Kiran Dress Pattern Tester Roundup Part 1

HI HO my lovelies. I hope that you are all well and happy and that you are all sewing and creating something gorgeous for yourself.

Today is our Rockstar Pattern Roadies Star day. The first installment of all things FABULOUS about our pattern tester roadies and their new Kiran Dress and/or Tunic. 

And let me say my love they have truly outshone themselves yet again. The Kiran Dress offers a canvas for the creative use of textiles, prints and solids.

Not only does the Kiran invoke an amazing Vintage vibe from the 60’s and 70’s it is also an amazing design shape that allows you to achieve the most perfect fit as is possible.

The Kiran Dress or Tunic will be your go-to wardrobe staple and is easy to wear for whatever season.

If you are heading into winter wear it with a long sleeve tee or polo, tights and boots. Or if you are going into spring and summer the Kiran offers a fabulous a-line shift shape ideal for warm weather wearing.

Look every bit chic and feel every bit confident and comfortable in your Kiran Dress.

So without further ado my friends lets get the be-dazzlement happening. Please shout a big WOO-HOO to all of your Rockstar Roadies. It is LOVE 💗

And our roadies would like to share the following with you all :
1. Your name and where you live ?
2. Your choice of option for the Kiran and why ?
3. What fabric did you choose and where did you purchase ?
4. What alterations did you have to make to your Kiran toile ?
5. What sewing tips can you share when sewing the Kiran ?
6. What was your favourite thing about making the Kiran ?
7. Did you make more than one combo of the Kiran ?
8. Have you worn your Kiran yet and what compliments did you receive.
And the finer details;
(AU/UK) 6 – 30
(US) 2 – 26
(EU) 34 – 58
Cup Sizes – B, C, D, DD
On Sale for a limited time only – $9.75(US)
Very Confident Advanced Beginner and Above Sewing level

Amanda from Northern California. I made the longer length Kiran with all trim options and a split at the bottom and neck. The bias trim in a metallic gold really helps this dress shift from work to play. With batik quilters cotton and a lined woven gold lame center, this dress catches the sun with a lovely retro nod. Fabric was purchased here and there at thrift shops. Best tip is that this pattern can look so different with different material choices. You have to make more than one.
The best compliment for any handmade dress, is the question of where it was purchased, followed by the shock of being made by the wearer! Kiran will get you there with a sophisticated straightforward sew! I can’t wait to make a winter ready tunic version!

Hello I’m Ashley R from London, I’m excited to share with you the amazing Kiran pattern!
Kiran dress comes with a option of lengths. I went for the shortest length as I’m only 5 foot and wanted it above my knee.
This is a pattern you really need to think about your fabric. I ended up going for a wool mix that I was able to use both sides of the fabric to make my dress and using the wrong side for my front panel really worked well, I managed to pick it up from a local little shop. As I really liked the pattern I made more than one and my others I used a non stretch denim with a cotton front panel which makes it more for summer wearing which I got from a facebook group Coalville Fabrics.
My tip, a toile is much needed to make sure it sits on your waist at the right length, you don’t want to waste good fabric. Also If any adjustments are needed you can do them before working on your good fabric. I would also say to add your facing in your toile as it makes a big difference for your fit.
My favourite think about making Kiran is that it’s a woven pattern which I don’t use much of and I learn new sewing tips all the time. Kiran can be a summer or winter dress which I love. I have styled my Kiran with a turtleneck top under and long black boots I also made a matching hat to rock my vibe. I can see myself making more of theses dresses as depending what fabric you use it can be styled in so many different ways.

Hi! I’m Barbara and I live in Northeast Mississippi, USA
I chose to make two knee-length Kirans.
I chose a Kente print Ankara that I purchased from The red Ankara was purchased from Femi Fabrics Facebook group.
My tip for sewing the Kiran is to have fun with your fabrics!
My favorite thing about Kiran is that I can basically use my scrap pieces of fabric and have a nice dress!
I have worn my Kirans several times and received numerous compliments.
Kirans will forever be in my closet! I plan to make a winter version very soon!

Hello, I’m Carla and I live in the UK.
I went for a short Kiran dress so I can wear it as a dress during the summer and as a tunic during the colder months (pair it up with a long sleeve undershirt, leggings and tall boots)
I used a Paintbrush Studios 100% cotton, which I’ve had in my stash for over a year, it’s my favourite fabric ever and was saving it for something special. The fabric was a bit of a risky choice as is quite light.
I don’t really use pins, unless I’m doing seam matching, so I used lots of clips to make sure I eased the bust curves into the bodice without any puckers. Top stitching the front seams before sewing on the bias tape definitely helped, I didn’t use pins to sew the bias but lined up the middle of it with the middle of the seam.
My favourite thing about Kiran was how amazing made my breast look, as it is fitted at the top and then a bit more relaxed towards the waist and hips.
I wore my Kiran once and was asked where I had bought it from, which is a huge complement for me since I’m fairly new to this world. I haven’t been able to wear it more times because it was been raining non stop.
I am waiting on a denim fabric to make a second Kiran, still not sure about the colour for the bias though.
Hello everyone, I am Camelia and I am living in Germany.
My first Kiran version was a cotton one and for that one, I choose the knee length, just because I was thinking that it will work fine. Length is for me something that I adjust at the end, always making the version longer to be sure I can make it shorter if I want to.
This black version of the Kiran started with the fabric. I had this gorgeous Minerva boucle, black and gold with two nice sides to use. It almost became a jacket till it came to my head that it will make a perfect Kiran dress. The only down part was that it had to be lined as this fabric is not really nice against the skin. To make the lining I just taped the side panel and the lower side panel together to make one side panel and cut the rest of the pieces as they are, in lining fabric. For the facings, I used some black cotton, and to be sure that that will not be visible I understitched the neckline seam and now everything is rolling nicely to the inside of the garment, never skip under stitching 🙂
A nice feature of the Kiran dress pattern is that you can choose your way on how much binding you want to add to your seams. In my cotton version, I add it all 🙂 in this black one, I started with the idea of adding just the front seams and the yoke but ended up with a lot more:) . I made my own bias binding from cotton, very easy to make and actually easy to match my project.
My advice for making this pattern: make a toile to get the perfect fit ( will be a shame to unpick binding to adjust when the dress is done) and also take your time when sewing the binding, don’t hurry, to get nice straight seams.
I love the shape of this dress, very flattering and comfortable at the same time. Love the pockets, of course, and playing with all the binding was really fun !
I love this boucle version of Kiran, it feels so luxurious! Is amazing how versatile is this pattern…it takes me from my summer cotton dress to my evening black and gold little black dress, amazing. I really want to get one in denim, with gorgeous topstitched seams!
Be sure to take a look on my YouTube channel and IG to see the latest Designer Stitch projects I am working on…sometimes even pretesting the tests:)) Exciting things are coming up here at Designer Stitch

Hi this is Christine M from the Netherlands
I made my Kiran in the dress version because I’m more a dress kinda girl.
I choose a black and white houndstooth with a little stretch and a black pleather with no stretch at all and I would suggest: Don’t try this at home 😃, but I love how it turned out. For the bended seams I cut the leather in the patterns shape. In that way it was possible to sew the not so flexable leather. I’d advise to use a teflon or walking foot. I must say I did a lot of swearing, but I loved it in the end.
I like to wear my Kiran with black boots and in winter I’m going to combine it with a turtleneck
You can find me at :

Hello lovely readers, I am Kiran from Singapore and I am so excited to share with you my experience sewing the Kiran Dress. I am so thrilled with this dress which shares a name with me.❤
I decided to go with the longest length option for this particular sew (although I have made a shorter version for a fabric promotion earlier). To me, this dress sings of 60’s shift vibes and I had some gorgeous quilting cotton coordinates from Art Gallery Fabrics that had a similar vibe with its florals and loud colours. I felt it was a perfect fit. Also to make the magentas in the side panel fabric pop, I decided to use bright bias tape to draw the eye to the pinks. Apart from the usual swayback adjustment, this dress took minimal fit adjustments to perfect. Quite a joy to craft from download to final press.
To make the Kiran dress, if you choose to sew all the bias tape options, is a labour of love. The meticulous pressing, pinning and accurate stitching will all be worth the effort with the end result of a dress that looks stunning and runway worthy.
Whether you are just heading to the shops or sewing the Kiran Dress to spend your holiday festivities with friends and family, I am certain this dress will not fail to impress. Look me up and keep in touch with my latest sewing adventures over on Instagram at
See you soon xx

I’m Liesel from USA. I made the medium length Kiran in size 2 D cup and fell in love with the retro vibe. I used linen, which is so lovely and yet so wrinkly. My best sewing tip is go slow on the bias tape and have fun creating. I totally love the big pockets and the overall look of the Kiran. I haven’t worn my Kiran out yet but my husband says it’s the cutest dress I own. I do have fabric for another Kiran that is less moody and more tropical. You can find me at

Hello, I am Marieke from the Netherlands and actually I wouldn’t need to write more then: Do I love my Kirans!
This is my new all season wardrobe staple: in the summer with just some fitflops or as I wear it now over a shirt with leggings and boots.
Besides the cool look, you can dig into your scrap box and mitch and match what you like.
On a store nearby they sell original 70’s fabric (not for long I think 😆) and that became my first Kiran. The green print remembered my husband on the toilet his parents had in the past, but I don’t care and I am in love!
Because of the bindings you can add, I had to make a Mondriaan inspired dress. This one is going to wait for Summertime before I am wearing it, because everything underneath would be a shame. It’s a leightweight corduroy and I am just more then happy.
Sometime ago I got a Burberry coat from my husbands grandmother, way too big and the fit wasn’t mine either. But I always wanted a Burberry dress myself, so I kept looking at the lining from that coat. So, I just took it all apart and was hoping to have enough for a Kiran. And you know what? Nothing is left, but all the stripes are matching! It was meant to be 😄Together with an old jeans from my husband I can say: yes, this upcycling absolutely worked!
I used a cable knit to make a turtleneck sweater (the pattern I used for my 70’s as well is from Mini G and designed by Ann too)
The only advice I can give you: take your time to find the right fabrics together and have fun! 💃💃💃
You can follow me on Instagram if you like:

Hi, my name is Sophie and I live in Vienna
I fell in love with animal print this summer so it naturally had to be my centerpiece for Kiran 🥰 Both fabric are jacquard and I used premade bias for trims.
Kiran is a pretty straightforward sew and topstitching the bias was oddly therapeutic for me 🤣
With autumn in full swing here, I’ll be wearing my Kiran with a turtle neck underneath, tights and boots. I have fabric planned for spring and summer versions ❤️


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