Fabric Sources for the Greta Dress


Greetings my sew’ist friends. I hope you are well and happy today.

This is a very short – and sweet – blog post with link details of fabric sources for making your own Greta Dress.

The Greta Dress can be made in a variety of knit fabrics that have the correct stretch ratio. 

Choose from Lurex, Metallic Jersey, Stretch Velvets, Embossed Stretch Velvets – anything that has a knit base.

Recommendations are as follows : approx weight of 200gsm – are BEST with at least 50 % stretch across and 20% stretch going down the fabric.

– Jersey Weight – Fibre content approx to = Polyester 80%, Lurex 15% Spandex 5% (approx).

I hope that this helps you find your perfect fabric for your Greta Dress.

And if you have a link for the perfect fabric THAT you found for your own Greta Dress – and would like to share it – please let me know.

Cheerio my friends.

Ann xx



Kayla from Surge Fabrics.
Great choices in stretch velvet.

Click for link here. 





Sue Glas-Parrott
My gold fabric was purchased on Amazon.

Click for link here. 




Synthia Lee Gerritson
Retail Store – Joann’s in Turlock, CA.




France Langlois
The shop I was looking at on Etsy did not deliver to Canada.
So I went on AliExpress therefore I could not test because of the delays in shipping.
But I got my fabric now…LINK



Shardee Van Driel de Visser
Click for Link Here





Shardee Van Driel de Visser
Click for Link Here






Mieke Moyaert
Click For Link Here






Lianne Lee
Click For Link Here







Camilla Pergelius
I had it in stock in my own fabric shop, www.sosewme.se, but I used up the last on the roll so it’s not available to purchase 😅





Marieke de Jonge
Click For Link Here
The black dress is from @shanifabrics (you can buy per instagram)




Meredith Damon
Gold metallic foil knit from Lush Fabrics Australia
Click For Link Here

Shimmer knit – celestial navy from Remnant Warehouse Sydney
Click For Link Here




Ashley Riley
My sliver dress was this fabric from Jo-Ro Rags Group
Click For Link Here
and my blue but they are out of stock right now.





Allison Falkey
Click For Link Here

Finally I noticed on Cyber Monday that Boho Fabrics has Lurex that meets the stretch requirements
Click For Link Here





Sandra Wilbrink-Jeursen – I made 4 dresses.

One with lurex gold:

Click For Link Here






One lurex black:
Click For Link Here








One black velvet:
Click For Link Here





The pailletten fabric I bought at a wholesale a year ago. I had 12m


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