Taryn Bias Skirt Tester Roundup Part 2

Greetings my lovely sew’ist friends. How amazing was yesterday post featuring the first installment of the roadies roundup for the Taryn Bias Skirt !!!! … so get ready and prepared to be be-dazzled with the 2nd installment of the Taryn Bias Skirt Roadies Roundup.

And as I always say re: the best thing about my roundups  – You will see how fantastic all of these women are – and their love of their craft is just fabulous !!!

If you have missed yesterdays post – Taryn Bias Skirt Tester Roundup Part 1 – click here my lovelies xx

The beauty of the Taryn Bias cut Skirt is the increased elasticity and flexibility of the finished garment. Visually it creates superior drape and swoosh. Practically it creates stretch sans the spandex and an amazing ease of movement. The Taryn looks amazing on every shape and size – it fits, flatters and looks WOW.

The finer details : the Taryn Bias Skirt is on its release sale price of  $7.95 US and is a
multi-sized pattern :
(AU/UK) 6 – 30
(US) 2 – 26
(EU) 34 – 58

So lets continue on our way with the Taryn Bias Skirt Tester Roundup Part 2 – and a round of applause to all of my amazing testers. Love you xx

And they would like to share the following with you all :

1. Your name and where you live ?
2. Your choice of leg width of the Taryn Bias Skirt and why ?
3. What fabric did you choose and where did you purchase ?
4. What sewing tips can you share when sewing the Taryn Bias Skirt ?
5. What was your favourite thing about making the Taryn Bias Skirt ?
6. Have you worn your Taryn Bias Skirt yet and what compliments did you receive.
7. And how are you styling your Taryn ?

Hi I’m Ashley from London.
I choose the shortest length for my Taryn skirt as I’m only 5 foot and wanted it just above my knees for summer. I went for a non stretch crepe fabric which I got from a Facebook group called Coalvillefabrics. I made mine without the zip and used the elastic in the waistband so very easy to get on and off. My only tip is make sure you measure yourself first and pick the right size. I love how flowy this skirt is and perfect for summer. Can be dressed up or been warm as a capsule look. At first I wasn’t sure about cutting on bias but loved how it all came together. I’ve worn my Taryn skirt a few times and had some lovely comments in the fit and how flowy it is. If styled my Taryn with a pair of boots and a summer top and makes me feel great also worn with Sandals and still looks great.

You’ll find me, Belinda wearing my Taryn in Adelaide (Australia).
I work with a really lovely young lady called Tarryn and when Ann made the call out for the test I’ll admit it was the name that caught my attention.
I’ve noticed lots of midi length bias skirts on IG and although I have a massive handmade wardrobe, I don’t have a bias skirt in there so I decided to sew the long length, using my favourite seams (French) in a cheap as chips $2 poly crepe from Eliza in Melbourne.
I seem to remember reading that bias skirts don’t suit my body shape but I really wanted to try to prove this wrong because Designer Stitch Patterns are beautifully drafted. If this doesn’t suit me, no bias skirt will (ever!). I’m happy to say I really like the skirt and have layered it with my jacket and ankle boots as we are in winter right now.
Taryn is a quick, on trend pattern that can be sewn for all seasons. I love mine and hopefully you will also!

Hello! My name is Johanna A and I live with South Florida. I chose to make the 24” length because I usually make my skirts and dresses at this length. I think it just works for me. I chose to use a hot pink poly satin fabric I purchased from A to Z Fabrics. They are a local fabric store, but unfortunately not online. I really don’t have any sewing tips for sewing up the Taryn. This was such a simple make. I do have some suggestions for the fabric I used. Make sure you use a microtex needle when sewing with this type of fabric. I would also suggest to make sure you finish your seams if you have a serger. You can also use pinking shears or a zig zag stitch. My favorite part of the skirt was how fast it comes together. I love the cut on the bias because it gave the skirt a nice drape. I haven’t worn it out yet because I’m not going out much these days. I styled my Taryn with a matching top to make a set. I used Simplicity 9114 which is a crop top. I added 3 inches to the hem to make it longer.

Blog. www.soveryjo.com
FB: www.facebook.com/soveryjo
IG: www.instagram.com/soveryjo

Hello, Im Yelena I made this skirt for my sister Anna.
I decided to go with the below-the-knee length just because I thought it would make a cute summer skirt.
The Taryn skirt is a very quick sew as long as you remember to cut it on bias.

Hi, I’m Jennie L and I live in Las Vegas in the United States. I chose the shortest length of the Taryn skirt, since I’m 5’1” and I felt the shorter length would complement me the best. I chose a Rayon fabric for my skirt along with some picot elastic. I love the picot, because it is such an easy way to add a fun detail to the skirt. Since the Taryn is cut on the bias, the skirt hangs beautifully. Like so many of you, I haven’t been out very much, so I haven’t had a chance to wear my Taryn skirt yet. I’m definitely looking forward to wearing it though! It’s another great piece that can be casual with a T-shirt and flip flops, or dressed up with heels and some jewelry.

I am on IG at http://www.instagram.com/stitchedbyjennie

Hello, I am Kelly from sunny San Diego, California.

I made two lengths of the Taryn, one long because I love how elegant a long and flowy skirt feels, and a shorter version so I could show off my legs!

My blue fabric is a bit shiney, and the floral is flat – both feel great, are lightweight and flow very well with just the slightest breeze.

Be sure to make a muslin of your Taryn – being cut on the bias your fabric may “grow” a bit if you’re handling it too much before finishing. Remember that this skirt will just skim your body and feel light and wonderful.

Taryn pairs well with heels or boots, and even with some casual flats.

You can see more of my makes at:

I’m Luana and I live North Carolina (USA). I chose the shortest length for my Taryn just because that’s my favorite skirt length! I made two skirts: one with crepe (the lavender one) and one with satin (the orange/copper one). I bought the first fabric in a destash group, so I really don’t know where originally came from, while I bought the second one at a market in Milan. My sewing tip for the Taryn is MEASURE, MEASURE, and MEASURE again. Since it’s cut on the bias, it tends to stretch if you aren’t careful, and you want to make sure it fits you perfectly! My favorite part about sewing the Taryn was realizing how great a skirt cut on the bias flows on the body.
Unfortunately, I didn’t have the opportunity to wear it yet (not getting out a lot lately), but I still received some compliments from friends who saw the picture of the satin one.
It can be dressed up or down, I personally love how it looks with a nice pair of heels and a fitted top!


Good day All! Melissa here in hot and dry Colorado. Taryn is the Best!!!! I made the knee length with elastic waist for my daughter. She is a momma and works in an office and needs lots of effortless outfits that are lovely and quick!
We used challis that was in our fabric closet.
The key to Taryn is float😊 we have grown use to wearing close fitting even tight knit clothing. As you make your own beautiful Taryn fit it to skim the waist and float over hips. This beauty is truly a breeze to make and to wear. I love this because I sew for a large family.
Cherish has worn her skirt several times and people just rave about it.
She is wearing a knit top and simple accessories with sandals for this look. When fall arrives I will be filling closets with lovely skirts to wear with sweaters, boots and tights.
What a perfect wardrobe staple!!!!!!
Thanks Ann🥰
Another perfect pattern!

I’m Shilyn, and I’m living in Florida, US. I chose to make the Taryn skirt in the 22″ length because I wanted a skirt that was short enough for a date night, but long enough for work (for me, that’s just above the knee). I used a silk blend from my mom’s stash (that I….acquired 😬). I loved how it draped, and I knew it would be even more beautiful on the bias!
Some tips I have for sewing the Taryn Bias Skirt is: go slow. When cutting out the pattern, you’ll need to make sure the fabric doesn’t shift AT ALL! I would use a rotary cutter, instead of scissors if you can. When sewing, I used tissue paper above and below the fabric to keep it from stretching at the seams. Aside from these extra steps, it’s still a quick make! My favorite thing about the skirt is how it drapes and how it feels! It really feels like it hugs without making me feel self conscious. I would make more bias cut items after this ❤️❤️ (a top, a dress!!!)

I wore my Taryn skirt out a few times, and the biggest compliment is how it looks (no one seems to pinpoint WHY, but I think it the silk blend on the bias might have a certain sheen to it!)

In the pictures, I’m styling it with a button up like I would for work. On date night, I would pair it with an off the shoulder blouse tank.

You can find me at: https://instagram.com/shilynsews

Hi, I’m Stephanie from Oklahoma, USA. I went for the mid length for my Taryn as I find knee length to be the perfect length for office wear. Short enough that I get to admire my own legs in the mirror on my way out the door, but not so short that HR tsks at me. I found some lovely lightweight yellow floral cotton from Joann’s that jumped out at me on a random shopping adventure that I knew could be easily paired with a neutral top. The Taryn is a super easy sew with so much grace and movement due to the bias cut, the only thing you need is to take your time with the cutting and weigh it down to keep the fabric from moving and skewing your cuts. The simplicity and the bias cut are my favorite things about the Taryn. I have loved bias cut garments since I first learned what they were at 12 years old, the flow of a bias brings out some of that little girl love of twirling in an acceptable adult manner. My office has been working remotely for the last few months, so I haven’t gotten an occasion to wear my Taryn out yet, but I plan to keep the styling simple with cardigans or simple tees, maybe some long necklaces, and or course heels.

IG – https://www.instagram.com/scrapsscissortails/

My name is Taryn HS and I live in Cape Town, South Africa. When Taryn was announced, we were heading into Winter being in the Southern Hemisphere and so I immediately knew I wanted to make a longer length Taryn in a winter weight fabric. Fortunately our COVID-19 lockdown had eased a little and so I was able to head out for some fabric shopping therapy. I headed to a local fabric store called Studio 47 and was thrilled to find just the right wool-type fabric. I love the criss-cross pattern. As I was using a heavier weight fabric, I thought it would hold up better with a zipper and so my Taryn was cut and sewn to the lines for the invisible zipper option. As it is cut on the bias, I strongly recommend stay-stitching along the waist edge to help stop the fabric from stretching out (especially if you are using a winter weight fabric). Making up a pattern that shares my name was definitely a most unique and exciting experience for me. I really like the way the bias cut of this skirt skims over the hips providing a really flattering, comfortable and timeless garment. My Taryn skirt has become an essential item in my wardrobe for winter. I want to be warm, comfortable and confident – with DesignerStitch patterns I always feel like I am styled by the best for any occasion or any ordinary day ‘at the office’. I have styled my Taryn with warm knit tops, puffer jacket (on the really cold days), winter tights and boots.

Follow me and see more of my creations and moments of inspiration at:

1. Your name and where you live ?
Valentina, from Carrollton, TX
2. Your choice of length of the Taryn and why ?
I think I chose the shortest length because I didn’t have enough fabric to make longer. But I want to make a longer one in the future.
3. What fabric did you choose and where did you purchase
For my black toile, I used a rayon twill from fabric.com.
For my second one, it is a silk from Sew Sew English fabrics.
4. What sewing tips can you share when sewing the Taryn?
Take time to position your fabric and pattern pieces and cut carefully so the fabric doesn’t get stretched and distorted.
5. What was your favourite thing about making the Taryn – and what did you think of a garment cut on the bias?
This was the first time I make a garment that’s cut on the bias, so it was a new and learning experience. I love how it moves when I wear it.
6. Have you worn your Taryn yet and what compliments did you receive.
I went to the grocery store with it once. That’s as much as I get one nowadays.
7. And how are you styling your Taryn ?
I think it will look great with boots in the winter.
8. Social media URLS
Blog: www.theengineerseamstress.com
IG: Instagram.com/the_engineer_seamstress

My name is Stacey, and I live on the south coast of England.
I chose to make the shorter version, as that is style of skirt I mostly wear.
I used a floaty viscose I bought from www.elephantinmyhandbag.com

I used lots of pins to stop my floaty fabric from slipping, and to keep my elastic in the waist nice and even, but this is a really quick easy sew!
I love how quick and easy it comes together, and how beautifully the fabric hangs on the bias.
I have worn my Taryn a lot, but only around the house, due to covid restrictions!! My son told me that I look ‘bootiful’ in it!!
I style mine with a simple tee tucked in, or a nice crop top.

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