Maeve Dress and Tunic Pattern Tester Roundup Part 1

Good day to you my sewist friends. And thank you for visiting with us today for Part 1 in our Maeve Dress and Tunic Rockstar Roadies Pattern Tester Roundup. 

And shall we say – it is really more like MARVELOUS Maeve and her MARVELOUS makers – aka our ever-fabulous pattern testers. 

The Maeve is such a versatile wear and that can be seen clearly in our roadies Maeve Dresses and Tunic

Given that the Maeve offers the following it really is garment that is trans-seasonal relaxed dressing and SEWING AT ITS BEST.

  • 3/4 Sleeve or Short Sleeve. Both with Lower Ruffle.
  • Shaped Collar Stand
  • Front yoke.
  • Button Band.
  • Lower Hem Ruffle.

So, let’s start this glorious spectacular of all things that is marvelous about our Maeve my friends.

I would like you all to give a whistle and why not a shout out for all of our fabulous roadies of the Maeve Dress and Tunic.

They would like to share with you the following. 

1. Your name and where you live ?
2. Your choice of option for the Maeve Dress and Tunic and why ?
3. What fabric did you choose and where did you purchase ?
4. What alterations did you have to make to your Maeve Dress and Tunic toile ?
5. What sewing tips can you share when sewing the Maeve Dress and Tunic?
6. What was your favourite thing about making the Maeve Dress and Tunic?
7. Did you make more than one combo of the Maeve Dress and Tunic ?
8. Have you worn your Maeve Dress and Tunic yet and what compliments did you receive ?
And the finer details; (AU/UK) 6 – 30 (US) 2 – 26 (EU) 34 – 58
Cup Sizes – B, C, D, DD
On Sale for a limited time only – $9.95(US)
Very Confident Advanced Beginner and Above Sewing level

Greetings from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA. My name is Allison and I made Maeve for my teen daughter, Megan.
For Megan’s dress we choose a very light rayon fabric with fantastic depart. The fabric is a black background with a print of moths, beetles, and bees purchased from Hobby Lobby
When it comes to sewing. Take your time with getting the markings and yoke set correctly. I always add all the edge stitching. It gives such a nice finish. Measure well and choose the right cup sizing for a fabulous fit!
We made the fit with the longer sleeves, then decided for the final to switch to the shorter sleeve. Megan choose the longest dress style as it is perfect for transitioning from summer to autumn. When she has worn it, she paired it with a brown belt, black tights, cream boot cuffs, a black, lace up, ankle boots.
So far Megan just wore if for final photos. She plans to wear it for a back-to-school event later in the week.
More Maeves? Absolutely. Don’t have specific fabric in mind at the moment.

Hello all,
This is Brenda from The Netherlands.
For my Maeve I used a soft viscose that I got at
I cut the shortest length and used the shortest sleeves. I like to style mine with a slim belt.
I only did my basic alterations for the Maeve dress.
My next Maeve will be one without the ruffle, so it is a blouse.
Here is my Instagram in case you want to see more of my sewing:

Hi, It’s Christine M from the Netherlands. I made the Maeve dress in the shortest length, honestly because I didn’t have any fabric left to make it longer, but I’m so glad I did. I used a wonderful Viscose from Minervafabrics and it´s the perfect dress for this summer which is never ending!! I made it in my usual size 4 C-cup and the fit is perfect. I’ve worn it al lot the past few weeks and it’s the perfect summer dress. I want to make one without the skirt tiers, so I can wear it as a blouse. If you’d like to see what I made go have a look at

Hi, I’m Genevieve from England. I chose to use beautiful Viscose Challis that I was gifted from
My sewing tip for Maeve is to use your iron liberally and press and steam after each step. I chose to make my Maeve with the longer sleeve and the middle length.
I made a Size 3D for my bust graded to a Size 5 at the waist and hip. I wore my Maeve to a wedding and received so many compliments. I will be using this pattern again for sure as it is completely my aesthetic.

Hello! My name is Julia and I am from Baltimore, Maryland.
I sewed my Maeve from a designer deadstock poly crepe from my local fabric store, A Fabric Place
I enjoyed sewing my Maeve dress, and my top tip is to use your serger or ruffling foot for the gathers. If you’ve got either of these things to help you, the gathering will be quite a bit easier!
I sewed up the 20” Maeve, with the longer sleeves, and will wear it with tights and boots once the weather cools off. I think it looks cute both with a belt and without.
My measurements are 48-41-53 and I made size 7dd graded to 10 with my standard alterations: 1/2” petite bodice adjustment, full bicep adjustment (I graded out to the size 11 sleeves as a shortcut). I do my waist/hip grading through the center back seam to avoid a swayback adjustment and side wrinkles.
I used the projector file and did my alterations digitally, and everything worked perfectly – this was my first go, no need for a toile.
I have not worn my Maeve out because it’s been too warm here, but I can’t wait! I know people are going to love the blue animal print.
I plan to make one or two more versions – a blouse with bishop sleeves and no ruffles and the longer dress length with short sleeves. The silhouette is so easy to wear and makes for an easy work dress.

Hello, I’m Karman from Salt Lake City, UT. I made my Mauve out of a light weight rayon from Design Company Fabrics here in Salt Lake. Because the fabric was so light weight, I needed to line the entire dress, which was super simple. I followed the directions but instead of cutting one of the front and back piece, I cut two, and connected the front and back lining with the main pieces at the shoulder, yoke, collar and armsyce, but not at the side seam. I’m 5’3″ and made the long sleeves or 3/4 sleeve and 22″ length, although next time I think I’ll do the 20″. This is such a great 3 season dress and that I’m exited to wear with boots in the fall, layer it with a long cardigan in winter, and belt it and add layered necklaces in the spring. One thing I love about Designer Stitch patterns is how well drafted Ann’s patterns are. I’m always so impressed with the end result. The patterns are thoroughly written, illustrated and easy to follow. My husband said this is his favorite dress! Follow along with me to see more of my makes. Facebook:










Hi I’m Lisa and I live in Townsville Australia. I made my Maeve from rayon from Spotlight. This is the middle length option with long sleeves. Blended from size 2B to 5 at waist and hips with a 1.5cm sway back adjustment. I’ve worn this one and my muslin made from a quilt cover set in the longest length several times and have had so many comments about how lovely they look! I just love this dress and feel amazing in it.

Hi all, here’s Marit, from the Netherlands. I made two Maeve dresses and I really love them both. I made the shortest length with the longest sleeves, so I can wear them thru fall. The yellow one is a light viscose and I feel amazing when I wear it. The blue dress is more a Viscose crepe and I like it even better. Pair it with boots or heels and you’re ready for a days work!

Hello, I am Mieke from Belgium. I used a colorful striped viscose and played a bit with the position (horizontal or vertical) of the stripes. I bought it a long time ago at
I don’t have tips, everything is really clear. I put a little black belt on the dress and classy heels. I only lowered the armpits with 1 cm, but that’s an alterations that I often need to do. I didn’t worn it yet because it’s really beautiful weather here and the long sleeves are a bit to hot at this moment 😅
You can find my on IG:

Hi! My name is Sandra W and I’m from the Netherlands. I love my Maeve dress. Made the longest length dress and longest length sleeve. Have used a viscose fabric which I bought a long time ago.
I didn’t make any alterations. I used the belt from Yvette dress (I have cutter the length half so the belt would be smaller).
I had no specific look in mind, just wanted a nice ‘in between summer and winter’ dress.
My Instagram is:

Hi! My name is Sophie and I live in Vienna, Austria.
I got this lovely floral rayon on sale at my local fabric shop back in spring!
I did my usual DS broad shoulder adjustment and made the above knee short sleeve version of Maeve.
My only regret is not adding pockets but that only means I’ll make another 😅
I really like Maeve worn with belt but love the flowy easy look of it without. I have worn my dress out with heels and ballerinas and really enjoyed replying to compliments with „thanks, I made it. What version are you sewing first? ❤️

Hello! My name is Sue and I live in South Dakota. For my two Maeves, I used Rayon. I love the feel of Rayon on my skin! For my muslin, my Rayon was from a local quilt shop and I just loved the colors. For my final version, I ordered my Rayon online. The Maeve is an easy sew, but make sure you take a lot of care with the front placket and collar pieces. As always, cut with precision, use a high-quality interfacing, and press, press, press! A lot of people styled their Maeve’s with a slim belt, but I love it loose and flowing and did I mention it has POCKETS??? I have worn my first version of the Maeve and I think everyone I ran into a work told me how cute it was! You just have to love that! I haven’t worn my final version yet as the weather turned really hot again. I am such a sucker for Rayon fabric so I know when the right print comes along, I will be making another version. It’s just such a fun make! I also would like to try pleating the ruffles instead of gathering as that would give it a different look.
My IG handle is On Facebook, you can follow me at:
I want to thank Ann Grose for having me test again! I absolutely LOVE my new Maeves!

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