Dylan Pants Tester Roundup Part 2

Greetings my lovely sew’ist friends and I write this on a crisp sunny afternoon in Melbourne Australia …. the morning started off with cloud cover but this afternoon was glorious with a slight breeze and the sun shone in her full light.

Today I am featuring the Dylan Pants Road Tester Roundup Part 2.

If you have missed any of them be sure to check out yesterdays post – Dylan Pants Tester Roundup Part 1 or the previous posts in the Dylan Pants Pattern Release series – How to Alter Crotch Length for Buttock Division and How To Eliminate Back Leg High Thigh Folds.

Relaxed and Easy wearing is the KEY to the new Dylan Pants. The Dylan offer a gorgeous slim-ish fit, easily pulled on the body, and made from stretch woven for extra for comfort.

The finer details : On Sale for a limited time only – $8.95 (US)
multi-sized pattern :
(AU/UK) 6 – 26
(US) 2 – 22
(EU) 34 – 54
Advanced Beginner/Intermediate Sewing Level.

Hi I’m Anna, I chose the slim leg and loved it. I used a cotton sateen from Spotlight and it worked really well.

To get a good fit definitely do a test pair first and follow the tutorials to adjust your front and back rise.

The Dylan Pants are really great for work or leisure pants and so easy and comfortable to wear.

Hello, im Ashley R i live in London.

I choose to make the tapered 3/4 length as im only short and like to show a bit of ankle. I think theses are great for summer to wear with sandals as the weather warms up.

I used a stretch denim and a stretch cotton to create my Dylan. I got my fabric from a facebook group called Coalville Fabric they only post in the UK.

When making my pair of Dylan Pants i would recommend making a test pair first to make sure the fit is right.You should read all the blogs on adjustments which will really help you get the best fit. Just take your time there is no need to rush. I learnt so much making mine, from crouch adjustments which i had never done before but works really well with any extra fabric you have.I have worm mine a few times now and i just love them i don’t have a pair of trousers that fit this well.

You can style this with heels or flats both work well. My friend is now after a pair as she loves the panel design and fit. Everyone needs a pair in there life!


1. Your name and where you live ?
Belinda, in Queensland Australia.
2. Your choice of leg width of the Dylan and why ?
Tapered leg, just because I felt like it!
3. What fabric did you choose and where did you purchase ?
I used cotton sateen from Spotlight.
4. What sewing tips can you share when sewing the Dylan ?
Mark the leg pieces! Tgey qre so similar in shape, it helps a lot to make sure you sew them in the right spot.
5. What was your favourite thing about making the Dylan ?
6. Have you worn your Dylan’s yet and what compliments did you receive.
Not yet. Hasn’t been cold enough!
7. And how are you styling your Dylan ?
They will be paired with ballet flats and fitted tops for work.

I’m Carmen and I live in Adel. I chose the regular length with the tapered leg for the Dylan Pants because it resembles a boot cut style which is what I like.

The fabric I chose for the Dylan was a medium weight floral denim with 20 percent stretch which I purchased three years ago from Sly Fox. I’m not sure if they have any more of this fabric but I’m glad I used it.

The best sewing tip I could give when sewing the Dylan Pants is to chose a fabric without a pattern or minimal pattern to really show off the unique details of the pants. I really love how well the Dylan Pants fits compared to other RTW pants I own.
I have not had an opportunity to wear it in public due to the stay at home order in my state.

I plan on styling my Dylan Pants with a pair of sexy boots for date night or riding boots when I’m horseback riding.

Love to you all xx

My name is Genevieve and I live in Horsham, in the United Kingdom.

I chose to make tapered, ankle length Dylan’s, as they would be perfect for Spring.

I used a beautiful Bengaline Woven that I bought from Driessenstoffen.nl
To ensure that your pants are perfect, make a toile and take time to make adjustments for your body. I absolutely love my pants, I love all the seams and details but also how comfortable they are.

I have worn them a number of times, in isolation. My family says they are fantastic. As it is spring, I generally wear them with a 3/4 sleeve top, Cardi and pumps.

Hello my dear friends, I’m José and I’m from the Netherlands! I got to make this Dylan Pants, and picked the slim leg, ankle length. I like this length to show of my shoe addiction 🤪
I did do quarantine sewing for this one, I picked a white stretch jeans and colored it with Dylon fabric paint to this red color 🔥
I’ve bought this fabric years ago on our local and historical fabric market called Lapjesmarkt.

Since this was my first pants of Designer Stitch, I had to commit to fitting. I did do a big back rise adjustment (added 5 cm) but I ended up with my best fitting pants! And best of all this is a one time investment because it’ll work for my harper pants to be sewed as well!! 🤗 Got to love the consistent sizing.

So do read the blog posts with the front and back rise adjustments that Ann did, they will get you in that sweet fitting spot!
I enjoyed learning to get my fit right, and I really like the way the zipper is inserted. 100% results every time!
I’m also doing my test version to a capri length which is soo nice for springtime!

I styled my Dylan Pants with some cropped/high waist length tops, this I like best. The Lucille blouse is fabulous with it too! Just wait till it releases.

Best compliment!? Did you MAKE that? Fab booty🤪 (the pockets are very well placed!)
If you’d like you can see more of my makes over on IG.

Hi! I’m Kim from the Netherlands. For the Dylan Pants, I made the slim leg. I used a grey stretch denim bought at my local fabric store.

This was my first time making pants and I used both of Ann’s blogs about fitting a lot.

My most important tip is to make a toile and make all fitting adjustments before cutting out your good fabric. Once the fit is right, you’ll want to make a lot of these pants!

I wore my Dylan Pants with a black (kind of cropped) top and black shoes. I wore heels for a bit and then put on sneakers; both look great!

Have fun making your Dylan Pants!

Hello! My name is Kristin and I’m from London, Ontario, Canada 🇨🇦.

I chose the slim leg option so I had a lovely pair of pants to wear with heels. I used a lovely stretch denim that I had in my stash, as acquiring fabric these days is quite a challenge! Make sure you have a denim needle and denim thread for your machine – it will keep everything running smoothly.

I loved learning how to get the perfect fit for pants! Something I will never find in a store.

Sadly I haven’t had the chance to wear them yet as we’ve had 7+ weeks of lockdown orders, but as soon as I can, I’ll be wearing them with my faith top or a fancy tank.

1. Luana and I live in North Carolina, US
2. I made the slim leg version because it’s the fitting I prefer for pants.
3. I used a stretch denim bought at Joann’s (of course checking fabric weight and stretch required for the pattern first, since it’s so important for the final fitting of the pants).
4. Make sure you label each pattern piece and the most important advice: iron every time that the instructions say to iron.
5. I love all the topstitching that gives such a professional finish.
6. I did, and my friend couldn’t believe I made them!
7. Depending on the wether I am wearing either a light pullover or a shirt.
8. Instagram https://www.instagram.com/lmfcrafts/
Personal Blog https://lmfcrafts.com/

Hello , I’m Shardee from the Netherlands. I made my Dylan Pants in white stretch jeans, which I bought on the local market here. The slim legs is my favorite, because its so flattering for everyone.

My tip : Before your sewing the Dylan, NON, lol, I can only say, once you made one, you want MORE.

I love topstitching, its so satisfying.

The Dylan is a pants for everyday and every style. I have worn it with a blouse, simple t shirt and a trouser.
Have a look on www.instagram.com/sdvtje to see more of me

Hi, I’m Sarah from Virginia

I picked the slim leg Dylan Pants because I love the look of a nice slim leg pant.

I used some bottom weight cotton spandex from Cali Fabrics

Make a muslin! Also just take your time and do a nice topstich and they’ll turn out great 🙂

I usually sew knits, so it it was a nice change of pace from my normal.

Well my husband liked them, but I haven’t worn them other than for the photo shoot, since I pretty much just wear PJs all day every day now 🙁

I found a lovely long top to wear with my awesome purple pants. I would definitely wear to the office, if I could!

Hi, I am Synthia L G, I live in Central California. For the Dylan Pants, I made the regular tapered leg.

I am not a fan of wearing jean pants because they just don’t fit right on me. But, I made my Dylan Pants out of stretch denim fabric, and I love….love the fit, very slimming and comfortable to wear.

My jean fabric was purchased years ago from Joann’s fabric. I haven’t had a chance to wear my Dylan jean pants out yet, but my friend loves the fit and style.

As for tips, so important to sew a muslin to adjust the pattern if needed for best fit. another awesome design Ann Grose









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