London Ponte Pants Pattern Tester Roundup Part 2

Hello and thankyou for coming over to read Day 2 of our London Ponte Pants pattern tester roundups. We love to have you here and we all love sharing our sewing adventures.

These slim-fit London Ponte Pants flatter your figure and are expertly tailored and are an essential you’ll never want to be without.

They feature a slim-fit design and high-waisted style that flatters your figure and provides a modern silhouette.

They are fashion-forward and offer a feminine work look.

And I know you will love seeing the great fit on each and everyone.

When pattern testing with my fabulous group I try to ensure that we do the best possible work to get the garments to fit to our best ability.

If you know me – or have read up on my background – you will know that I have been teaching design/patternmaking/fit skills for many decades and my skills have been honed from working with so many various bodices that require so many diverse fitting procedures. 

For the fit of the London Ponte Pants, I directed my roadies to reference my 2 blog posts that I wrote back in 2018. Here are the links. 

Adjusting for your Back Rise
Adjusting for your Front Rise.

When I wrote these posts, I didn’t realize how well they would have been received. They went “viral” very quickly and have been referenced by sew’sts for many years since.

As part of the fitting process for one of our roadies this time I have written another post – referencing similar details as in the above posts but have added a 3rd step.

It is for those how have a very flat or recess front mound and how to get rid of the fullness of fabric. 

Adjusting for a Flatter Front Mound.

So, let’s get stuck into featuring our fabulous posse of roadies – Part 2 – with their own London Ponte Pants stories.

Love to you all.
They would like to share with you the following:
1. Your name and where you live?
2. What fabric combinations did you choose and where did you purchase.
3. What sewing tips can you share when sewing the London?
4. What was your style choice for the London?
5. What fit alterations did you have to make to the London?
6. Have you worn your London yet and what compliments did you receive.
7. Any plans for future combinations of the London?
And the finer details; (AU/UK) 6 – 30 (US) 2 – 26 (EU) 34 – 58
On Sale for a limited time only – $9.50
Very Confident Advanced Beginner and Above Sewing level.

Hi I’m Annet L from the Netherlands
Ik made 2 London pants with Punto Fabric. One with a print and one in a jeans look a like.
The first fabric is from And the second is from
Take the time to make the right patternalternations thats make the fit of your pants much better. I love to wear colourfull clothes. So thats my style.
I love the London pants in combination with the new nova top….. comming pattern from DS soon. Its flattering every body. So i want to make many more pants and nova tops
Do you want to see more of my makes. Welcome to my instagram.

Hi, I’m Barbara! I live in Northeast Mississippi, USA.
I used a beige/khaki ponte purchased from ages ago.
I made my London 7/8 length flared with front pockets, faux welt back pockets, and front pintuck seams.
As with all my pants, I make the same alterations, swayback, extend the crotch by 1/2 inch, and shorten the front rise. During testing, I learned a new fit technique for backward thrusting claves applied to this pair of London pants.
I have worn my London pants and received many compliments.
The London pants are so comfortable and will be a staple in my wardrobe!

Hi, it´s me again. Christine from the Neatherlands. So far I made two of these London pants and I am totally in love. I used a ponte dir Roma for the green one and a jaquard knit in purple/black. The fabric came from my stash and I’m happy I kept it for so ling. They are so comfortable but looking good. I wear them to the gym, to work and as loungewear. I made my usual size, no alterations the flared option. One with pockets, the other one without. Because both my fabrics are with print I left out the pintucks. I have some more fabrics in my stash waiting to become London pants

 Hi everyone, my name is Ksenija and I live in New York city. I post my makes on instagram
As a part of the testing process I made two London pants and I love them both, first one was a test-toile and ended up being my around the house-quick errands pants and the second, well, I wear them all the time. The test version is the wide leg one with slash pockets but in the second one I made the did tapered leg, pintuck on the front, pockets….it is beautiful! The only alterations I had to do is adding to the rise and slightly more adding to the center back rise.
Both versions are made from ponte fabric from a local fabric shop but they’re slightly different.
I’m hoping to make some more but want thwm to be more colorful so I’m waiting on the perfect fabric!
One of the most important things when making these – make a toile and read the instructions, there is so many good advices on how to fit them better, and it is so easy to follow.
Ksenija – lingerie sewist (@a_girlwithanaccent) • Instagram photos and videos

Hi, I am Marieke and I am living in the Netherlands.
I would say: do yourself a favor and make yourself some stylish and most comfortable pants ever!
I own 2 which is great: 1 in the laundry and 1 to wear. But more to come!
Actually it’s a pretty quick and straight forward sew. The details and the options gives you plenty of possibilities to make this pants over and over again without looking the same.
The fit is as always just beautiful and my husband said that my bum looks amazing in it lol.
When you want to have a look at my Insta for more of my makes:

Hello, I’m Poh Ling from Singapore. This is the first time I’m making such a tight fitting pants. Luckily Ann is here to guide me on the adjustment to make to achieve the best fit.
I made my London Pants using this fabric that I bought from my local stall years ago so I’m not sure the fabric content but it has about 60% stretch both ways. The pants turned out too big so I had to take in the side seams by 1cm cuz the fabric has too much stretch! I also took in the front crotch curve and front pants curve by 1cm and shorten the pants by 4″ for my height (1.56m).
My advice would be to use the recommended fabric and make a toile to get the best fit. I will try to make another London Pants when I get my hands on the correct fabric, i.e. ponte fabric.

Hi everyone! Im Sandra from the Netherlands.
I was always a bit afraid to make my own pants… with the London pants, wow, I really dont need to be afraid. It comes with clear instrictions so its easy to make yourself! It has beautiful details like pintuck and welt pockets in the back.
You really need your own!!
Made two versions. With and without front pockets. Its sooooo coformtable! Love to wear this at work, but also to hang out in the coach❤️
Believe me, everyone need the London pants!!

Hi everyone, I’m Sarah from the UK
I used a ponte which I bought from ABC Fabric in the UK
I’ve never had much luck with trousers from the shops fitting me, so when I saw the gorgeous London pants I knew I wanted to take the time to get them looking perfect, I raised the back crotch and lowered the front crotch to get a really good fit, I’ve also graded between sizes for my waist hips and thigh measurements. It really is worth the time to make a toile to get the perfect fit for your own body
I made the boot cut version with pintucks and the scoop pockets and I find them so comfortable to wear. Smart enough to wear to the office but casual enough to wear with a sweater

He everyone,
I’m Shardee from the netherlands.
My london is made of a beautiful plain ocher Punta from
Every body is unique , I have a larger pelvis and a fuller buttock.
So I need to make some alternations. Like length the top part and make room for my buttock.
Don’t be afraid, how to do that is in the instructions. It’s not that hard, but please make a toile before you cut into your final fabric.
I have wear it with a basic shirt pf sweater, but a blouse will also look fabulous .
If you like to see more of my work, follow my Instagram on

Hello everyone! It’s Hwee Ke from Singapore. London pants was my first sew in a while and I just love the fit of it
I used a pink ponte fabric so as to expand my wardrobe options and it was absolutely gorgeous.
I’ve been wearing this to work and getting loads of compliment on them. I also enjoy the fit and the high rise. So classy!

Hi I am Priscilla from Illinois, USA. I am so excited to share my London pants. This is made with Ponte with 40% horizontal stretch and 20% vertical stretch.
I have always had problems fitting into RTW Pants coz of my shape. I am wide around d the waist with smaller hips and thin Thai . The fact that I can sew a pant that looks this good Is a surprise for me but Ann always has amazing instruction and illustrations and it helped me sew up my favorite pair of pants. This one has been customized according to my height and other measurements and the fit is spot on. The only tip I have for you is measure yourself twice and make all the adjustment before cutting out the pattern.
I hope you love how this pants look and if you would like to check pics more, here’s my Instagram link.


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