Shakti Jersey Pant Tester Roundup Part 1

Greetings and a big hello to all my friends and I hope you are all traveling well.
Welcome to Part 1 of the tester roundup for the gorgeous new Shakti Jersey Pants that are new in the shop this week.

The Shakti offer such great styling options and I am sure you will make each of the leg styles plus a choice of bands.  Don’t forget there are 4 style of legs to choose from and 3 style of waistbands. You could make a Shakti for every day of the week !!!
The style can easily transition from the beach right through to relaxed work wear – even use a more upmarket fabric and make your Shaktis for an evening out.

I really loved styling the Shaktis with all of its choices – there really is a version for every sew’ist and every body type.

So lets start the Shakti Jersey Pants Tester Roundup Part 1 – where I showcase of all my glorious pattern testers.
And they would like to share the following with you all :

1. Your name and where you live
2. What style did you choose for your Shaktis
3. And where are you wearing your Shaktis
4. Tell us how many friends and work colleagues have commented on your Shaktis and what they have said
5. Any sewing tricks or tips you have for sewing the Shakti’s

And don’t forget the Shakti Jersey Pant is on it release sale price of  $8 US and is a
multi-sized pattern :
(AU/UK) 6 – 26
(US) 2 – 22
(EU) 34 – 54

Drum Roll please…with bells and whistles –  here are the first group of my most AMAZING women !!!!

Cheerio and Kind Regards
Ann at Designer Stitch


Hello, I am Aileen Moretti.
I live in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, a city in Northwest USA. Pittsburgh is known as the “City of Bridges”. It has 446 bridges, more than any other city in the world!
I originally chose the ruched sides style Shaktis. After making 2 pairs of those, I thought I’d give the ankle drawstring a go (LOVE). And for my 4th pair, I whipped up the Standard Style. Bell Bottoms are up next on my Shakti list!
I’m wearing my Shaktis everywhere! My daughters call them my “fancy pants”! While they may look fancy, they’re equally as comfortable! I love that they are versatile and can be dressed up or down!
My advice for sewing the Shaktis, know your measurements and make the necessary adjustments for your own body. I also like to read the tutorial in its entirety before starting to sew.


My name is Synthia L Gerritson, I live in Central California. I sewed up two pair of the Shaktis pants. One pair in a light scuba knit with great recovery, the other in a jersey spandex fabric. I made both pair with side ruched and ties, and the normal knit waist band. I have worn my blue pants out to a restaurant, I was asked where did I purchase such an awesome outfit. Of course I was proud to say I made them. The best trick to sewing a great pair of fitting Shaktis, is to make a muslin for best fit, and using a turning tool to turn the ties, quick and easy. Thank you Ann Grose, for another fantastic design.


1. Amanda from Victoria BC, Canada ????
2. Ruched sides and a yoga band.
3. Doing errands, around my city
4. My friends are loving how comfy they look, while being styling!
5. Make sure your crotch measurements are spot on, and the fit will be amazing!!
6. Insta:oh_sew_ama

1) Ashlee Aisenson, southern California
2) regular band and drawstring bottom with pockets
3) everywhere! Running errands, park with my kids, jogging
4) husband really liked I lined up my stripes ?? also a couple friends have told me they’re cute
5) I used my turning tool to pull my drawstring through after i top stitched my hem into place with the grommets on to make sure it was a smooth and clean cut casting


Hi! I am Becca Olson from Northern Florida. The Ruched Shaktis with the Yoga band were my first choice on the Shaktis. All though now that I have made them I am ready to cut out all the options. I used Riley Blake Feathers in Navy Knit from Peek A Boo fabrics. Since I have made them I have worn them all most every day. They are so comfortable but so dressy. I have had so many ask me where they can buy them :)..Thats always a great feeling to be able to tell someone you made something and they don’t believe you! So now I need to make a pair for every day of the week..I don’t really have any helpful tips Ann pretty much covers it all.Maybe just be prepared for total love and buy enough fabric for 2 pairs!


My name is Carmen and I’m from Adel, Georgia. I made the bell pants. I have already worn my Shaktis to work and have received several compliments and even a request to make a similar pair for a colleague. That’s a first!

Hi I’m Carol Bentley and I’m from Yorkshire England. I made the Bell Shakti in Denim blue Ponte de Roma with navy contrast. I’m mainly wearing as lounge wear at home on evening’s as its boiling hot in the UK right now! My IG is


Caroline Flynn from Waiuku, New Zealand
2. I did drawstring and 7/8 ruched
3. Kariotahi beach
4. My sister in law thought they were cool and wants a pair
5. When making your drawstrings, pull long tail threads and put them inside your drawstring. Then use threads to turn the drawstring right side out.


Hi, I’m Corrie Nosov from Washington state, USA. My favorite style of pants always have a bit of flare so I chose to make the bell style Shakti pants with a standard waistband. I used ponte for my version so that I could wear them for work. I’m a first time mom of a beautiful 1-year-old baby girl and since I take her to work with me, I need something professional, but comfortable to wear. These fit the bill perfectly! I look forward to wearing them more when the weather cools down and we return from vacation in a few weeks. My husband was impressed that I sewed these up during our baby’s naptime before work one day and I’ve already gotten some good comments from a co-worker. If, like me, you use serger to construct your Shakti pants, use some scrap fabric leftover from cutting your pants to test a seam or two. I’ve found that taking the time to make sure your settings are correct for the fabric you are using can make a huge difference in the final product. For instance, with the fabric I used, I found that I needed to adjust the differential feed — otherwise my seams were going to be wavy. That was an adjustment worth taking the time to discover.
You can find me hanging out at and


Hi! I’m Dora Serrano and I live in Portugal.
I chose to sew bell bottom version of Shakti pants but I found it hard to choose so I ended up sewing the straight version also. They were both in cotton jersey and they are both stylish and comfortable. I’m wearing my pants everywhere because depending on the accessories you choose or the fabric you use, they can turn from casual to formal.
My husband loves these pants on me and my friends gave me lots of compliments. They really liked them and said I was setting a new trend. Not a single one passed by me without staring and saying how good I was looking.
As far as sewing with knits is concerned, I’d say you should wear jersey needles and be patient when sewing your fabric. Don’t pull it! Don’t stress! Enjoy all the testers creations and get inspired.
You can find me on or


Hi, I’m Gabz Jefferson from New Mexico, USA. I sewed up drawstring option of Shakti with pockets. I am very in love with this pattern . Even my friends told me that they look amazing. Shakti is designed for jersey knit.Well, may be a little tricky for beginners to sew knit fabric but thanks to the serger machining , it makes sewing easier. When working on knit, always remember not to pull or stretch the fabric while sewing to avoid “bacon-y” seams.. You should visit the other testers’ work and see how lovely the pattern is. And if you have time, you might want to visit my blog @ or visit my ig @


My name is Genevieve Lynne Grossmann. In live in Johannesburg, South Africa. I made the ruched sides Shakti’s. I know that I’ll be living in my Shakti’s – from running to school, to watching sport, to changing my shoes and wearing them out. I made mine for summer, so I haven’t worn them yet, as it is still too cold here. I found that using a saftey pin was the easiest way to turn the ties. I already have the other styles planned. My IG is


My name is Jennie Lindstrom and I live in Las Vegas, Nevada, in the United States. I made the shorter length, drawstring Shaktis, and they are so comfortable!!! I am a work at home, homeschooling mama with four daughters, so my comfy Shaktis will be worn often! If you aren’t comfortable with grommets for your drawstrings, buttonholes will work well too. After seeing the other Shaktis that the testers made, I definitely need some fancier Shaktis too. I think the side ruched version will be my next pair.
I blog at
My Facebook is
Instagram is


Hi, I’m Saar Mertens from Antwerp, Belgium. I made the bell Shakti’s with the yoga waist option. I absolutely love them! I wear these pants at home and outside, they really feel like a second skin: easy to wear and very comfortable! Several friends asked me already to make them a pair 😉 Even a friendly dog owner asked me where I have bought them 🙂
The instructions of Ann are -as always- very clear and easy to follow, even when you’re not used to work with stretchy fabrics. I’m planning to make many more, for working out, walking with the dogs, playing with the kids in the playground, even going out with the girls. Did I already say I love Shakti?

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