Azure Swimsuit Pattern Tester Roundup Part 1

Greetings my lovely friends. And a big shoutout of HELLO to you all from here in Australia. Where I live it is a wonderful sunny day but with a crisp nip in the air.
We have released our first ever Water Cover – the Azure Swim Suit. And it is the most stunningly gorgeous shape that looks absolutely marvelous on all figures. And I want to thankyou all for such a warm welcome for our Azure – everyone is just loving the style and shape.
I can assure you that the Azure Swim Suit will be your must have swimsuit. It is versatile, has many faces and is so easy to wear. The Azure is actually made up of  3 interchangeable pieces. It is such a clever design even if I say so myself.
Make your Azure in a 1 piece combo with contrast overlay. Or alternatively make your Azure in its 3 piece combo – contrast overlays with separate briefs. 
Add to your Azure its stylish tie belt and you have a swimsuit that is changeable – mix it up with many different colour combos.
So lets get all the gloriousness happening – prepare to be absolutely blown away by all of the most AMAZING Azures my friends in the Azure Swim Suit Tester (Rock Stars) Roundup Part 1. Love you all xx
Our roadies would like to share the following with you all :
1. Your name and where you live ?
2. Your choice of option for the Azure and why ?
3. What fabric did you choose and where did you purchase ?
4. What alterations did you have to make to your Azure toile ?
5. What sewing tips can you share when sewing the Azure?
6. What was your favourite thing about making the Azure?
7. Did you make more than one combo of the Azure ?
8. Have you worn your Azure yet and what compliments did you receive.
And the finer details;
(AU/UK) 6 – 30
(US) 2 – 26
(EU) 34 – 58
Cup Sizes – B, C, D, DD
On Sale for a limited time only – $9.50(US)
Very Confident Advanced Beginner and Above Sewing level

1. My name is Alene and I live in Los Angeles, California, USA
2. I chose to make the two piece version because I detest having to peel off a one piece suit when needing to use the ladies’ room. I made my version with the high cheeky cut to try something new and I love it! the coverage is really good for a high cut swimsuit.
3. I bought my fabric from a couple shops: ISEE Fabric (Matte Green Swim)
Mimi’s Custom Fabric USA (Dalmatian Dots and Tie Dye)
Sitka Fabrics (BlackBerry Rib)
4. My measurements are B: 33/84 | W: 26/66 | H: 36/91 | Height 5’5”/165 and I am a AA sewing cup. I sewed a size 3 overlay with a small bust adjustment. I also shortened the length from the bottom by 1.5” (3cm). I sewed a size 2 bottom with a minor swayback adjustment.
5. I like to serge the elastic to my suit and then use my sewing machine to topstitch it down—I have a very basic machine and serger so this works best for me. I would also highly recommend waiting to cut your elastic until the end when you can try on your suit and compare the actual cut lengths to what feels comfortable on your body!
6. My favorite part of making the Azure swimsuit was planning all the different combinations—especially since I chose the two piece (really 3 piece) option so the possibilities are endless!
7. Absolutely! I love mix and match swimwear so I made two complete sets. I MIGHT have another in the works with an extra overlay so I can truly mash the different pieces together.
8. I had worn my Azure a few times already and even my family and friends who know I sew are impressed with how cute it looks!
9. You can find me on Instagram at

Hi I’m Ashley R from London.
Now lets talk about theses fabulous Azureswim suits
There are so many options to this swim suit, I had to make a few to show off all the styles from high cheeky cut to the boyleg with more coverage. I made the one piece suit and 3 piece suits and love how they all turned out.
As I’m only 5 foot i did take an inch off the main length in the one piece and with the 3 piece I played around with different heights for the bottoms, some to show off more body.
I don’t sew swim very often to I took my time on the sewing and made sure i used a zig zag stitch to work with all the stretch fabric plus putting the elastic it as you want it right. Just don’t rush. I would always make a test run first to make sure your sizing is spot on as that’s what you want with this swimsuit the perfect fit.
My favourite thing about the Azure is that’s its so versatile so can mix it up and end up with loads of new Azures. There is a option that will suit everyone.
I lots count how many I ended up with in the end I think i ended up with 6 full Azures in the end plus like I said you can mix them up so really about 10 mix it up sets which I feels is a great number and they are perfect for your holiday.
I haven’t gotten to a pool yet but soon as the weather warms up I will be taking my Azures to the pool and on holiday to get some sun. My fabric came from a Uk facebook group called Coalville Fabrics plus I got so lycra from ebay as well.

Hello hello, it is me again. Brenda from The Netherlands.
I’ve made 3 bottoms, 4 tops and a belt for my Azure bikini. Why such an odd amount you will ask. Well I’ll tell you. These combined will make 9 different looks because you can mix and match them all. I used the boysleg option because of my personal preferences 🙂
I’ve got my fabrics in a few different places and I can’t tell you for sure where I got the black from, but the red and blues came from www. the lining and elastics I got from and www.
The only alteration I needed to do to my bikini was shave 2 cm of centerback and 1cm of center front.
This weekend is the first weekend with good weather this year, here in the Netherlands. That having said, I did not wear my Azure yet, for that the temperature needs to be a whole lot higher than the 20 celcius we got now.
If you want to see more of my sews, my instagram is:

Hello I am Christina from Cape Town in South Africa. I chose to make the full Azure as I find a full piece flattering and stylish. AND I found amazing firm lining that just had to be put to use for a tummy tuck !
My turquoise and brown print suit is mostly from a local “buy by weight” shop and the black and animal print is from Active Fabrics, a local activewear supply shop.
I used my straight size as per my measurements, with 1 size up elastic at the waist and 5cm extra at the leg elastic as I have extra “meat” there, I did not cut the leg fabric any bigger though.
Azure was I huge elastic sewing challenge for me. Swim elastic prove to be my extremely weak link……if you are new to sewing with swim elastic make sure you have extra at hand and practice sewing a rounded curve before starting your swimsuit.
Apart from now having a flattering swimsuit, the amazing help I got and the learning curve of sewing swim elastic was the best part of this project. It took me hours upon hours of unpicking to finish a sew that should take a few, the result a baby that is walking after months of trying.
I made 2 swimsuits and I plan to make a couple more overlays for the black main piece before our summer arrives – fabric is ready and waiting. I would also like to try the boyleg for a change in style. An amazing sew!

I’m Grace from the Philadelphia suburbs in the USA. I made both one piece and two piece sets of the Azure, the one piece set with custom swim from Wee Little Things Fabric to match my kids’ suits this year. I made a size 4 and shortened at least the waist by ½”. I loved how simple the construction is, but how fancy the suits look! We have a creek by our house and love to play in our yard with sprinklers and kid toys, and these suits will be perfect to be cute but also really functional for playing with my kids. They feel really secure!
You can find me in IG at

1. My name is Johnna Ali and I live in Fort Lauderdale, FL
2. I made the one piece with high cut leg height for no particular reason. I just wanted to start with the one piece, but will be making the two piece soon.
3. I used a multi colored swimwear fabric I had in my stash. I’ve had it so long, I have no idea where I purchased it from.
4. I made a size 5 for my Azure and I removed an 1 1/2 from the front and back. I also cut the crotch and shoulders at a size 3.
5. Always make a toile and take your time.
6. My favorite thing about the Azure is that the color combinations are endless!
7. I did not, but I have a new one all cut out and ready to go.
8. I did. I wore during Memorial Weekend to a family cookout. Everyone loved it and I felt so good in it.

Hell all! I am Kaitee from South Dakota. I made the 2 piece option, or would it be 3? The only modifications i did was taking 2 inches off the bottom of the top to show a little more rib cage. I love the high waisted bottoms and kept them at full coverage. I did make a couple different tops to mix and match with the solid black briefs. I do recommend taking your time with the elastic. Otherwise it is a pretty easy sew. I have only had the chance to wear it once (for photos) but I did get told I looked great by a few people out fishing 🤣 be sure to check out my instagram for more pics

Hi everyone, I am Kelly from California ☀️
I jumped at the chance to test Azure – I knew that with Ann’s drafting, I would finally have a suit that fits me perfectly. I’ve completed a full suit with two overlays, and am working on a fun separates suit as well.
I’ve used a fabulous swim fabric that I was lucky enough to find locally. It has great recovery and feels so nice to wear.
I thought about how to get great support for my 8DD top portion, and ended up creating a separates base layer of the tops that was cut shorter at the shoulders and length, and used thicker elastics for better support. I wear this under my suit as hidden support. I also needed a sway back for my one piece, and used the boyleg for the back piece, but then cut it to the shape I needed for my rather flat tush.
Don’t be afraid to make changes for your own body that may be different from the tutorial – it’s all about getting the best fit for you!
The Azure is such a flattering and fun pattern – with a quick switch of overlay, you can get a whole new look. Everyone who has seen my suit already all exclaim over how clever the design is 😁
You can see more of my DS makes at my Instagram page:

I’m Liesel and I live on the East coast of the USA.
I went for the two piece Azure because I liked the look of more coverage but the flexibility of a two piece.
This is a fabulous swim fabric from that I hoarded from last year.
I have a long waist so I added 2 inches to the top and took away 1.5 from the waist of the bottoms.
A tip for the legs, use your own leg measurement for a nice leg fit.
My favorite part about making the Azure is that it’s a quick sew with awesome results.

Hello! I’m Luana and I live in North Carolina, in the US.
For both my versions I chose the two pieces cheeky high cut option. In my first version I took off one inch from the back briefs and half from the front. While for my second version I took off two inches from the top, and kept two inches in the briefs.
I used swim knit for both my versions. For the high waist version I used a fabric from So Sew English Fabrics, while for the low waist version I used a fabric from Fabric Mart.
My advice for sewing the Azure is to pay particular attention to the elastic and the stitch used for the application.
My favorite thing about sewing the Azure is that the design looks basic, but it’s great once it’s on!
I made two versions of the Azure, but I didn’t have the opportunity to wear them yet!

Hello everyone! Here is Marieke from the Netherlands and I am here to say: Let the Summer begin!
The Azure swimsuit is the ultimate mix & match pattern; choose your tops, choose your bottoms, choose your belt and with a easy changing you can wear a different bathing suit or bikini over and over again!
—-So, that was my commercial voice😁—-
But seriously, I haven’t worn a real-real bathing suit in the last 25 years and I wished I knew earlier how sexy a bathing suit can be! Do I feel good in it.❤️
The same for the bikini, how a high waist bottoms can look so divine!
I call it: intriguing fashionable swim wear 😁
I made myself a bikini and a bathing suit and I was lucky I can use all the tops from the bathing suit to the bikini too and other way round. But it’s an easy sew, so in a split second you have made another top to match.
I am totally in love with the fabrics I bought. The striped one ( with the bright colors and the one with the women on it (, was just screaming my name.
I didn’t had to make an alteration to the pattern, I just cut out the sizes I need, the correct cup size and….Take me to Summer!
(And buy enough elastic…😉)
Ow, and you can always have a look at my Instagram:

Hi, my name is Meiling and I live in Perth, Western Australia.
I chose to make the full piece in my toile with cheeky high cut, I also made the 2 piece in cheeky high cut as my final make.
I chose swim lycra and lining from Boo Designs. They have the best quality swim lycra and designs to die for!
My toile was made from designer swim lycra Homecraft textiles,
I thought I would need to lengthen my swimsuit but it didnt end up needing it. I trimmed the back bottom edges a smidge.
Sewing with elastics and lycra can be daunting, practice on some practice pieces and you will be fine. Dont stretch the fabric, only the elastic to be in line with the fabric and if your fabric keeps getting chewed at the beginning then try a little bit of paper under the start of the fabric.
I loved the fit of the Azure  and how quick they came together! The hardest part was choosing the fabrics to use 😁
I made two different tops to mix and match with the bottoms with another fabric to add to the combo.
Unfortunately, I have not been able to wear my Azure as yet. It is winter now, here in Australia!
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Hi! My name is Sophie and I live in beautiful Vienna, Austria
I made the 2 piece with a right side overlay and the high cut briefs. I shortened the briefs by 2“ as i wanted to show a bit more skin 😅
Fabrics and notions are from a local Viennese shop
Definitely sew a toile and baste, baste,baste!
I plan on making a few for when summer decides to show up. ❤️❤️❤️

I am Synthia, and I live in Central Ca. I love the Azure swimsuit. I am not a fan of swimsuits because they rarely fit right on me and because I can’t see paying over $100.00 for one. When I saw the Azure I jumped in and gave it a try for the best fit on me. I was pleasantly surprised, I made the one piece Azure, boy cut legs. I did need to shorten the full 1 piece torso by 1 1/2″, no other adjustments made. I made two Azures, one blue and one black. I wore mine at the Colorado River in AZ. Once my pictures were taken, I jumped into the river and played with my grand kids. I felt very secure in my Azure, no fidgeting or re-adjust as I was swimming. I keep swim fabric in my stash, my Azure fabrics are from my stash. As with any sewing pattern, sewing a muslin is recommended. Ann Grose, thank you for an awesome design, love it.

1. Your name and where you live ?
My name is Valentina, and I live in Carrollton, TX
2. Your choice of option for the Azure and why ?
I made the 2 piece, with high cheeky cut. I wanted to be able to go to the bathroom easier so that’s why I went with 2 piece. And I love the look of high cheeky.
3. What fabric did you choose and where did you purchase?
Some of my fabric was from local Joann Fabrics, and other from Amelia Lane designs. I used basic swim knit.
4. What alterations did you have to make to your Azure toile ?
I had to reduce the back height of the bottoms, but I didn’t adjust anything else.
5. What sewing tips can you share when sewing the Azure?
Be careful not to stretch the fabric when topstitching the elastic edges.
6. What was your favourite thing about making the Azure?
All the combos that could be achieved with simply sewing a couple of overlays.
7. Did you make more than one combo of the Azure ?
Yes! I have 9 unique combos.
8. Have you worn your Azure yet and what compliments did you receive.
Only in my pool, and hubby loved it.
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