Bella Cami and Briefs Pattern Tester Roundup Part 2

Hey my friends – lets continue this dazzling array of all things glorious about the Bella Cami and Briefs with the roadies roundup Part 2. 
Yesterday we had part 1 of the amazement – Bella Cami and Briefs Pattern Tester Roundup Part 1 – and today is no less impressive. The Bella Cami and Brief sets are just bloody amazing. 
And the Bella Cami and Briefs offers a shape for everyone.

The Cami is an ideal undergarment or layering piece for any woman’s wardrobe. Perfect under a top or dress for work, weekend or a special occasion.

The Classic Full Brief – Offers a higher waistline and low leg line providing greater coverage.

The Classic Boyleg – Based on the Full Brief but offers a lower sitting waistline.

The Classic Bikini – Ideal for everyday wearing with a lower waistline.

The Cheeky Gee – Is a cheeky cut across the bottom offering a shape that is halfway between a g-string and a bikini.
Sew 😁 my  friends from around the sewing world lets continue the Bella journey with all things Rockstar Pattern Tester Roadies. 
A massive SHOUT OUT TO all. 👏👏👏👏👏
And our roadies would like to share the following with you all :
1. Your name and where you live ?
2. Your choice of option for the Bella and why ?
3. What fabric did you choose and where did you purchase ?
4. What alterations did you have to make to your Bella toile ?
5. What sewing tips can you share when sewing the Bella ?
6. What was your favourite thing about making the Bella ?
7. Did you make more than one combo of the Bella ?
8. Have you worn your Bella yet and what compliments did you receive.
And the finer details;
(AU/UK) 6 – 30
(US) 2 – 26
(EU) 34 – 58
Cup Sizes – B, C, D, DD
On Sale for a limited time only – $9.95(US)
Very Confident Advanced Beginner and Above Sewing level
And if you have missed the first part of the Bella Cami and Briefs Round-up the link for Part 1 is here.

Hello I’m Ashley Riley a sewist from Central London, England, UK.
I’m excited to share with you the amazing new Bella Cami and Briefs pattern! Bella comes with lots of options, which is great for a single pattern. I had enough fabric so I made a couple, the full length cami with bikini bottoms as well as a pair of gee undies. I used a cool Leopard print jersey from – they have a great selection that would be amazing for the Bella pattern. I also made a stretch velvet with the boyleg bottoms and bralette. This is such a comfy set I’m sure I’ll be making many more to add to my collection. It must be said, this pattern takes no time at all to make, super quick! And lace gives the perfect finishing touch, so I added some to the bottom of my bralette, which made it look really sweet. It’s always recommend to make a fit first, in case you need to make any alterations. I’m only 5 foot, so I always find myself shortening the bodice a little and raising the bust dart up to sit in the right place.
I’ve worn my Bella a few occasions, it would make a perfect valentines day outfit for the bedroom! If you want to feel sexy and comfy, this is the pattern for you.

Hi! I’m Anabel from Buenos Aires, Argentina. For Bella set I used a very soft modal lycra from my stash. I made the longest top option and the Gee, size 4 graded to 5 on waist and hips 4. I used a triple zigzag to attach the lace, and cut the short top pieces(front and back) to make a built-in bra. If you read carefully each step you’ll get done so quickly!
This set is a win-win you feel sexy and comfy at the same time!! You’ll love it.
I have already cut 2 more sets and 5 undies options (gees and full briefs) the time to update my underwear wardrobe has come!!
I’m actually writing this and wearing my Bella top!!

my name is Debra E and I live in Louisville, KY in the United States. For this geeky little set, I used jersey knit that I upcycled from another outfit! I grabbed white stretch lace from Joann Fabrics and stitched this up in under an hour! I recommend using a walking foot when sewing knits, as well as fabric clips.
I chose to make the cami and bikini briefs, and my husband keeps asking when I’m going to wear it again 😉. Next time, I’ll make the shortened cami with bikini briefs, because this is such a flattering set!

1. Elisa Bolduc I live in Quebec City in Canada
2. I used lycra cotton jersey from my inventory (you know how it is, we have so much that we don’t know where it comes from 🙈😂)
3. Take your time, it’s a quick sew but for a nice finish you need to execute the steps well
4. I made the camisole and the bikini bottom
5. Honestly I didn’t make any changes, the only thing is the elastic, I adjusted the length as needed
6. No it’s a secret, Valentine’s Day is coming up soon 😉🤫😅
7. I’d like to try on several styles of briefs other than the one I made.

hi there everyone!
This is José and I’m here to tell you about the amazing Bella undies! I loved making these!
Het your scraps together, pick some matching FOE and narrow lace and you’ll end up with the perfect cami and knickers every time.
The cami is the perfect height for underneath almost every dress or sweater.
The undies are one for every taste, but my absolute favorite is the Brazilian style, wears very well and no pantylines underneath my clothes.
I loved using my coverlock for this, so satisfying!
It’s almost a pity I can’t go around and show everyone my pretty undies… Well except for you guys😅😂
All my notions are from Kantjeboord, a lingerie specialty store where I live, in the Netherlands. The jerseys are coupons and leftovers! Yay for using scraps!
My green cami has a double layer with a bralette underneath for support without the bra 😉
Follow me on Instagram for more show and tell!

hello everyone, I am Kaitee from South Dakota. I chose the bikini briefs and the mid length top for my finals, but I have many more planed in all the styles. I used a bamboo blend for my set and I absolutely love it. I wear them to sleep in as well as under garments. The mid length top is perfect under sweaters and just adds to the comfort level. I do recommend a toile as always. I had to do a back rise adjustment, for the junk in my trunk, as well as I did narrow the crotch in a smidge. My husband loves them and they are the perfect mix of sexy and practical. Please check out my Instagram

I’m Kelly and I live in a suburb of Detroit, Michigan in the United States. I used athletic knits that I ordered specifically to attempt to make undergarments but that was before quarantine so I’ve forgotten where from! I ordered black stretch lace, fold over elastic and the rings/slides from Amazon.
This was my first time making any under garments and my advice is that it’s easier than I thought! I chose to make the shorter cami and bikini briefs for my 16 year old daughter and she thinks they are super comfy. Next time, I’ll make the cami and bikini briefs for myself as I know my husband will appreciate it. I’d love to throw in a robe too!
Thanks for inviting me Ann!

Hello Everyone! I’m Kristin in London, Ontario, Canada. I used a wonderfully soft organic bamboo lycra for the set, with beautiful purple and gold lace. These beautiful fabrics came from Water Tower Textiles in Chatham, Ontario.
The best tips I can offer – is the same as always. Make you sure sit down and read everything before you even cut your fabric. This is especially important with the elastic. Take your time and make sure to measure twice before you cut.
My style choice for the Bella was the full length cami with the boy cut shorts. I already have 2 more cut out and ready to sew.
I altered to fit my body – blended size 3 to 2 to 1. I also crossed the straps at the back of the cami.
I wear my Bella all the time! It is so comfortable and perfect with lower cut tops as the beautiful lace peeks out.

I’m Luana and I live in North Carolina in the US. I made the Bella set in different fabrics, in my final pictures I’m wearing a set made in double brushed jersey knit that I’ve got from Fabric Mart. However, I really liked to use cotton Lycra for this set as well.
For the first set I made I used a twin needle to attach the lace, and I wasn’t very satisfied with the results, so on the other sets I used a 3 step zig zag and I liked way more! I tried also with my cover stitch, but I need to get better at using it first. So, my sewing advice is to try on a scrap to attach the lace and see what method you like best or works best for you!
I made the longest version of the cami for all the sets I made, for the bottom I made the boyleg version (pictured) and the gee (not pictured, but it’s so comfortable you should definitely try it!)
The only alteration I made to the Bella was to lift slightly the bust darts.
I have worn the Bella only around the house, and boyfriend appreciated it! This is now my go to sleeping set! I don’t make a pattern multiple times very often, but I’m addicted to the Bella! The fabric needed is so little that you can use scraps from other projects and make many different Bella’s!
Social medias are:

hello all! Marit, from the Netherlands here. Are you ready for never going to the store to buy cami’s and underpants again? Because you will never want to buy something again once you’ve made it yourself! I currently just got up, put on my Bella boyleg shorts and cami. I made a LOT of sets almost all with boyleg. I like that they are a bit lower cut at the waist and I find that very comfortable. I also made one Gee. Love it. It wears as if it’s not there and isn’t that just what you want from underwear?
I did a couple of different styles, but mostly I went for romantic and floral. I am just that girl I guess 😉. I altered the bust dart by pointing it one centimeter up. That’s all! No sway back or anything needed.
Bella is a super fun, super fast sew. I mostly used my sewing machine but you can also use your coverlock. Check my sets out over at and I would love to see yours!

My name is Meiling and I live in Perth, Australia!
I used cotton jersey (95% cotton / 5% spandex) from Spotlight which was nice and super soft and beautiful to wear.
Some tips would be to not stretch too much as you sew, and if using a fabric that may not have enough stretch you may need to size up a size.
I made the cami and waistline length and the boyleg and bikini briefs.
Fit alterations that I made were only on the bikini brief by shaving a little off the buttock edge on both sides.
Yes, I have worn my Bella as a nightwear and hubby definitely gave the thumbs up and I just loved the look and feel of it too. Very comfortable to wear especially the boyleg briefs which I havent worn that style in a long time. I have got more elastics on the way to make more!

Hello! I am Tanis H and am based in Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada. I used a cute heart printed cotton lycra jersey, fold over elastic with a bit of sparkle, and stretch lace, all from Mimi Fabrics here in Canada. I recommend testing your needle, thread and stitches out on scraps of the elastic on your chosen fabric, so you can be sure you won’t have any skipped stitches on your final. I sewed up the waist length cami and full briefs. I made a size 6 DD graded to 9 at the waist and hip. Due to the included cup sizes, I didn’t need to do any alterations and I would say these fit me perfectly. My Bella set is so comfy to wear around the house under an oversized cardigan as loungewear. The brief’s are so comfy I don’t even notice I am wearing anything – there is no tight elastic digging in anywhere! I want to try the bikini-style briefs next in some cute Valentine’s fabric 😉 Please check me out on Instagram at

 Hi to you all. My name is Taryn and I am based in beautiful Cape Town, South Africa.
I used a black floral DTY for my Bella set as I just adore working with it and how it feels wearing it. It was purchased from a favourite local Facebook store called Zafirah. I had the fold over elastic required for the cami in my stash and purchased the stretch elastic at another local habby store.
The hand basted my elastic before stitching by machine so that I could ensure it was evenly positioned on top of the fabric. If you are worried about it slipping I can definitely recommend that step. I chose the full length cami and bikini brief. I did narrow the crotch and cut the front leg a little higher. I also raised the back of the brief a little to ensure it didn’t dip at the back. I love how confident Bella makes me feel – it’s all about the right foundation after all. And my hubby is definitely a fan too. I will be making more and look forward to experimenting with all views.
You can keep an eye on what I am up to

Hello DesignersStitch fans… let’s fall in over with Bella. I am Christina from Cape Town South Africa.
My Bellas are all in a supersoft brushed polyester with lace used for the panties.
Just sew straight and this is super easy 😅
I hate when straps want to slip off my shoulders, sewing my own enables me to attach them more inwards and solve this problem.
I have worn my Bella cami out with a strapless bra ( don’t like bra straps showing) round the house with comfy shorts after work and off to bed with only the panties on warm evenings. Perfectly versatile item!
6. Have you worn your Bella yet and what compliments did you receive.
I plan Bella camisoles to match a flowing skirt for easy classic wearing on warm days.

My name is Melissa and I live in upstate NY here in the USA. This Bella set can be spicy or sweet! My set is made from DBP from Joanne’s Fabric (my husband is now referring to me as a ‘cougar’ 🙂 and lace I found on Amazon. I chose the boy leg version (per my husband’s request) and the full length cami. Size 4 bust, 5 waist and a 6 hip with 1″ added for my side waist. My tip…take the time to make this set for yourself! It doesn’t take long at all. I work 72hrs a week, my son wrestles and I still had time to make it! So far I’ve only worn it around the house as my boss is pretty conservative with what she allows us to wear for a neckline BUT my husband doesn’t seem to mind. This will truly be the perfect set for a hot summer night’s sleepwear! Ann…I can’t post this on my FB page…I am a Social Worker and my husband is a police officer…it would surely come back around to one of us or our bosses but I will share some on my Instagram that aren’t too seductive and I can share in other sewing groups for sure!

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