Adding Foundation To Azure Swimsuit

Hi Ho my lovelies .Todays post is about adding support foundation to your Azure Swimsuits.

As you have all seen the most stunning Azure Swimsuits in their full glory I thought a short post would be in order talking about adding a bit of foundation into the shape.

And what better way than having 3 of our amazing ROCKSTAR roadies talk about how they went about it.

I have made accompanying drawings that I hope makes it clearer for your own Azure – but please gives us a shoutout over on the Designer Stitch Support Facebook Group – if you are have any questions –  and we will sort you out quick smart.

Please say hello to 3 of our amazing ROCKSTARS. I am sure you have seen them in many Designer Stitch garments and will agree with me that they always – and I mean ALWAYS –  look bloody amazing !!

We have our fabulous Lindsie R, Kelly G and Chelsea D (via our Melissa D) here today to share with you how they went about adding foundation support into their Azure swimsuit.

Lindsie R

I made mine using:
– swim lining from Tailormade Shop
– a powernet interlining from Gigi’s Bra Supply
– for the main suit, black swim fabric from JoAnn Fabrics
– for the overlay, a fun geometric swim fabric from Tailormade.

I made the size 3DD at the bust, graded out to a “3.5” at the waist, and graded back in to a 2 at the hip. I shortened it by 1.5”. Other than that, I didn’t make any alterations to my Azure !
A tip for the boobalicious like me: do a interlining on the top using firm powernet! To do this, I cut an additional pattern piece by cutting the main suit at the underbust, roughly at the same level as the bottom of the overlay, and cut that from powernet. I did this for the back and front. Then, I cut an additional overlay back and front, again out of powernet.
These pieces go between your lining and main fabric. If you make an interlining, I suggest pinning everything together and making sure you have things sewn in the right order. I had to unpick mine multiple times because I kept ending up with my interlining facing my skin 🙈
And you can find me lurking around the internet talking about big tits and sewing at:

Kelly G

(Ann writes) : Foundation – Undertop = (similar to a swim bra but consists of 2 cross overlays) with elastics = 1/4″ for the arm, 3/4″ for the bottom, and 3/8″ for the neckline.
Outside Body = single layers of swim spandex to be interchanged for colour variation over the undertop(swim bra).
The outside body can be swapped to many differing colour combos and is similar to “wrapping paper”.
Hi everyone, I am Kelly from California ☀️
I jumped at the chance to test Azure – I knew that with Ann’s drafting, I would finally have a suit that fits me perfectly. I’ve completed a full suit with two overlays, and am working on a fun separates suit as well.
I’ve used a fabulous swim fabric that I was lucky enough to find locally. It has great recovery and feels so nice to wear.
I thought about how to get great support for my 8DD top portion, and ended up creating a separates base layer of the tops that was cut shorter at the shoulders and length, and used thicker elastics for better support. I wear this under my Azure suit as hidden support.
I also needed a sway back for my one piece Azure, and used the boyleg for the back piece, but then cut it to the shape I needed for my rather flat tush.
You can see more of my DS makes at my Instagram page:
The first pic above shows Kelly wearing her 2 “layers”. The red is really her foundation fit and the green is the “wrapping paper’ that can be interchanged for various colour/print changes.
The 2nd pic Kelly is fine tuning the fit of her “layer”.
And the 3rd pic is the gap Kelly left in the side of the garment (didn’t include this layer section in the elastic application) to insert/remove the cups if she wants them at any stage.

I chose a two piece Azure with a high cut front blended with the fuller back. I chose the two peice for a couple of reasons. I was sewing for my eldest daughter and I thought that fitting would be a bit simpler with her work schedule and her curves. I traveled the road less traveled when choosing fabric for this incredible pattern.
Due to my experience in sewing for my 3 girls , and having found it difficult to support their bust I chose my tried and true choice. I used Performance wear with 100% recovery. I purchase it at JoAnn’s fabrics and keep it on hand for many different garments. It is the weight of heavy Ponte or Scuba. It’s stretch is perfect and it is very dense.
This lovely red suit is my Azure toile. I will be making many more for the 2021 swim and sun season!
As for fitting alterations… I made both top and bottom 2 sizes smaller than pattern size chart. However I did start with the suggested size, stitch it together and tried it on my girl wrong side out. I pinned out the extra and then tightened a bit more for support. Little secret (this suit is unlined). DD cup. She wears a G.
There is no additional support in the top, no cups, power mesh, etc.
The lovely thing about this performance knit is it will also make a fantastic lining for the gorgeous swim knit prints!!!
Azure goes together quickly and easily after you have made your fitting and design alterations. I absolutely love the fit of Azure!
Thanks everyone for reading. And I hope this has helped you with some idea on how to add foundation into your Azure Swimsuits.

The good thing about sewing and fitting our bodies – we always learn NEW THINGS.

Love to you all xx

Ann xx

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