Lana Dress Pattern Tester Roundup Part 1

Greetings my loves. xx. I hope that you are all safe and well.

Let me start off the spectacular Lana Dress Pattern Tester Roundup Part 1 with the LOUDEST SHOUT I can do !!!!

I know the whole world is still in a state of flux – and that our lifestyles have had to take a drastic change in recent months. But that doesn’t mean we can have some beauty in our lives – and The Lana Dress is just that.

The Lana Dress was designed for all of you. Most of us will be very limited with our Christmas and New Years celebrations but there is no reason why we all cant frock up in the Lana – hair, makeup, jewelry and gorgeous shoes to match – and celebrate in style at home with your family and close friends.

Our Lana Dress was named after the beautiful silver screen actress Lana Turner who was the epitome of style – as is our Lana Dress.

It is a figure flattering design that looks AMAZING on all body types and shapes. Made of a medium structured jersey (scuba crepe is perfect) the Lana is just OH LA LA.

So lets start the Lana Pattern Tester Roundup Part 1 – and be prepared to be STUNNED by all of my amazing testers. Love you all xx

Our roadies would like to share the following with you all :

1. Your name and where you live ?
2. What fabric did you choose and where did you purchase.
3. What sewing tips can you share when sewing the Lana ?
4. What was your favourite thing about making the Lana ?
5. How are you styling your Lana – accessories, shoes and hair?
6. Have you worn your Lana  yet and what compliments did you receive. If you haven’t worn your Lana  any plans for when you will be wearing it ?

And the finer details;
(AU/UK) 6 – 30
(US) 2 – 26
(EU) 34 – 58
Cup Sizes – B, C, D, DD
On Sale for a limited time only – $8.95(US)

Confident Advanced Beginner and Above Sewing level

My name is Ally Ross and I live in Northern Utah.
I actually bought my fabric from Joann Fabrics! I am a new tester to the group so I was nervous about getting fabric on time for my first test with you guys! I bought two colors of the same scuba crepe. That way my toile and final was a similar fit!
My sewing tip for the Lana  is to baste the dress with the shawl in the side seams first, that way you can put it on and make adjustment for fit before sewing to avoid seam ripping later.
I wore an updo hairstyle because the back of the shawl and dress is beautiful!! I wore dangly sparkly earrings to really add some sparkle! And gold shoes! I chose not to wear a necklace because I kept thinking the neckline itself was so beautiful!
I’ve only worn my Lana  out for pictures, but everyone that saw it loved it!! They thought it looked so formal! Also my friend/photographer told me how flattering it is on the booty!! I can’t wait to wear this dress out! It is a show stopper! My husband is fully prepared to take me out on a nice date!

Hi, i’m Ashley R from London. I’m so excited to share the new Lana  pattern with you all its amazing. The Lana  dress i went for was in stretch velvet with glitter hearts on, it felts so nice against my body and i made a summer version in a beautiful floral scuba. My fabric came from a group called Coalvillefabric. Other than putting it all the darks i found the Lana  pretty easy to put together, my tip would be to baste shawl at first as you my need to bring it in a bit to make sure the shawl sits right.
Always go by the measurements on the pattern. I just love the Lana  dress i went for two styles one with flounce and one without and both look amazing but different in there own way.
This dress made me feel amazing as soon as i put it on. I went for a hair up with silver shoes to match my black dress and with my summer version i went for a nice bright orange heel to go with my summer yellow floral Lana  with my hair down perfect for summer drinks!
I got a few lovely compliments when getting my pictures done but hoping to get more wear out of then next year and when the sun comes back. This dress is a very beautiful and will make you all feel amazing in it. Perfect dress for new years.

I’m Carmen from Georgia and I’m thrilled to introduce you to Ann’s latest pattern, the Lana  dress. Dare to bare your shoulders in this timelessly classic off-the-shoulder dress. Coy. Sophisticated. And a head-turner. The Lana  features a cross over shawl with optional shoulder straps and two skirts: calf length hi-low and full length.
I chose to make Lana  in a beautiful black scuba with velvet flocked roses. The roses were my favorite because they lend some captivating texture to an otherwise plain black dress. I purchased the fabric on sale from Cali Fabrics and here is the link:…/
One tip I would like to mention about the Lana  is to pick a fabric with the right weight as described in the instructions because it’s really important to feel secure and comfortable while looking your best. I feel really happy with the fabric I chose for the final.
The Lana  is a wonderful dress for showing off your shoulders when you are going to a formal event such as a New Year’s party or a wedding. You can chose to make like the iconic Lana Turner and wear big tousled hair, skyscraper heels and a smudge of kohl for the perfect look at any evening event. Or you can pull your hair up into a tidy chignon and throw on some modest heels and a pearl necklace.
Unfortunately, I haven’t been lucky enough to have an evening event to wear my Lana , but New Year’s is just around the corner and I think it would perfect for an evening with friends and a romantic dinner with my husband.

I’m Kate and I live in Australia, a little south of Sydney.
I chose a double ponte from Spotlight. I love the bold floral. And as a bonus it was on sale. So I grabbed plenty to make up a toile first.
My biggest tip to sewing it is to baste first and try it on. And keep trying it on to check the fit as you go. If you someone to help you pin things in place, that makes it much easier.
The favourite thing about making the Lana Dress was that I could make a dress like this that fits me. Store bought in this style would either fit my bust or hips, but not both. That’s what I love most about sewing my own clothes.
I’m styling my Lana with my blue glitter Christmas tree earrings – ’tis the season. For my promo photos I wore my silver sandals, but I’ll probably wear more comfortable shoes out ‘in the wild’.
I plan to wear my Lana out for dinner with my husband. I figure if there isn’t an occasion to wear it, then I need to make an occasion.
I blog (sporadically) at
or you can find me on Instagram at
and Facebook at

HI lovely people, I’m wishing you all a safe, happy and healthy holiday season 💕
My name is Jose VW and I live in the most beautiful part of the Netherlands if you ask me 😜 (next to national park Utrechtse Heuvelrug)
This holiday season is a very special one for me, not only this year is quite strange with the covid but I’m also pregnant during the happy season. All reasons to have a special dress for the holidays.
The Lana dress hits all requirements, stunning, festive and showing off the bump 💕
I’ve made my Lana  dress with a gorgeous velvet and a beautiful lace I bought at our favorite fabric guy
The fabric accomodates my bump easily. I’ve cut the long ruffle in black lace and layered it with the mid-calf ruffle in velvet on top.
The shawl piece is pretty much the most time consuming part, and the fabric choice is very important here. You’ll need fabric with structure to keep them up, you can pick sturdier fabric for the shawl facing to help keeping shape.
I paired my dress with a short necklace and some big jewelry pieces. I like to do a bit of glam by curling my hair a bit for the extra oomph. I would. Love a more retro hairstyle with this dress too!
I paired the dress with some high heels in a pop of color to complete the look.
I’m sure you’ll look stunning too in this dress since it’s very flattering on all body shapes!
If you’d like to see more of my DS makes, please follow me on Instagram:

Hello yall, I’m Kaitee from South Dakota. I used a medium weight scuba for my Lana  dress. I recommend making a toile and playing around with the shawl placement. I also recommend using the recommended fabric weight for a more secure feeling. I didnt want to try to find a strapless bra, and the recommended fabric made it totally possibly (physically and mentally) to go without. I love styling this sexy dress with smoky eye makeup and some heels. I have only had the opportunity to wear it for a diner date in my own house but i felt super amazing in it and got compliments from my husband. My instagram for other following

Hi everyone, I’m Kelly from sunny California.
My Lana was made with a beautiful crepe Liverpool that I found at my local weekend market.
The Lana  is an easy sew – once you get past all of the darts! Make sure that you mark them well on your fabric as you’re cutting it out. If possible, have someone nearby to help get your shawl in place before you tack down some key areas.
It was a lot of fun making a fancy gown!
I loved my floor length gown paired with some fun heels and a great side updo. I can’t wait for military balls to happen again to wear my Lana  to.
You can find more pics of my Lana and other DS makes at my Instagram:

Hello! I am Luana and I live in the US.
For both my toile and my final dress I used ponte knit. The coral one (my toile) is from Sly Fox Fabrics, while the sea green one (my final) is from Fabric Mart.
Although the Lana  is super fancy, sewing it is easier than you would imagine! My advice is to double-check the sew allowances (yep, I might have used the wrong one and had to unpick 🙈).
My favorite thing about the Lana  is the beautiful design and how it falls on the body, I feel so fancy in it!
I styled it with high heels and wore my hair in a bun 🙂
I did wear it from the pictures, when no one was supposed to see me…however a neighbor came at my door because she received a package and she said that “my dress was very pretty”, also for staying at home 😂
I am planning to wear it for Christmas, although not a lot of people will be around, there is no reason for me not to be fancy 😃

Happy Holidays dear sewists around our world.
My name is Melissa and our family home is in southern Colorado, USA.
I sew for 3 curvy grown daughters and Lana  is totally fabulous! I chose a lovely performance knit which is a favorite of my girls. I purchased it at Joann Fabric.
Lana is blissfully easy to complete after you have made your toile and made alterations to your pattern.
My Chelsea has a very full cup and is long waisted in the front with a sway back. I made alterations after checking in with Ann’s fitting posts and trying the dress on inside out to fine tune her fit especially the underbust darts. Don’t fret there is always help and yours will be perfectly beautiful!!!!
I loved sewing Lana ! She is so versatile and looks incredible on all figure types!!!
My Chelsea chose an incredible gold beaded dance heel and clutch as well as sparkly jewelry, all gorgeous but subtle. She chose a bold red lipstick and is wearing her hair down and embracing her natural wave. So Lana and Chelsea herself show-stopping! Unfortunately she hasn’t worn this beauty yet as we are on level red covid 19 restrictions. Perhaps New Years Eve at home will be the perfect time!!!!
Thank you Ann, Lana is incredible!

My name is Rae Nagy and I live in Kansas City, Missouri. I chose a medium weight scuba fabric for my dress that I purchased from a small seller on Etsy. If I had any tips for this dress it would be to take your time and remember a toile is key. I took the time to get the fit right and I am so much happier with my end result. I love how this dress makes me feel. It is comfortable and sexy at the same time. I styled mine quite simply with a beautiful pair of heels and some bauble earrings. Thanks to being on shut-down orders I have not had an opportunity to wear my Lana anywhere fun yet, but I did wear it around the house for awhile. My friends and I are planning on going to see some live jazz when we are able to be out more and I plan to wear it for that.

Hi! My name is Sophie and I live in Vienna Austria.
I used a stretch Scuba from driessenstoffen, an online fabric shop.
I recommend getting your most recent measurements and making a toile. I basted my entire toile so making adjustments was easy.
I haven’t been anywhere since sewing the Lana but I made my family dress up to have a pizza dinner at home after I took the final pictures 😂
I hope to wear it on Christmas Eve with strappy heels and some sparkly earrings 😍
I can’t wait to see your Lanas! ❤️

Hi, I’m Stephanie from Oklahoma, USA. I’ve made the Lana dress out of ponte with a textured jersey shaw from my local JoAnns and from scuba from a smaller local knit shop (OKC Fabric Market, if you’re in the area). My biggest tip for sewing the Lana is to make sure you mark the shawl darts well. I didn’t mark my first attempt well and it looked a hot mess and they are some long darts to seam rip. For the longer length, I really liked having the zipper in. It’s a lot of dress to shimmy out of even though there is enough room to do so, so my heartfelt suggestion is to choose to install the zipper.
My favorite thing about making the Lana was that it was it was something different to make. I make a lot of things to wear that are every day wear. It was fun to make something special occasion. It opens up some fun design options that I normally wouldn’t get to play with. Plus dressing up with full make up, jewelry, high stilettos and an up-do is always fun. I enjoy the way the Lana makes me feel pretty and want to get dolled up, so while we have no plan to go out for the New Year, I think I may just wear it at home that night. I’ll have my husband and little girl dress up, and we’ll have our own fancy gala event. Life is short, I’m wearing the party dress.
You can see more of my Lana dress on my IG:

My name is Synthia and I live in Central California. I just fell in love with the Lana dress. Being a salsa dancer I saw the Lana as an awesome dress to dance in. I made my Lana in a light weight scuba knit fabric. I did have to line the peplum with black fabric so that the white of the main fabric wouldn’t show. A muslin for the Lana dress is a must, to get the proper fit. I did not use optional straps, but may add clear straps later. I felt really special with the Lana dress, my friend loved it too. Will use the Lana as soon as I can go out salsa dancing. Great design Ann Grose

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