male dominated occupation, fashion is under appreciated, so haven’t received compliments, but I enjoy them and that’s all that truly matters. I graded for a different sized waist and hip, but otherwise followed the pattern.

Greetings everyone from Sunny California, I’m Tina! Exciting to be able to share my Varley Jogger Pants with you. I made this pair out of crepe woven, it’s so flowy and lightweight, perfect for warmer weather. Tailoring pants to fit you can be intimidating but measuring and following the directions carefully made it easy, I only had to remove a few inches for my inseam. I went with the front patch pockets and utility pockets with elastic at the legs for my first pair. For my next pair I plan on adding the mock welt pockets as well and love that with a change in fabric you can wear this joggers year round!

Hi there! Kiran here and back with another lovely sew for Designer Stitch. Two releases this month and Im struggling to decide which is my favorite! Can I say both? 😂😍😍
Right off the cuff, I knew I would love the Varley pants because firstly, rayon! I cannot not love this fabric because of its flowy and soft texture. Secondly, elasticized waistband. Im a lazy girl, ok? So if its easier to pull on and off, Im sold.
Lets talk about the pattern options and the sew. I do love welt pockets and the effort that goes into them, especially with slinky fabric but faux welts arent my fave (sorry Ann, much love to you)
If you were to sew this without the frills, just side pockets and the legs, you will have a new pair of pants in just one evening. The welt pockets and cargo side pockets are a labour of love but they add such charm and character to your pants, so dont be me, Dont skip these options, they are lovely!
As I mentioned in my Genevieve roundup, having recently gone back to work at school, I need a wardrobe that is semi formal and comfortable. These pants will be a staple coz of its comfort and versatility.
If you haven’t yet grabbed this pants pattern, don’t miss out on an amazing and comfortable pair of pants you can practically live in.
For more of my sewing adventures, do check me out on my instagram page at

Hello Designer Stitch community. My name is Taryn and I live in Cape Town South Africa. For my Varley I used a mystery woven which I fell in love with because of its silvery finish. I picked it up at a local fabric store that sells fabric by weight and was lucky enough that it was a big enough piece. My top tip would be to select your fabric wisely and always start with a fitting toile to ensure you know the tweaks you need to make before cutting into your chosen fabric. Practice the welt pockets on fabric scraps before tackling them on the actual garment is definitely a must and will ensure you get a great finish on your completed Varley joggers. I chose to add the utility pockets on the legs with button closure. I did adjust the back rise of my pattern but adding about an inch of extra height. Ann has a great tutorial on how to do this – this is the other benefit of making a tester version first to see what fit adjustments would be necessary. I have purchased several pairs of woven joggers over the years and have enjoyed experimenting with the different style options. Having my own me-made pair to experiment with means I have just raised my own style game and get to combine comfort and style. With the right accessories, it is easy to transform from casual weekend style to a more business casual look. My Varley’s have flown under the radar for now but I look forward to showing them off soon and adding a few more to my wardrobe. Check out the styling fun I had on Facebook or Instagram and let me know which is your favourite way to style Varley.

Hello everyone, I am Kaitee H from South Dakota and I used a crepe de chine for my final set of joggers. Fabric choice will make a huge difference on this pattern. I did have to add some length to the legs and the back rise, but took a little out of the crotch depth. It seems like the additions and subtractions would cancel each other out, but they make the difference between a good fit and a bad one. Also, I highly recommend making a practice welt, or 3, before you cut into your final. I did wear my Varley joggers to the zoo and they were the perfect weight and comfort for walking all day. I do plan on making some more pairs in fun bright colors for the cooler summer nights.
My Instagram account is

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