Raven Cami Chemise Slip Dress Pattern Tester Roundup Part 2

And a Happy Hello to all of you my sew’ist friends. And WELCOME to Part 2 of the Raven Cami Chemise and Slip Tester Roundup Part 2.

I hope you loved seeing the showcase of the Raven in part 1 of the tester round-up – so get ready for some more eye dazzling my friends. xx

The fabulous thing about the Raven that is looks good on everyone – be they more slight in their frame – or lush and curvy. AMAZING !!!

If you missed the previous 2 posts be sure to read the
Raven Cami Chemise Slip Dress Pattern Tester Roundup Part 1 or
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The Raven Cami Chemise and Slip Dress  is for a sewing level of Confident Advanced Beginner and Above.

The finer details : On Sale for a limited time only – $8.95
(US) (AU/UK) 6 – 28 (US) 2 – 24 (EU) 34 – 56 . Cup Size – B, C, D, DD

So let us now get underway showcasing my amazing roadies and their equally outstanding Raven Cami, Chemise and Slip Dress

I have asked each of my roadies to share with you the following:

1. Your name and where you live

2. What fabric did you choose and where did you purchase.

3. What and if any changes did you make from your toile to your final Raven

4. What tips can you share when sewing the individual garments parts ?.

5. What was your favourite thing about making the Raven?

6. Have you worn your Raven yet and what compliments did you receive.

7. And how are you styling your Raven ?

A big WOO HOO to all my fabulous roadies in the first round-up of the Raven Pattern Roadies…

And if you have missed the previous days posts here are the links –
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Love to you all xx
Ann at Designer Stitch. xx


Hi, I’m Carmen from Georgia and I choose the cami style for the Raven because I love how sophisticated and functional they are with the right attire.
The fabric I used was a textured peach skin which I purchased at my local Joann’s. I think the best tip I could give to anyone making this dress is to pick a fabric and color combo you will love because you will want to wear this all the time. My favorite part of this cami is th that you can adjust the fit by simply sewing the darts in front or back.
I have worn my Raven to work with a cardigan because fall is here and I have received lots of compliments. I think I would like to pair it with a navy Carmen Skirt and put on some dancing shoes. You can visit my blog at happilysewnafter.wordpress.com

1. Your name and where you live Coloma Fernández Spain
2. Your choice of style for the Raven and why ? I chose the cami because I think is the project I will use the most but I am thinking to sew a sexy slip too.
3. What fabric did you choose and where did you purchase – (make sure you add affiliate link to fabric seller if you are able) rayon bought in Stocktextiles Barcelona http://www.stockstextilesbarcelona.com/
4. What tips can you share when sewing the individual garments parts ?.I made little cuts to the back and front neckile to give a perfect line.
5. What was your favourite thing about making the Raven. the different cup options that it is not normal in all patronist. This pattern provide you different possibilities.
6. Have you worn your Raven yet and what compliments did you receive. Not yet…it is starting the cold weather…waiting for a sunny day.
7. And how are you styling your Raven or how will you be styling it in the future ? I would like to introduce a nice lace around the neckline and the low part of the cami to do it more sexy.
8. Social media URLS  https://www.ladycoloma.com/2019/10/raven-corazones.html and https://www.instagram.com/p/B39gU3EIrJ-/?igshid=1g5njckbwa1n8

My name is Iolanda and I am from Catalonia (Europe). I made Raven Slip dress in longest version with standard straps and V-back. I purchased my fabric on a very famous market in Barcelona called Els Encants. It is rayon. I love my Raven because it makes me feel sexy and comfortable at home, my hubby also love it (hahaha) and I will make a shorter version to wear with jeans.
When you makes your first Raven I suggest you to sew a basic and quick fit first just to play with front and back darts and choose your better fit. Also is try and pin your straps on place and look if they are on the correct height if you don’t choose to go with adjustable straps (optionable)

Hello Everyone! My name is Kristin, I live in London, Ontario, Canada. I chose the standard back Raven with adjustable straps and back only waist darts – I love the clean look of the slip dress with tiny straps. I purchased my fabric from my local Fabricland store in London. When sewing the straps – it is so important to press them, press them again, and then press them one more time! A good press makes all the difference on tiny straps like these. My favourite thing about making the Raven was learning which darts work for me – and the different looks they can give a garment. I haven’t yet worn my Raven as we are heading into fall here, but I cannot wait to wear it come the spring – or I may wear it with a button up shirt underneath. I just need somewhere to wear it!

Hi! I am Marieke from the Netherlands.
I sewed my Raven Chemise with the shortest length. Therefore I used a soft and thin poplin with shiny threads. (twill woven)
Funny, because originally the fabric is with v-lines on it, but because it is cut on bias, it are cubes now.😆
When you sew your own Raven, which is a quick and easy sew, I would recommend you to try a basic fit first. Try it on, pin the darts and decide if you want to add them in the front and/ or the back. I didn’t expected it, but I ended up with only back waist darts.
Also important is to pin your straps and look if they are on the correct heigth. When you don’t trust it, just use adjustable straps.
My Raven is so flowly, soft and light. I feel stylish and sexy in it and I can’t wait to wear it outside the house!
The fabric I used is superthin and fraying, so I decided to sew french seams and finished the edges from the facing with a small 3 thread overlock stitch.
This pattern is one of my favorites now. It’s stylish, elegant, sophisticated and sexy too!
A nice thing is the unendless possibilities to style it. I tried high heels, knee boots, ankle boots. Styled it with a biker jacket, a vest, a blazer and as a nightgown too.
Need I say more?
When you like it, you can visit me on Instagram:

Hello, all you beautiful sewists! Melissa here in southern Colorado, USA.
I sew for my beautiful curvy daughters, my incredible sister and my namesake neice who are also blessed with lovely curves and myself, as well as my darling grand girls who are almost 5 and 6 years old.
I chose to make a Raven cami because Olivia owns two rtw and was thrilled that Ann designed this beauty that would actually fit her perfectly! We are planning to create more camis as well as slip dresses!!!
I pulled this pretty floral challis from my stock, we buy fabric that we love in bulk and sometimes we stock up when we find a great sale! I know that this peice was purchased from a local tailor that had bought a large quantity of fabrics at a great price and was sharing the love.
My best tip for sewing the Raven is find your size and cup size. Measure, read fitting details, make your toile, adjust and then I make notes directly on my pattern as well as my envelope( I store in large Manila envelopes). I always set my straps in the front and leave the back open to adjust the length in final fitting. I LOVE making this beauty because despite its ease it has couture grace and fit!!!
Olivia has worn hers several times to work and her coworkers loved it! She hears” I wish my mom made beautiful clothes for me” and “where did you buy that? I love it!”
Olivia chose to wear her Raven cami with skinny jeans, lovely red suede shoes and a tough black leather jacket for an young edgy look. All she needed was a fabulous red lip stick. Raven is a girl with many faces, every season, every occasion, every mood! I’m going to be a busy Gigi filling closets with new Ravens for our fall and winter wardrobes.
Thank you Ann Gross for changing our lives with perfectly designed patterns, generous teaching and most of all a sweet spirit that sees the beauty in Every woman!!!
Enjoy your Raven!!!

My name is Stacey and I live on the south coast of England.
I made the shorter slip dress as I thought it would make a cute little throw on dress for the summer.
I used a drapey rayon fabric for my dress which I purchased at my local fabricland store.
make sure you Mark all the notches as this will make it really easy to match up all the pieces.
My favourite thing about making The raven dress was how quickly it came together!
So far I have only worn my raven around the house as it is winter! But my other half loves it!
I will wear it with flip flops and a little cardi or jacket layered over the top.

Hi, I am Synthia LG, I live in Central California, I made two of the Raen designs. I made the short top in a satin type fabric with beautiful blues/purples colors, I love this top. I styled this top with cute chunky heels and capri pants. I also made a dress version in medium weight rayon fabric. I tyled the dress with leggings underneath, I really like this look too. I wore the dress Raven out with chunky heels, leggings, and a short jean jacket, it was a hit with friends. Tips, make a muslin for fit, sew and re-sew until the fit is right for you. I plan on making more with wais darts to wear as an undergarment with see-through sheers tops. Thank you, Ann Grose, for another fun design.


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