Reece Pant Pattern Tester Roundup Part 1

Good day to you all my lovelies. And I hope you, your family and friends are all well, happy and safe.

Today we have Part 1 of the Reece Pants where our rockstar roadies are featured with their Reece Pants makes.

As you will see by the round-ups the Reece Pants can be made in both a print and a solid colour.

Solids are the best for this style of pant as it allows you to see all the details that the style has to offer.

Relaxed wearing at its core, the Reece Pants have inseam front pockets, back patch pockets and offers 2 leg lengths.

They also offer an option of turn up cuffs/side tabs which extends the style to 3 distinct looks.

The true feature of the Reece Pant is the use of topstitching. Top stitching is one of my favourite features of a garment as it can really elevate the style and design.

Most of the seams are top stitched on the Reece – with 2 rows of plain machine. You may be able to catch some of my roadies top stitching in their pics – there are some lovely style lines in the Reece Pant design, and this is highlighted by the use of this top stitching.

So lets start our Rockstar Roadies Roundups my friends where each of our wonderfully talented pattern testers share their stories with you. 

They would like to share with you the following :

1. Your name and where you live?
2. What fabric combinations did you choose and where did you purchase.
3. What sewing tips can you share when sewing the Reece Pants ?
4. What was your style choice for the Reece Pants ?
5. What fit alterations did you have to make to the Reece Pants ?
6. Have you worn your Reece ? – and if not what plans do you have for your Reece Pants ?
7. Any plans for future combinations of the Reece Pants ?

And the finer details; (AU/UK) 6 – 30 (US) 2 – 26 (EU) 34 – 58
On Sale for a limited time only – $9.50(US)
Very Confident Advanced Beginner and Above Sewing level.

My name is Toni McN, I live in Cottonwood, California. I used a linen viscose from Joann’s Fabrics. The drape is perfect for the Reece Pants. I found them very easy to sew withe zero alterations. One thing I did for easier top stitching on the back pockets was to top stitch one line around the pockets prior to sewing them on the pants. This made it very easy to follow when sewing them down and gave nice crisp lines. The topstitching really elevates the pants. I have worn them to work and received compliments about their cheery color. I fed the drawstring through the channel as a long drawstring; I like that I can tighten them just a little if needed after the linen stretches throughout the day. My instagram account, where I share my sewing makes is:

Hi! I’m Barbara from Northeastern Mississippi, USA.
I love a great pair of linen pants! My Mosiac color Reece is cropped without a cuff and the Royal Blue Reece is full-length without a cuff. Both of my Reeces’ are 100% 5.3 oz linen purchased at The Mosiac colorway is no longer available however, there are 110 other colors to choose from!
My favorite sewing secret: PRESS, PRESS, PRESS! The heat/steam from your iron will help “set” the seams. This is helpful when sewing with linen.
For my Reeces’ I made my normal pant alterations, shorten overall length, swayback adjustments then graded between sizes.
Due to the nearly 100-degree weather here, I have worn both Reeces very regularly! They are very comfortable and cool.
I have plans to make a 3rd pair in the near future!

Hello I’m Ashley Riley from London, I’m excited to share with you the amazing new Reece pants.
I used linen for my white full length from Jo-Ro Rags Group and brown crop length with lace ties. My pink full length with tabs are a linen viscose I got from my local shop. My sewing tips to you is always make a fit first in old fabric to help find what adjustments you need and read the instructions over. I had to take half inch from my front rise and 2 inches off my length for my 5 foot height. I went from a summer white look pair with my Azure swimsuit, brown paired with my Marit top with ruffle cap sleeve and Yvette top with my pink tab pair all designer stitch tops. I have 3 right now but want to make a winter pair soon.

My name is France and I live in Canada, near Ottawa, the capital. I only own dress pants and jeans, until Reece!
Because I own enough dress pants already, I chose to make the ⅞ length. I made 2, one with a rolled hem in a beige cotton linen from Fabricville (Bahamas collection) so soft and comfy.
For the second one, I went with a very subtle sparkly light linen from Minerva.
I am 1,60m tall and had to alter the pattern – took out 11 cm in length for the hemmed version and 6cm for the rolled hem version.
I shorten above and below the knee line and readjusted the side seams. The back pockets are 1,5cm shorter, to keep everything balanced.
I did not need to alter the rise.
I called these pants my “lazy” pants because the are easy to wear, simple to make… and worth the extra time and thread to topstitch almost every seam – and the elastic. This added design feature gives it a chic feel.
I have worn both pairs a number of times already as our summer is very hot this year. For the office, I paired the Reece pants with my Marit top and for a more relax look with a t-shirt or a cami.
I plan to make another one in a navy linen currently in my stash.
I post about some of my sewing projects on Instragram, you can visit here

Hello lovely people, my name is Genevieve and I live in England.
I used an embroidered linen for my Reece pants and I bought it from
My top tip for sewing Reece is to definitely do the top stitching because it makes them so special. Go slowly and enjoy the process.
As I live in England, I chose to make full length pants because I wanted to wear them all year round.
When I sew pants, I lengthen by back rise by about an inch and I reduce my front rise by the same amount.
I have worn my Reece pants a number of times, especially to work and they are just fabulous. This is a style that is so versatile. I have been complimented on the fit and quite frankly on how cool these are. The style is amazing.
I am definitely making the cropped version and will be making a couple of different colours for work.

Hello lovelies, I am Kiran from Singapore . I sewed up my Reese pants specifically to take them on holiday with me to the Maldives. As you can see in my picture, I look, pleased as a peach, because I could not be happier with my new sew.
I used very lightweight linen cotton blend from for this pair of pants and with that I chose to topstitch in a contrasting golden hued yellow top stitch thread.
Now that I am back from holiday, I definitely have another pair ready to be cut sitting on my sewing table. Perhaps this time I will make a three-quarter length version? I am tempted to sew it in a tad heavier fabric combination but I think for now I will stick to linen because with this hot weather we are having it seems to be the perfect pants.   My favorite feature in this pants would have to be the hidden front two pockets because they add a sleek dimension as opposed to side seam pockets.  I love the non traditional lines presented here.
As always, happy sewing and see you on my next DS sew ❤️

Hello, here is Marieke from the Netherlands.
Last week my husband said:”this must be def your favorite pants, right? You are wearing it almost every day!”
Me: “
Well, but actually he’s right. It’s indeed my favorite pants. It’s not only easy to style but also so so so comfortable!
It’s an easy sew and because of the stitching details a little different then ‘just’ a tee. I think it’s a perfect pattern for a confident beginner and advanced sewists will love it!
I did got questions about my pants already and my mom, who isn’t confident with her body so much (no need too) requested a pair. It’s such a flattering style!
A tip: be picky about your fabric choice, it will make or break the fit. I used viscose-linen. It’s a mix of best of both! I absolutely recommend this fabric.
As always: sew a fit first. It always looks like costing extra time and fabric, but at the end it saves you a ton when you know how to adjust for your perfect fit.
(Tip 2: I think this will make the best shorts too! I’ll try this out for sure)
When you like, you can always have a look at my Instagram page:
Have fun sewing!

Hi everyone. My name is Meredith and I live in Sydney, Australia.
I chose a lightweight linen for my Reece Pants which I bought from Pitt Trading.
My linen frayed a little, so I overlocked (serged) the pattern pieces, where I could, prior to sewing.
When I sew pants, I’m a bit of an odd shape, so I made a toile before cutting into my good fabric. I actually did my usual adjustments of grading from size 4 waist to size 5 hip – and I shortened the length as I’m only 158cm. After sewing my toile, I was so happy to see that Ann’s patterns once again were just perfect, I needed no further adjustments. My only other tip would be to do all the topstitching that the pattern says … it does take a bit of extra time, but it brings the finish of the pants to another level.
I made the long length version of the Reece with the tabs so that I could fold back the hem.
I’m heading north next week on vacation to a warmer climate and my Reece Pants have already been packed. They will be perfect for the temps we will be getting up there.
I’ve already made another pair of Reece Pants in a super cute patterned linen, I’ll share these to the FB group after the launch of the pattern.
You can follow my sewing addiction on my Instagram at

Hi my name is Synthia and I live in Central Ca. I love wearing the Reece pants. I love wearing linen and this fabric was great with the Reece pants. I was surprised to find a wine colored linen at Joann’s fabrics. Love the detail of these pants, the back and front pockets, the construction of the front pockets was so simple. The hem and the ability to fold up and keep in place with a tie and button,, smart design. I paired my Reece pants with a Marit top and an oversized JoJo sweater for colder weather. Tips, these pants are an easy sew, but when using linen, I recommend to use French seams where possible or a serger, this way the linen won’t ravel as much. Another great design, very comfortable to wear.

Hi there. I am Taryn HS from Cape Town, South Africa. I used a ramie linen for my Reece, purchased from Premier Textiles in Cape Town. My top tip would be to double-check the placement of your buttonholes on the waistband. If too high, they will not be centered when you fold your waistband to finish. I made 2 Reece’s – one for myself and one for my tween daughter who loved the pattern when she saw it. I made the full-length Reece adding a little more to the rise for myself. I needed to shorten the pattern for my daughter’s pair. I love that Reece is both comfortable and edgy in the design – a feature I have come to know and love about Designer Stitch patterns. I do love the front pockets and yoke. My daughter has worn her pair and proudly declares her mom made them when she gets compliments. I have some additional linen earmarked for each of us – the roll-up version for myself and another pair for my daughter in mustard yellow linen she picked out.

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