Lana Dress Pattern Tester Roundup Part 2

Happy days to you all my lovely sewing friends- and thankyou for visiting with us to see and read all about our Lana  Dress Pattern Tester Roundup Part 2.

I am very sure that you were positively speechless after seeing yesterdays first installment of the Lana  roadies Round Up ?

Glamour couldn’t get any better and my amazing pattern testers certainly outdid themselves this time – each of my women are glorious, glamourous and downright Va Va VOOM !!!

Even though each dress is totally different in fabric choice – or styling details – the design of the Lana  showcased each and every woman beautifully.

And again the design of the Lana looks just AMAZING on each and every body.

So lets continue Part 2 of the Lana Dress Tester Roundup – and I would love you to give a massive Woo Hoo for all of the stunning-ness. xx

Our roadies would like to share the following with you all :

1. Your name and where you live ?
2. What fabric did you choose and where did you purchase.
3. What sewing tips can you share when sewing the Lana ?
4. What was your favourite thing about making the Lana ?
5. How are you styling your Lana – accessories, shoes and hair?
6. Have you worn your Lana yet and what compliments did you receive. If you haven’t worn your Lana any plans for when you will be wearing it ?

And the finer details;
(AU/UK) 6 – 30
(US) 2 – 26
(EU) 34 – 58
Cup Sizes – B, C, D, DD
On Sale for a limited time only – $8.95(US)

Confident Advanced Beginner and Above Sewing level

And don’t forget our Lana Dress Pattern Tester Roundup Part 1 –

Love to you all my lovelies. Ann xx

Hi All, This is Brenda from The Netherlands.
I made the new Lana dress because even when there might be no party’s this year around New Year, every one deserves to have a pretty dress, even if it for around the house 🙂.
I made my blue one from Scuba crepe and my Aubergine one from Punta di Roma. Both fabrics I got at .
As a tip when making Lana I’m going to say that you have to make sure the dress is pulled up high enough. Only this way you will get your perfect fit.
I’m styling my dresses with pumps and I love to wear them with my special jewelry. The earrings and necklace in the picture are from my wedding. I like to keep my hair down, but I can also see myself putting it up.
My favorite part about Lana is that you will look extremely chique and stylish, but still are comfortable.
I’m planning on wearing Lana around the holidays, at home for me, my husband and kids to admire. Hopefully we’ll be able to go out again soon, I’ll for sure wear it than.
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Hi! My name is Jennifer L. I live in Oklahoma.
For my gorgeous Lana I used Ponte De Roma from FabricSupplier on Etsy. It’s perfect for this dress. I made the full length version and used the entire amount listed in the supplies. To make this dress to perfection a muslin/toile is 100% necessary! Be sure to baste in places that call for it, the shawl especially. I needed to adjust mine a bit. I also used a sway back adjustment. This is why a practice version is essential!
I absolutely loved making the Lana  My favorite would have to be getting that fit spot on.
I styled mine with simple jewelry because the neckline and dress itself is so vibrant and a lot of accessories did not seem necessary. But I did use loud red peep toe heels under.
I haven’t been able to wear my Lana yet, it’s for our annual ball I attend with my husband (he’s in the military and we have a ball every January, Covid permitting of course for 2021).
I love to share and showcase what I sew and create on Inspired By Amara and on instagram

Hello sewing world, I am Kiran wearing my brand new gown, this gorgeous Lana.
My dress is made with Double Knit fabric from Spotlight. I have amended it for length and with a swayback adjustment. This option that you see me wearing is the full length version made with just under 3 metres of fabric. Note: Did you know this dress can be made with it without the zipper. I am that girl whose all about the shortcuts and life hacks, so guess which option i chose hahaha
My advise if you’re planning to sew the Lana is have spare serger needles handy because this dress chomped off my needles twice! Thats six needles on this one dress. The thing is, certain areas of the dress do get a little bulky so you have been warned 🙂
My favourite part of sewing the Lana is that it is such a quick sew once the shawl is done. And so rewarding.
Im styling the Lana , I let the grace of the gown speak for itself and made it simple by simply pairing it with my diamond wedding necklace and earrings. Choker style neck adornments are preferred to show off the grace of the shawl.
Check out my Lana and other sewing adventures over at

Hi Everyone! My name is Kristin and I live in London, Ontario, Canada. For my Lana, I used lightweight scuba fabric from my local fabric shop. I couldn’t resist the sparkly fabric for my dress. The best tip I can offer is to make sure you take your time with the darts so they match up properly when sewing the bodice and skirt together – and as I always say – read over all the directions before you start cutting your fabric! My favourite thing about making the Lana was how much I learned. This was my first time making a fancy dress – now I have more techniques to use in my sewing. I styled my Lana with my highest, strappy heels and my late grandmother’s pearls. The Lana  is so gorgeous on its own that it doesn’t need many accessories. I sadly haven’t worn my Lana yet – but I can’t wait until the time comes that I can wear it! I’m planning on wearing it for a zoom NYE party!

I’m Lianne and I live in Singapore. To make my Lana dress I used a digital printed suede scuba from China.
My tip for making the Lana is to measure yourself properly and make a toile -As the bodice is fitted you need a really good fit.
I love the amazing design and look of the Lana. You can see from the testers that it’s versatile with looks ranging from a smart casual dress to a cocktail dress to an amazing ballgown.
For my styling I tried to do my own hair using the new airwave my husband bought me (but I think I need more practice). Shoes are an old favourite that I bought somewhere in Singapore to attend a wedding many years ago.
I’ve not worn the Lana out yet because we are still under some restrictions. I’m just waiting for a wedding dinner or cocktail event to wear it to.

Hi, here is Marieke from the Netherlands.
Do you want to feel super special, gorgeous and don’t want to spend days on a dress? Then Lana is your dress!
I made two Lanas and with your fabric choice you can make it look different every time again! Number three is on my sewing table and I hope I can show you that one asap!
I made one dress from scuba, a mid weight, heavy fabric with a great recovery and I love this one so much! And immediately a tip for when you want to make your own: make a toile first! The look of this dress is only that awesome when it fits as a glove (and then it’s super flattering too, which I like of course..😁)
I am wearing a strapless bra under it, because of the simplicity of my fabric it didn’t need anything else then just a simple necklace and some high heels. It make me feel elegant and sexy at the same time.
My second Lana is totally different. I used a ponte fabric with a border and used a swag knit for the shawl collar and the flounce (I took some time to cut that right…But it was worth it!)
This dress has more a vintage look, elegant and yes, I can say I feel special in it.
I haven’t worn them anywhere else then at home, but the compliments from my husband are enough.❤
I know for sure I am wearing my dresses at Christmas and New Years Eve (at home, but after all, isn’t it the most important to feel good at home?)
Have fun with making yours!😀
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Hi all, My name is Marit and I am from the Netherlands. I made my sparkle Lana with a glitter velvet bought at van Domburg Textiel.
I really enjoyed making Lana  though it was not one of the easier projects. I had a bit of trouble with the collar, but it all worked out beautiful in the end. I used a velvet, and though beautiful, I would recommend a less stretchy fabric for you. I love to keep it simple, less is more when you where such a dress, I think. So just add some killer heels and natural make-up and you are all done. You can find me at

Hi there – I’m Meredith from Sydney, Australia.
What fabric did you choose and where did you purchase.
My Lana dress is sewn in a cobalt blue scuba knit from Super Cheap Fabrics which I purchased online. The fabric was 220GSM in weight and gave the flounce lovely movement. This GSM is slightly lower than the pattern recommends and required extra adjustment. I also used a jersey lining for the shawl collar.
What sewing tips can you share when sewing the Lana ?
My sewing tips include making sure you have suitable, pre-washed fabric to get the best results. Also having the right needle for the job is very important – a jersey or ballpoint needle is best for knit projects like Lana. Be sure to follow the directions to baste in the shawl collar to make it easy to adjust – let’s be honest no-one really likes unpicking. As I used a scuba knit, I cut my pattern pieces out with a rotary cutter which has the added bonus of creating a crisp hemline without the need to turn under. With the scuba knit, I used a jersey lining for the shawl collar facing to make it sit easier and to remove the bulk.
What was your favourite thing about making the Lana?
My favourite thing about making my Lana dress is that was so easy and it delivers some serious wow factor. The pattern has great versatility to make a cocktail version with shorter hem or a gala event version with the long hem. I have made a long hem version with plans to make a cocktail length in a ponte knit very soon.
And how are you styling your Lana ?
It is summer and Christmas season here in Sydney at the moment, so my Lana will be the perfect dress for those extra fancy occasions. I am styling my Lana with large, over-stated earrings, a spray tan, dramatic make-up with a smoky eye and black patent leather pumps. I played around with necklaces but have let my Lana do all the talking for my décolletage.
Have you worn your Lana yet and what compliments did you receive.
My Lana dress has already been to a gala events with rave reviews – ‘Oh my look at you and where did you get that dress!’ The added bonus of this glamorous dress is that it is very comfortable.
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Hello my name is Rachel and I live in San Jacinto, California. For my Lana I chose to use Ponte De Roma in black that I purchased from Joanns.
One big tip I have when making the Lana is to baste your stitches and try on your Lana to make sure the fit is what you are looking for. Another tip I would like to share is to measure yourself even if you think you know what size you are its always best to get current measurements for a well fitting garment.
My favorite part of making my Lana was the final garment. I felt like I had accomplished mission impossible, just kidding but it was very satisfying to see myself in my beautiful Lana.
For my pictures I styled my Lanawith hair down and a beautiful necklace and red heels. For my next outing in my Lana I plan to have my hair pulled back into a low bun with some sort of barrette. As soon as restaurants are open I plan to parade around town in my Lana.

My name is Stacey and I live on the south coast of England.
I used a scuba fabric which I bought from Minerva.
My tips for sewing the Lana dress, would be to follow each step carefully and don’t rush. Try it on as you are sewing and make adjustments where needed to get the perfect fit.
My favourite part about making Lana was after making some small adjustments here and there trying it on on to see I had a great fit.
To style my Lana I will wear are some simple high heels and a small necklace, with my hair up to show off the beautiful neckline.
I will be wearing my Lana on New year’s Eve, regardless of whether we go out or not!!

Hey it’s Stephanie from the beautiful Central Coast, Australia.
My Lana was made using a beautiful stretch cotton sateen from Spotlight.
I really took my time with this one and used my iron a lot.
Lana is a beautiful dress that is ageless, something for both old and young
We went fairly simple with styling, just dangly earrings and my daughter started in ankle boots but ended up barefoot lol
My daughter’s work Christmas party is coming up and she plans to wear it then
If you would like to see more you can check out my blog

My name is Taryn from Cape Town, South Africa. For my Lana I used a crushed stretch velvet I had purchased a couple of months before from a local FB Fabric Seller Sadelle_Fabrics. I loved the colour so much I took the leap and when I saw the call for Lana I was glad I did. From a sewing tip perspective, take the time to get the right fit with Lana – I would definitely recommend making a toile in a similar weight and type of fabric as your final – and when fitting the dress – make sure the waist seam is hitting at your waist. Also, when it comes to wrapping the shawl, it can be easy to get it twisted so pay close attention to avoid this. Before you panic and start unstitching it because you think it is twisted – fit it on before you seam rip 😊. I found myself a couple of times puzzling over how it looked as it didn’t seem right but once on, I could see that it was right. To help get the back of the shawl to sit at the right position, I add a small invisible hand tack. My favourite thing about making Lana is probably how very proud I feel that I made this beautiful dress and how gorgeous I feel in it. I don’t wear earrings due to serious sensitivity issues but love that the neckline creates the perfect frame for something sparkly around the neck without competing with the actual dress design. And of course, Lana is not complete without a gorgeous pair of heels! I got to pull out a favourite pair from my wardrobe for my Lana pics. Glam events are a little short in supply at the moment but I have earmarked Lana for the Christmas Eve party and as I am still working from home, potentially any day when I feel like I need to channel my inner Diva and pretend to be a glamour model.
You can see more of my glamour model moments at

1. Your name and where you live ?
My name is Valentina, and I love on Carrollton, Texas.
2. What fabric did you choose and where did you purchase?
I am not sure what kind the fabric is, but it is similar to a scuba I think. It is sparkly and I bought it at Minerva Crafts online.
3. What sewing tips can you share when sewing the Lana ?
Try it on during the process and adjust as you go. Especially the shawl part.
4. What was your favourite thing about making the Lana ?
It was interesting attaching the shawl and trying to keep it from twisting.
5. How are you styling your Lana – accessories, shoes and hair?
It’s definitely a special occasion dress, and needs some nice jewelry to go with it. I have a cute necklace with a purple heart that matches the dress color really well, so I wore it. And I wore sparkly silver shoes to go with the sparkly theme.
6. Have you worn your Lana yet and what compliments did you receive. If you haven’t worn your Lana any plans for when you will be wearing it ?
Unfortunately no. I hope to wear it for New Years, but probably will be at home.
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IG: the_engineer_seamstress

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