Fit Alterations Romy Cami Slip Gown

Good day to you my sew’ist friends. I hope you are all well, happy and safe.

Today I would like to share with you 2 simple fit alterations that may be needed to fine tune the fit of your Romy Cami, Slip or Gown.

The two fit alterations today will focus on:
1. Height of the front cups.
2. Altering to eliminate the gaping of the side cups.

These are two very easy alterations to have your Romy fit your body to perfection.


In our road testing phase our Ashley R posted pics of her toile.

I thought the cups were a bit too vertically deep as our Ashley is quite a petite person. 

The image on the left shows her original cups stitched into her fitting toile.

The image on the right shows where I asked Ashley to fold out a horizontal wedge across her cups to shorten their depth.

You can see what a difference such a small change has made. 

Here are the easy steps on how to alter for cup height. 

Step 1. Mark on your pattern the position of the bottom of the fold line of where you folded out the excess height in your cups. Then mark the width of the folded wedge of fabric that you folded out of your cups. 

Step 2. Cut out the wedge from your pattern.
Step 3. Connect your cup pieces and stick to hold. Then place a scrap of paper behind you pieces – stick to hold – and blend off your joggs on the pattern edges. 

And voila – that’s it. Simple alteration for eliminating vertical height of your Romy Cami, Slip or Gown cups. 



Another alteration made while road testing the Romy Cami, Slip and Gown was to eliminate side gaping on the side cups.

We had only 2 roadies – Sandra and Melissa – who had to make this alteration.

Sandra is such a fine boned beautiful person – with a very slight build – the alteration was so that the cups came back into her side body.

Melissa who is featured above has more of a north projection of her bust – so we eliminated the gape for her side bust also. 

So again, here are some easy steps on how to alter for side cup gape. 

Step 1. After pinning out a fitting wedge/dart of your side cups on your toile transfer the wedge/dart position onto your pattern.
It forms a dart shape as we want to tighten the edge of the side cups which then tapers back to nothing at the centre seam. 

Step 2. Cut out entire wedge/dart from the paper pattern. 
Step 3. Align your cut edges and stick with tape to hold. Then place a scrap of paper behind you pieces – stick to hold – and blend off your joggs on the pattern edges. 

And again voila. Another simple alteration for eliminating side cup gape of your Romy Cami, Slip or Gown cups. 

I hope that you add this to your knowledge bank of fitting know-how. 

Always remember your toile will tell you exactly what needs to be done for fitting. 

Love to you all.

Ann at Designer Stitch. 

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