Heidi Skirt Pattern Tester Roundup Part 1

Good day to you my lovely friends who are sewing right around the world.

Thank you for visiting with us today for Part 1 of our Heidi Skirt Rockstar Pattern Tester Roundups.

Our Heidi skirt is such a sweet design using soft inverted pleats as its design feature along with a mock front button band.

It also incorporates a lovely front self tie that adds to its sweet design appeal.

The Heidi is a great transeasonal skirt. She was originally designed to go back with the Phoebe Top but she is such a wardrobe staple I think she needs to have her own face to the world.

Make the Heidi Skirt in any light to medium weight woven – something that will easily hold soft pressed pleats.

Our Heidi Pleat Skirt features:

4 different lengths – 50cm (20″) 55 cms (22″) 60 cms (24″) and 75 cms (30″) length from Waistline.
Front Tie Belt
Mock Front Band
Centre Back Zipper

So, lets start our cavalcade of fabulous Heidi Pleat Skirts my friends – part 1 of our Heidi Skirt Pattern Testers Roundup.

They would like to share with you the following. 

1. Your name and where you live?
2. Your choice of option for the Heidi Skirt and why?
3. What fabric did you choose and where did you purchase?
4. What alterations did you have to make to your Heidi Skirt toile?
5. What sewing tips can you share when sewing the Heidi Skirt?
6. What was your favourite thing about making the Heidi Skirt ?
7. Did you make more than one combo of the Heidi Skirt ?
8. Have you worn your Heidi Skirt yet and what compliments did you receive?

And the finer details; (AU/UK) 6 – 30 (US) 2 – 26 (EU) 34 – 58
On Sale for a limited time only – $8.75(US)
Very Confident Advanced Beginner and Above Sewing level
Heidi Skirt

Hello I’m Ashley R a sewist from London.
I’m excited to share with you the amazing new Heide Skirt pattern! Heidi is made for woven fabrics with a great drape. I used a linen blend and a denim viscose from @jororags they are a UK company. I always recommend that you make a fit first as depending on your body/height you may need to make some changes so don’t use your good fabric first. I’m only 5 foot so I made the knee length and below knee length both with shorting the height by 2″ so it hit in the right place. I styled my Heide with the Maeve top and a pair on flat and Phoebe top which both worked really well. I’ve worn both of my Heide outs as you can dress it up and have a casual look. Got lot’s of comments and It’s nice to say I made it. I can see many more of theses made up as perfect for all weather.
IG: https://www.instagram.com/madebyashleyriley/
FB: https://www.facebook.com/sewashley.co.uk

Hi, I’m Carmen from Georgia!
I’m so excited to share the new Heidi Skirt with everyone. I wanted to make a skirt that would go with nearly everything, so I decided to use a taupe suiting which had wonderful drape and also held the pleats well.
Tip: Place a few pins along all the pleat folds to hold them in place while you work on your garment. This will keep the pleats flat and stable.
I wanted my Heidi to be simple and classic and tucked a cream blouse inside the waistband. I really liked how stylish it looks.
You can find me on Instagram at http://instagram.com/carmen_in_the_end

hello, I nearly forgot to say I am Christina from Cape Town. Wanted to jump straight into raving about the Heidi skirt.
I made 3… although my 1st I did the pleats wrong way round and it did not make it to photographs, I wear it all the time. That was made in a soft linen and works so well with the pattern. It also gives a completely different look to my red and white graphic print – fabric I have been saving for the perfect Designer Stitch Pattern. This is woven cotton with less drape, showing a more retro style. And pairs perfectly with thr new Phoebe top to add to the retro, or a t-shirt for warmer weather.
This is an easy fast sew!
You might note my skirts don’t sit exactly same place in my middle. I made the graphic print with a slightly narrower waist- perfect for high waist fashion.
Gorgeousness from DS.

Hi everyone! Huike from Singapore here and I am just so happy with my pleated heidi skirt in Viscose Linen!
I love the swishiness of the skirt and the drape of it in viscose linen is just perfect! I can’t wait to make more of this in a different length and there’s pockets! Yay!
My instagram is www.instagram.com/kekesews

1. Hello this is Julia from Baltimore, Maryland!
2. I made my Heidi Skirt from one of my favorite fabrics, the cobra corsage cotton lawn from Lady McElroy, that I bought from Minerva. I used antique shell buttons from a sewing box I received from a friends grandmother 🙂
3. I am terrible at pleats, and some of these are shaped, and not parallel lines. I found it easiest to baste trace the pleat lines so that I could use my fingers to match them up and get them sewn accurately.
4. I made the 22” skirt
5. I did not have to alter the Heidi.
6. I get tons of compliments on this skirt. The fabric is really the star of the show, and I love having a pattern with not too many seams that can showcase the beautiful print.
7. I love having skirts to wear for work, and the Heidi is a great wardrobe basic. I have plans for a plaid mini skirt without the bow or buttons. I love the the Heidi is an elevated basic that is endlessly hackable, which is my favorite kind of pattern!
8. www.instagram.com/glamagrrl

1. Lindsie; Philly area
2. I used a linen blend
3. I’d recommend cutting the waist band a bit long and adjusting after attaching it to your skirt. I ended up with less crossover at the back than I would have liked.
4. I did the shorter length with full pleats
5. I didn’t make any fit changes!
6. people love this skirt! I’ve been getting all kinds of compliments. One person said it was “very fall”
7. I’m going to do a version in a stiffer fabric that will show off the pleats!
Blog – sewbusty.com
Facebook https://m.facebook.com/sewbustcommunity/
IG Instagram.com/sewbusty

Hi there! Here is Marieke from the Netherlands.
Well, I can only say: give it a try!
It is an easy skirt to make but the pleats are making it look fancy and it’s a pleasure to wear!
I used a simple plain leightweight denim to keep it flowy and easy to combine with anything you normally would wear with a jeans.
With that said…Just wear with it what you like ^^
Since Atumn has started a simple turleneck and my favorite pair of boots are enough to finish the look.
Measure yourself twice for the correct fit and enjoy the new Heidi skirt! ❤️

Hi! I’m Sandra from the Netherlands. I made my Heidi skirt in a cotton fabric. I didn’t do any alterations. The style I had in mind was a touch of ‘classy’. Something to wear to work but also to wear at home. It was actually my birthday outfit. I had a lot of compliments – especially my mother in law. She wants me to make a skirt for her. It’s also very nice to combine with Phoebe top or Yvette top. It’s an easy to follow pattern 🥰.
My Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sandra_wilbrink_sewing

Hi, my name is Synthia and I live in Central California. The Heidi skirt has become a versatile garment to my wardrobe. I love how the skirt drapes with the rayon fabric I used. I paired my Heidi with a pair of boots and the Pheobe knit top. As always, sewing a muslin is a must to obtain a proper fit, and have many different colored invisible zippers on hand, one just never knows. I love this skirt and how flattering it is over the tunny area. blog: https://sewsynsewn.blogspot.com https://www.facebook.com/Synthia20000/

I’m Tina from California. I used this beautiful Teal Cosmo print from Fabric, Laces, Trims. Definitely take your time measuring, ironing and sewing your pleats for a beautiful skirt! If in doubt, practice on scraps of fabric. I only had to adjust for my height for my perfect fit. I actually wore my Heidi skirt paired with the Phoebe Top out to my birthday dinner and received compliments. I love the detail of the faux placket with the ties and planning on making more.

Allison from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I made the Heidi skirt for my teen daughter. The rust colored fabric is actually from my mom’s stash, I think possibly a polyester/rayon blend. It was fabulous to work with and has nice drape.
Heidi is perfectly on trend for this season and a classic, too. Measure well and make a fit. Iron careful as you go to set the pleats. If your fabric is a synthetic, remember your pressing cloth.
Megan has worn we skirt mostly with her ankle booties. She has paired with a turtleneck sweater and a black top. The tie at the waist adds great detail and finish.
We also love that the placket is faux with buttons set over actually button holes. Really gives the skirt a quality finish and attention to details.
My daughter has worn her skirt several times. She has received multiple compliments.
We certainly plan to make more. There is actually fabric already sitting and waiting. Eventually, I would like at least one for myself, too!










Hi! My name is Sonia and I live in SW Missouri in the United States
For my Heidi I used a beautiful black and white lace that I interlined with a drapey black polyester blend sewn together to create one fabric. This was purchased at a local fabric shop that unfortunately doesn’t sell online. The biggest tip I can recommend for sewing the Heidi skirt is to make a toille first and take your time to make sure all your pleats are all going in the same direction
I chose the longest length and because I’m 5’1 I shortened a few inches.
I have another Heidi planned out in a beautiful Rayon blend tropical print that will be perfect for an upcoming trip to Hawaii!
You can find me on the following social media platforms:
IG: www.instagram.com/sewsowforth
My Blog Www.sewonsowforth.com

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