Whitney Dress or Blouse Pattern Tester Roundup Part 2

Hey my friends – and get ready for some more beautiful Whitneys – both in their option of a Whitney Dress or a Whitney Blouse.
Yesterday we featured our Rockstar Roadies in our Tester Roundup Part 1 so lets continue our journey in Whitney Dress and Blouse Pattern Tester Roundup Part 2 today.
Part one of the blog post installment yesterday just highlighted beautifully how versatile the Whitney really is in either of its options. The focus of the Whitney is about clever design that will transition from season to season.
Intelligent in both design and fit the Whitney has many elements that will enhance how your wardrobe can perform for you, from workday to weekend. 
The focus of the Whitney is about clever design that will transition from season to season.
The Whitney Dress and Blouse offers a style choice of :
  • Long Sleeve Length – Rib Cuff or Shirred Wrist
  • Short Sleeve – Shirred Hemline
  • Tiered Ruffle Dress
  • High Low Hemline
  • Elastic Waistline
Sew 😁 my  friends from around the sewing world lets continue the Whitney journey with all things Rockstar Pattern Tester Roadies. 
Woo Hoo to all. 👏👏👏👏👏
And our roadies would like to share the following with you all :
1. Your name and where you live ?
2. Your choice of option for the Whitney Dress and Blouse and why ?
3. What fabric did you choose and where did you purchase ?
4. What alterations did you have to make to your Whitney Dress and Blouse toile ?
5. What sewing tips can you share when sewing the Whitney Dress and Blouse ?
6. What was your favourite thing about making the Whitney Dress and Blouse ?
7. Did you make more than one combo of the Whitney Dress and Blouse ?
8. Have you worn your Whitney Dress and Blouse yet and what compliments did you receive.
And the finer details;
(AU/UK) 6 – 30
(US) 2 – 26
(EU) 34 – 58
Cup Sizes – B, C, D, DD
On Sale for a limited time only – $9.75(US)
Very Confident Advanced Beginner and Above Sewing level
And if you have missed the first part of the Whitney Round-up the link for Part 1 is here.

Hello everybody! I am Marieke from the Netherlands.
When I saw the Whitney blouse/ dress, I gasped a little. This is so on trend but are either too expensive or not nicely made.
Well, that’s the reason why we are sewing right?
Anyways, I had several ideas- so this pattern is going to be used more often for sure- and I started with checking the fit. I did my regular adjustments and the fit was spot on! So, my first blouse- made from a thin viscose- was done.
I always love these large sleeves, but they can be annoying while wearing during the day too. This one isn’t! You can easily do the dishes with them. 😄
While I was looking through my stash I found a large piece of chiffon, printed with some foil ornaments and that was my second garment.
Actually I planned to use that as final, but while I was sewing, I got another idea and decided to omit the bottom ruffle to give it a sporty short dress vibe. You can look through the dress- but with a cami and some leggings and boots- it’s a great wear in autumn time. But I would lie if I say I am not looking forward to wear it in Summertime 😄
Because the fabric is a little transparent, I made french seams and shorten my darts as you would do with lace fabric.
But my last dress I made (for this time 😄) isn’t least. Actually I think this is one of my favorite garments I ever made! It’s such a shame that pictures never can catch all the beautiness. The details from this pattern are phenomenal! The slightly gathered shoulders, the ruched sleeves and that neckline!
I had so much fun with sewing this dress! It isn’t a hard sew, but it is a fun sew and faster then you think. This plissee chiffon fabric is transparent- so I decided to use a thin bubble satin, non transparent- for the upper skirt- so it is still transparent, but on an elegant way.
Also here, the seams are french seams and I shorten the darts.
Because of the weather we made quite a lot of pics indoor in an free gallery and yes, I got compliments and people where highly surprised that it was made by myself (I think it’s quite funny, if all the sewists are only living in Paris, lol)
Anyways, I feel super chique in my dress and even my husband said how unusual that a dress that is covering the whole bodice can be so elegant and sexy. 😄
Well, then you know you did something right, right?
I paired it with a strapless bra (a regular or cami would work too), tights and kneeboots.
Furthermore I can’t really say anything else then: pick your fabric and have tons of fun!
When you are curious about my other makings, you can always have a look at my Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jongdesign

Hi, I’m Carmen from Adel, Georgia!
I chose to use a rayon gauze I purchased from Cali Fabrics a year ago and waited until the perfect garment to use it.
The number one sewing tip I would share with everyone is to chose the right fabric from the beginning. It should be soft and flowy and gather easily. A fabric too stiff and you have a disaster.
I wanted to make the dress version but with the shirred sleeves and the gathered neckline. It has a thoroughly romantic feel which is why I was drawn to it. The tiered skirt gives a beautiful fit and flair silhouette. The neck line is finished with a ruffle collar and an invisible zipper at center front which descends to a fitted bodice and defined waist. The shirred sleeves are gathered into pleasing and flattering folds right above the wrist to create romantic puff long sleeves. Shirring is a wonderful technique which everyone should add to their sewing skills.
I made a size 3B and graded to a size 4 in the hips. The bodice was shortened a half inch. I did not shorten the skirt.
I thoroughly enjoyed sewing the dress and wearing it.

Hi everyone, I’m Christine from the Netherlands. I used a very light weight crepe, which had the perfect drape for the ruffled dress with long sleeves and ruffled neck I choose to make. My tip would be, take the flowiest fabric you can find. And take your time with the ruffles. It has a lot of ruffles, but i kind a like ruffling (is that very unusual behavior?).
I made it in size 4 and didnt need to do any alterations.
I’ve worn it with my (notan)obibelt and it feels very feminine because of all the flowyness. I’ll be making it as a blouse as well, because it feels very comfortable.
For all the designerstitch and a lot of their makes, you can find me at https://www.instagram.com/stienmakes

I’m Vaida from Vilnius, Lithuania. I made Whitney in rayon viscose – as we’re heading into winter now, I chose some muted floral fabric, to go with long boots and (in case it’s colder) a warm cardigan. I really love all the choices Ann has give us – shirred sleeves/rib cuff, romantic collar or more sporty rib collar. At first I wanted to make shirred sleeves, but after getting a perfect colour rib I decided to go for romantic-sporty look.. No big alterations were needed – I only had to make sway back correction and shorten the bodice a bit (I’m shorter than average). I’ve already worn my Whitney twice – and got a lot of compliments. My advice to anybody who is going to make this wonderful design – take your time, do not hurry (slippery fabrics are more complicated to handle) – and you’ll get a wonderful dress/top 😍

Hello, I am Genevieve from Horsham in the UK. I chose to use Georgette for my blouse with Ribbing for the neck and cuffs. I bought my fabric from Pound A Metre
The only fit alteration I needed for Whitney was to lengthen the sleeves (but I have really long arms).
Whitney instantly became a stoke in my wardrobe and I have worn her a bunch. I have received so many complaints, as this design is so classically elegant.
I am planning to sew the dress version as well as a number more blouses. This is a must have pattern.

Hi I’m Hillary and I live in Atlanta, Georgia (USA). I made 2 Whitneys; 1 out of a poly chiffon and one out of a poly satin from a local apparel fabric store.
I envisioned one sheer Whitney for a night out with the girls (with a cami underneath) and one as a blouse to wear to work in the office. I think adding a belt is really flattering as well to help define the waist. I made both versions long sleeve because I *love* a dramatic bishop sleeve.
I also really love the ruffle collar, I think it is so feminine but sleek! I graded 2 sizes to accommodate my bust, but other than that not other alterations!
My biggest tip is if you are new to shirring like I was, practice a LOT before starting on your final fabric and make sure you are getting enough reduction so that the sleeve will be sufficiently tight around your wrist when the sleeve is assembled; I had to turn my bobbin tension *WAY* up to achieve the right look and picking out shirring is NO FUN.
I wore my red Whitney to work this week and received a compliment from a coworker that it was such a unique design.
I’m eager to make some short sleeve versions before the spring, but I think I’ll stick with the shirring/ruffle collar because I love the look!
My instagram: https://www.instagram.com/hillarylabbate/

Hi, my name is Karman and I live in Herriman Utah. I’ve been hanging on to a silk sari I purchased from Etsy for a few years, waiting for the perfect project, and the Whitney was exactly what I’d been looking for. I love that I could utilize the boarder prints on the center seam, the yoke, collar and ruffle, plus the sleeves. I’m in the process of making a red rayon challis, long sleeve dress for Christmas and can’t decide on the neck ruffle or ribbed collar, decisions. . .decisions, haha. Y
You can follow me at https://www.instagram.com/sewkarmanghia/

Hello everyone, Kelly here from 🌞 California!
For my toile and final version of my Whitney‘s I used a crepe woven – this really was a fantastic choice as it showed off the gathers in the design and had a lot of flow as well. I had picked up some cuff ribbing a summer or two ago from my local weekend market (National City Swap Meet) which was perfect for Whitney!
I was drawn to the top version of Whitney because we’re heading into our cooler season and I really need some tops that I can pair with jeans or slacks and feel put together either way.
I’m glad I made a toile first as I found I needed to bring in the shoulder a bit from the pattern.
I’ve worn my Whitney to the park and had compliments from another parent there. It’s a very easy wearing top, but one that makes me stand up straighter with pride.
I have another version of Whitney in the works – I’ll share pictures if my ideas works out!
If you would like to see more of my Designer Stitch makes, come follow me on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kellygonthierart

Hi all, my name is Synthia and I had the opportunity to sew up the Whitney blouse/top, bishop sleeve, with the ribbed collar and cuffs option, and styled it with a belt.
I used a tencel/twill combination fabric for the blouse. I chose this fabric because it is flowy and stable at the same time.
For the ribbed collar and cuffs I used a ribbed knit fabric. Alterations for the pattern, I did need to grade down for the neck area.
I love the fit and style of the Whitney, can be made casual or dressy. In the future, I will be the sewing the other version with the ruffled collar, the top in chiffon fabric for an evening out.
Tips: sew a muslin, it’s important to get the right fit, don’t be afraid to grade the pattern wherever needed. I love this design and do plan on sewing more of Whitney after the Christmas Holiday, when I am not sewing my xmas gifts. Love the design, Ann Grose.

hi all, Marit from the Netherlands here! Are you looking for a super comfortable Blouse which you can wear casual and chic? Whitney is your answer!
I made a rayon blouse with a collar and shirred sleeves. I thought it was so cool trying something new.
In the end I wound my bobbin too tight and the shirring was not enough. But here is a little cheat code: if you gently pull the elastics you can fix it very easily (don’t tell Ann I said this. I WILL deny it 😉 ) I love to wear the blouse casual with jeans or chic in a pencil skirt. It’s an all out winner for me!

Hi, I’m Beck and I live in Melbourne, Australia. I chose a sheer and very lightweight border print voile from The Cloth Shop for my Whitney blouse.
Because we are beginning Summer here, I chose the ruffle neck and shirred short sleeves.
I just love how elegant and ladylike this blouse feels on, and I’m looking forward to making a short-sleeved dress too.
My Instagram is https://www.instagram.com/becksews/

Hello! My name is Sue and I live in South Dakota, USA. I made 2 Whitneys and drape is everything when choosing fabrics. The fabric with the tiny floral is a cotton blend and the vertical stripe is a poly. The tiny floral I purchased online from Fabric Mart and the strips I purchased at a fabric store called My Sewing Shoppe in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. The great thing about this top is that you can dress it up or down! I love both of mine with either a skirt or jeans. It’s such a versatile pattern! I lengthened the sleeves by an inch and made a swayback adjustment and that is it for alterations. Ann’s patterns fit so well if you choose the correct size to start with. I have worn one of my Whitneys and several people commented what a cute top it was. Don’t you love that? We are entering the winter months where I live so I will be setting this pattern aside, but I have plans for the very cute dress! Now I just need to pick out fabric.
My IG account is https://www.instagram.com/sue_glasparrott/

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