Curvy and Luscious Pattern Testers Call Out

A SHOUT-OUT for all sizes.

Hello my wonderful lovely sew’ists and thank you for coming over to have a read about my SHOUT OUT for Curvy and Luscious Pattern Testers – in ALL SIZES.

Currently I am developing my patterns to a body circumference span of :
Bust – 80 cms (32″) to 135 cms (54″),
Waist – 60 cms (23 1/2″) to 115 cms (45 1/2″) and
Hips – 86 cms (34″) to 141cms (56″).

I have 2 designs coming up – for a knit base – that I will be taking up to body measure of Bust – 145 cms (58″), Waist 125 cms (49 1/2″) and Hips 151 cms (60″).
The below chart reflects the sizing for the next 2 of my designs.

Even though I am adding to my upper size range I am always seeking gorgeous pattern testers that cover my entire my size range.

Size Range.

The patterns will also be offered in cup sizes and the sizing is based on the chart (below) that you will use to measure yourself to ascertain what size you are.
I am also planning to add an additional cup size (F) for the 2 garments coming up for test.

Although I have 2 amazing designs forthcoming I will also be offering the above size range in future garments for 2020.

Let me just say my friends I have tonnes of designs waiting in the background – many of them with patterns already sampled – but I just have to do the tech work to get them graded and into a sewing pattern/ instruction format.

Given all of the above I am seeking – ALL SIZES – GORGEOUS, LUSCIOUS and CURVY women who would like to join our AMAZING team of roadies.


The pattern you receive as part of the tester process is the final pattern – the style, design and grade is set in concrete – the role of our roadies team is just to SHOUT OUT if you find typos, errors or anything unclear.

My tester group is very tight and we know each other very well. Given that – and due to my fashion teaching background – I do talk about everyone’s boobs, bums and all in between – I am very matter of fact as I teach fashion/pattern making/fitting every day so my view of a persons body is very exacting and I like your garments to fit well.

When testing a garment the first step is a fitting toile so I can ascertain what fit adjustments you need to make the garment work for you – you will be adjusting the pattern yourself from my guidance – but you also must have a good understanding of how to fit yourself as only so much can be done from photos.

I do have expectations about final pics – YOU MUST FEEL COMFORTABLE IN FRONT OF THE CAMERA – and if you are going to spend time making this beautiful design I want YOU to look your best – I just require ambient natural light, clear uncluttered backgrounds, your garment pressed, and you looking YOUR BEST when taking your pics…I want you to be the best that you can be and simple backgrounds showcase you the best.

If I haven’t scared you off 😅😅😅 I would love to hear from you – please complete the below application form.

I will be building an email database of interested sew’ists so when a design is ready to go I will send out emails with all of the information.

You are not obligated to undertake all/any of the road tests – the purpose of the email is to BEDAZZLE you with the design so you wont be ABLE TO SAY NO 😅😅😅

I will still be doing my regular shout outs on social media – so don’t worry if you think you may not see them anymore – but I know I miss a lot of people due to the sheer volume of social media posts in the stratosphere.

Thanks my friends and I look forward to receiving your details.

Love to you all xx
Ann at Designer Stitch

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